Unique Leopard Print Finds Embracing the Animal print Trend!


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Well, I did folks! I jumped into the hottest trend of 2019 – Animal print with the best trend for fall wearing Leopard print. And you can’t blame me, I saw everyone in instagram wearing the trend and even though i know I would look hideous in it, I still got tempted to try the trend.

My first instinct was to just buy a bias leopard print skirt and call it a day, but then I realized that I probably need more unique pieces from this trend to actually inspire me to wear it and more like rewear the trend with my existing pieces in the closet and at the end of the day that is my goal. To maximize my closet with every purchase that I make so I actually don’t waste money and more over enjoy my new loves that I have found.

This led to my search for some unique pieces. I shared them in a video of mine which I will link below for you all if you are interested in watching. Talking today about two of those unique items – a leopard print dress can be really amazing and at the same time really outrageous since its one piece that will be on your body. I found this amazing vintage silhouette dress that I am so in love with at Nordstrom.

The best thing that it is below $100, so my thought was that if I did not like the dress, I will just wear it a few times and then give up. But, I was refreshingly surprised by the print. The micro leopard print makes its really easy to camouflage (well another trend that we might have to talk about eventually) and makes it just like a regular printed dress.

And as I mentioned before it has the perfect vintage silhouette that is very flattering on straight figure. The dress is made of 100% Rayon and is thick enough for the cold fall breeze but still giving you the fall vibe.

You can layer it up with a sweater during winter days or a leather jacket with some boots and you are ready for fall. Sharing some more unique leopard print dresses that you can still wear year after year.

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Now this item is by far my favorite fall item which is not only on trend but also fall staple. Its a leopard print cardigan that I bought from Revolve which is perfect because you can barely tell that its leopard print till you look at the details. Revolve always surprises me with unique items that I could find and wear over and over again.

This cardigan is under $100 and I will be keeping it in my closet for years. The material is so soft and feels so luxurious that you will want to wear it everyday. I have styled it differently in the video, but I can carry this with me on hot days when I am in shorts for cooler evenings.

Sharing some more leopard print pieces for you all in case you are still hunting for them:

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