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What To Wear with V Neck Cropped Cardigan in Fall


Fall Outfit Formula #3 - V Neck Cropped Cardigan

I started wearing V neck cardigans a few years ago and quickly realized I was wearing it wrong the whole time. And now its one of my favorite fall and spring staple. And I wear it even more specially now that I am working from home. In this post I am sharing an effortless fall outfit formula that you can almost wear everyday. 

What's Covered In the Post

 Lets start with the cardigan I am styling in this outfit formula. This cashmere cardigan is from JCrew and it comes in so many fun colors. So, you don’t have to wear navy color if you don’t have to. In fact later on in the post, I am sharing an outfit shot where I am wearing another cardigan from Banana Republic which is lighter denim blue. But its sold out, so could not share here in the outfit formula. 

But that is the beauty of this outfit formula, you can recreate it with any colored cardigan.

Key Style Piece: Striped Full Sleeve Top

I am emphasizing V neck cardigans because they are versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. Because of the V neck style you can easily layer them on dresses, blouses, shirts, t shirts giving it a jacket like style. But because these cardigans are made of wool, they would not feel as rigid as jackets do. This is one of he reasons, I love wearing them when I am working from home. 

The JCrew cashmere cardigan looks so chic because of the cropped length. You can easily style this as a top or layer it with casual outfit likes jeans. Cashmere is naturally warmer and a really durable material. Some of my cashmere sweaters have lasted me for years now, literally. 

That is why investing in a good quality timeless cardigan will help you rewear it year after year. This cardigan also comes with pockets in the front that adds a casual touch to any outfit. If you have a business casual dress code at work, you can also wear it as a office wear. 

I also like that its not oversized and the arms are also fitted. This way, you can layer it so many different styles of outfits.

But if you are looking for a budget friendly version, go for Banana Republic Factory.

The Outfit Formula in Focus

There are a few things I though about when I put together this outfit formula – Versatile and Comfortable. If you are a busy mama who does not have time to get ready in the morning, you can wear this outfit in different color combinations. 

If you like casual outfit, but you also want to look put together, this formula is also for you. 

And if you are someone, who like comfort, this is the perfect fall outfit formula. 

It is:

White Crewneck T shirt + Blue Straight leg Jeans + V Neck Cropped Cardigan + Black Loafer Mules + Tote Bag + Accessories

Fall Outfit Formula-3 - Cropped Cardigan

The Complete Outfit

White Crewneck T shirt (& Other Stories) | Blue Straight Leg Jeans (Levis) | Navy Cropped Cardigan (JCrew) | Black Loafer Mules (Tory Burch) | Necklace (Revolve) | Colored Sunglasses (Revolve)

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + White Crewneck T shirt

This is an outfit formula that could never look bad on anyone and can never fail you. The crewneck t shirt from & other stories are my absolute favorite this year. I have worn it all summer and now I want to take it to fall. the relaxed fit and relaxed arms make you look slimmer. And I love that. 

But the T shirt is not that loose, so it won’t make you bulky and makes it perfect combination with the blue straight leg jeans. The straight leg jeans are from Levis and you will see me wearing them as well. These ones are the perfect fall shades as well. But you can go lighter or darker too. The straight leg fit is just right that it does not look too loose or too narrow. 

And the ankle length makes it easy to wear with flats as well. 

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + White Crewneck T shirt + V Neck Cropped Cardigan

The V neck style of the cropped cardigan balances the closed neckline style of the crewneck t shirt. If you wear a round neck cardigan instead, it just looks to uptight and busy and defeats the whole laid back look with the cardigan. 

The V neck and crewneck balance each out and create a harmony somehow that looks effortless and stylish. And if you are someone like me with the fuller chest, it looks much more flattering on you. 

I also like the color contrast between the white T shirt and the navy cardigan, you can recreate this with any color combination. 

And the cropped style of the cardigan helps it to style with high waisted jeans because it falls right on the hips and balances the promotion of your outfit. If the cardigan was longer, you would have had too many horizontal lines cutting you and making you look short. 

That is why I like cropped cardigans.

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + White Crewneck T shirt + V Neck Cropped Cardigan + Black Loafer Mules

If you have been reading my blog, you how much I love loafer mules, they look chic, are really comfortable and versatile too. Its so easy to slip in and out of them and are perfect footwear for fall as well, because they cover your toes. I love these ones from Tory burch so much.

I have been wearing them for a year now and they are so comfortable. the soft grained leather feels amazing and soft on you. And the horse head hardware makes these shoes even more luxurious. 

A black loafer mule will go a long way for you. These ones are actually on sale now, so if you are looking for a fall transition footwear, they are the best. 

If you don’t want to spend as much money, Sam Edelman has a great alternative.

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + White Crewneck T shirt + V Neck Cropped Cardigan + Black Loafer Mules + Black tote Bag

This is the perfect fall outfit to run errands, go to work, or even head on a road trip. And it simply cannot go wrong with this outfit. So I decided to add a tote bag to this look, so that it looks effortless and practical too. 

This tote bag is from Saint Laurent and has been with me summer travels for work and family trips. The bag has a minimalist look so it is great for work as well. Its lightweight and looks great with most of my outfits. 

If you are looking for an alternative, I will pick Tory Burch triple compartment tote bag which also looks really luxurious and is minimalistic too in looks.

Blue Straight Leg Jeans + White Crewneck T shirt + V Neck Cropped Cardigan + Black Loafer Mules + Black tote Bag + Accessories

I picked a pendant necklace which adds a vintage touch to this outfit and looks luxurious too. Pendant necklaces can break a solid colored outfit and gold always looks luxe and makes the outfit look put together. 

For my sunglasses when you need it, I went with a light colored sunglasses which are perfect for cloudy days when you still need glasses but black sunglasses will look a bit intense. Colored glasses are my favorite because you can still see my eyes, but they look chic and elevate my face and overall look. Now, I am not wearing any sunglasses in the outfit I am sharing here, but you will always see me in one if you follow me in any of my socials. 

Outfit in Action

Fall Outfit with V Neck cardigan

Shopping Options

JCrew V neck cardigan


JCrew Patch-pocket Cardigan

PRICE: $158


Banana Republic Factory Short Cardigan

PRICE: $32


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