How To Wear A Cropped Denim Jacket In Fall without Jeans

I actually took this up as a challenge since as long as I could remember, I ignore the denim jacket. You see, I am not much of a casual person. I like to dress up a little bit as you probably have already realized. My idea of casual is wearing jeans and tshirt and thats it. But, I always associated a denim jacket with something casual and never really utilized it to the maximum.

So I set out on a venture on trying out as many outfits as I could with a denim jacket without wearing jeans. Because you see that is something we or at least I normally head to when I think of wearing a denim jacket.

In all of the looks that you will see, I have not tried them with any sort of jeans, and I hope you would take this as an inspiration and try these outfits yourself as well. None of these looks are out of ordinary. We all wear them in some point of our lives and probably ignore the denim jacket look with it. 

Why You Should Own a Cropped Denim Jacket?

We mostly opt for normal sized denim jacket, but I opted for a cropped style here. A cropped jacket in general is more flattering for a feminine body. Any jacket that drops below your waistline actually cuts it off, and makes you look boxy. While there is nothing wrong in that, but if you are short or like me have a shorter torso, it makes you look shorter. 

A cropped jacket gives the illusion of length and it also enhances your waistline. Now, this rule applies mostly to outerwear pieces where you are unable to tie them or they don’t have a lot of shape by themselves, hence this a lot of time applies to denim and leather jackets. Bomber jackets also come in this category. 

Monochromatic Look

Cropped Denim jacket Look 1

I love a good monochromatic look and for fall winter, my favorite way is to wear whites. I created a whole YouTube video about how you can wear white in winter, which I am also linking below. 

I styled the denim jacket with this beautiful, white buttoned dress from Banana republic that I got last year. To add a bit more waist to this look since it is a straight style I added a neutral belt. And the jacket looks perfect with it. The knit will keep me warm and the jacket adds a pop of color.

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Bohemian Look

There are two ways I wore this look. The first one was wearing it with wide leg knit pants and black tshirt. And just by adding a neutral hat this outfit looks complete. Did you know denim is an essential fabric for bohemian looks. I added a tall nude boot underneath the pants because its flared enough that these boots look like ankle booties. Its an excellent layering for fall and in winter you can just add a coat to make it cozier. 

For the second look I paired it with a bohemian printed dress which looks so chic and is perfectly bohemian with the print of the dress and the denim jacket. I added a matching colored hat and black booties that compliments the outfit. What do you guys think?

Cropped Denim jacket Look 3
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Leggings Look

Since its now getting cooler and cooler, leather leggings would be a perfect way of adding a little bit of coziness. So, I paired it with this white shirt which you can swap with a long lightweight sweater when it gets cooler and added the denim jacket. I buttoned it up to give a cropped silhouette and added a scarf with a contrast color. 

With an ankle bootie and a hat, it looks so good.

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With Stripes

In this look, I styled with a striped full sleeve tshirt and wool pants. And this look is perfect for workwear as well. At this point I was sweating quite a bit. But if it gets cooler I will add a scarf which will keep me cozy. I find that the stripe pattern and the denim compliments each other and balances the look to not be as casual with the woolen pants. I just wore a loafer as this is how I see myself wearing this look, but you can swap with some ankle booties as well.

Cropped Denim jacket Look 5
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Hope you felt a bit more inspired to look chic and stylish even in a denim jacket.

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