Summer Hats, The Bigger The Better

Summer Hats, The Bigger The Better

Well, it all started with Jacquemus Spring Summer Runway, and now you literally see it everywhere. Yes, the oversized hats are really a huge trend this year, and I am already starting to think that it might be here to stay. The runway which was hosted in a lavender farm had a reason for that. […]

How to Shop Online For Clothes Like a Pro

Online shopping has always helped me keep my sanity intact. With a busy 9-5 job life and family responsibilities, I often had no time even in the evenings to head over to the mall even if its 5 minutes away from me to checkout my favorite stores and get some shopping done. Have you been […]

Salon Result For Your Hair At Home

I dont know if you are like me missing your hair stylist the most. I miss her so much. Butt, at the same time, I honestly cannot go to the salon every other week even though my hair grows super fast because my bank account cannot afford it and its really not feasible practically. Now, […]

5 Practical Ways To Tuck In T-Shirt And Tops 5 practical ways to tuck in your t shirt or tops to you jeans or skirt which creates an effortless style.  #1 Full Tuck This works best with more fitted T-shirts, because they cinch in around your wait naturally and naturally stay around your waist. But You can also do a full tuck with […]

Statement Earrings That Makes Your Outfit Complete


Earrings have always been my Go To Piece of jewelry from as far as I could remember. I guess, maybe I blame that to my huge ears, Hahaha! Just kidding, but that does help things a bit. I always enjoy wearing bold earrings with outfits or tone down studs that complete my look. And if […]

The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress

The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress

I was completely inspired by Julia Roberts in the Pretty Woman when I saw this dress online. Haven’t we all dreamt of wearing a pretty polka dress just like her in the movie. And, I have to admit, I am a big fan of the classic movie. The movie truly inspired me to transform my […]

Vintage Style Spring Dress with Bold Floral Prints

Vintage Style Spring Dress with Bold Floral Prints

I have long longed for dresses that defy everything about modern fashion. Spring time feels like the perfect time to wear gorgeous vibrant dresses to celebrate the warmth in the air and finally coming out of layers of clothes. Its the time to rejoice, the bloom of spring flowers and the budding pf everything new. […]

Rock n Roll Vibes with Flare Jeans & Chunky Sweater

Rock n Roll Vibes with Flare Jeans & Chunky Sweater

I have to be honest here, and you might judge me for this, but I am not a big fan of the Rock n Roll music, just kidding! But honestly guys, I have always been a typical pop music, or more peppy music lover. I ofcourse am a listener of the obvious Rock n Roll […]

How To Look Stylish Everyday With Dresses

How to look stylish everyday with dresses

Wearing Dresses makes you easily stylish, but you cannot wear the same dress the same way everyday because that would make you feel like you have nothing else to wear in your closet.  Sharing my top tips which you can use to style dresses in different ways so that you can wear a single dress […]

How To Look Stylish Everyday With Jeans & Sweater

How To Look Stylish Everyday with Jeans and Sweater

When You are Busy and in a hurry in the morning, or you probably fall back to wearing Jeans and Sweater almost always because thats the easiest to wear, you suddenly find yourself that you have nothing to wear. Sharing my top tips to create a stylish outfit everyday with just Jeans and Sweater. Read […]

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