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Fashion For Amitious Ladies

Fashion For Amitious Ladies

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Welcome to Pink April Diary, simplifying style for the Modern Millennial Woman for every occasion.  You don’t need to look a certain way or have a certain weight to look stylish. This blog will teach you how to do it. Checkout our Editorial Guidelines.

Meet the team behind the awesome content.

Suchibaksmita Sahoo Blog Editor Headshot

Suchibaksmita Sahoo: Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Stylist, Fashion Enthusiast

Suchi is an Entrepreneur, Techie, Stylist, Mom and a Millennial. She has over decades of knowledge in dressing everyday women to look stylish and feel confident.

As a corporate employee she also helps working women elevate their style. 

She focuses on creating style guides to reinvent your style with capsule wardrobes, do’s and don’ts with a twist of Colors. She is also a luxury fashion enthusiast sharing guides to help modern women enjoy luxury shopping in an efficient way.

Samantha Fisher -Blog Author

Samantha Fisher: Writer, Journalist, Fashion Enthusiast

Meet Sami, a writer, journalist and fashion enthusiast. Sami’s honed writing and research skills come from her journalism background, while her love for style and fashion comes from her creative and expressive nature. Sami believes clothing is more than just fabric, but a key that can unlock new levels of self-expression and confidence. Not only is Sami inspired by apparel, but she also loves channeling her inspiration into helping fellow millennial women develop and embrace their personal style.

She focuses on writing outfit guides, style guides and best style finds for our readers.

Yetunde Oyeniyi - Author Headshot

Yetunde Oyeniyi: Author, Fashion Enthusiast, Fashion Blogger

Meet Yetunde, a top-notch researcher in trending fashion, a skilled copywriter, and well-versed in the fashion world. She can guides you into the realm of fashion with meticulous writing, catering to all body shapes. Her professional advice is something you won’t regret. Keep reading to get closer.

She has worked with various fashion organizations such as, and more contributing to the enhancement of individuals’ styles and embracing new trends.

She focuses on writing style guides, work style guides and best style finds for our readers.

Bridget Smith Author Bio Headshot

Bridget Smith: Author, Beauty Enthusiast, SEO Expert

Bridget Smith is a distinguished beauty content writer. Renowned for her compelling prose and insightful articles, she has carved out a niche in the beauty industry.

Bridget’s extensive experience in crafting engaging content is matched only by her passion for beauty trends and innovations. Her expertise and dedication make her a sought-after writer for those looking to add a touch of elegance and informed perspective to their projects

She focuses on all things beauty and best travel essentials for beauty on the blog to help you look your best.

Carae Hilcher - Blog Author Headshot

Carae Hilcher: Author, Travel Enthusiast, Travel Fashion Blogger

Carae is a free-spirited Texan, an expert traveler and a fashion enthusiast who is passionate about living life to the fullest. With a contagious laugh and a love for unforgettable experiences, she is full of stories, fashion advice, and all the best style looks for trotting around the globe.

Carae has written for lifestyle platforms such as WTFab, contributing valuable insights on diverse topics such as skin care routines, the best companies to rent high-end clothing articles from, and how to pack for a weekend getaway.

She focuses on bring you all the best travel style guides and outdoor event style guides.

What Will You Find in Pink April Diary?

  • Style Tips that will help you get the stress out of putting together awesome outfits everyday.
  • Work Wear Guides to help build your confidence at work.
  • Party Style Guides so you don’t have to worry about what to wear to the next event.
  • Grooming Tips that are essential to elevating your overall style. 
  • Travel Style Guides to help you look chic while you travel.
  • All of My YouTube resources which include skin care routine, makeup tutorials, how to style guides that will help you everyday with your looks. If you love content in video format as well, subscribe to Pink April Diary so you never miss any video.

Also, one more thing that is super crucial to point out – My Styles are not just what every other Blogger is recommending. I incorporate colors, lots of it and that’s what life is all about. But, all my styles with colors are easy to incorporate in your own style and trust me you will fall in love with your wardrobe.

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