Family Food

Summer with Kids – Grocery List

Saanvi is finally out of school and even though, its exciting and fun to get a break, and finally being able to not get up super early in the morning to head to school, the downside are summer camps, and I know kids enjoy there and all of that, but as parents we probably are never prepared enough for summer camp, which seems like the second school now a days.

Family Food

Grab and Go Breakfast Recipe – Overnight Oats

It’s finally Summer Vacation time In Sahoo Household. Even though it feels like things should slow down but its still pretty hectic, not really sure why is that the case. I guess maybe because I am reminded of my summer vacations which were filled with trips with family and all the fun times with my cousins.

Fashion Gift Guide

Silent Heroes – Special Gifts For Father’s Day!

Well, I know you must be thinking, what is up with the title. Silent Heroes!? Its just not a grabbing title, I mean every word of it. I was struggling with this post to be honest, I was like why do I need to write something, I can just post bunch of gift ideas and call it a day. At the end of it, I do everything anyways.


5 Things You Can Do To Feel More Productive!

When I was a kid, time would feel like crawling slowly! I wanted to quickly to grow up and do all things dull do. You all probably have the same Story as me. Suddenly past my 30’s (SHHH….) I feel the exact opposite. I suddenly have no time in my hand for anything. And every day i have a feeling that I could have done something better. Do you feel that way?


All The Summer Denim You Need!

Kick starting this week’s posts with all of the Summer essentials, and what is the best topic than your denim guide. Summer is the time where you can try different outfits without having to worry about shivering in the cold. Here is your best Summer Denim guide, starting with skirts. I know, Me Too! I always was skeptical with Denim skirts as they never felt flattering, but this years skirts have surprised me beyond imagination. I literally want to buy every single skirt if I can. Here is your Denim skirt guide:

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