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Everyday Makeup Look Without Foundation

Everyday Makeup Look Without Foundation!

You guys loved my makeup finds from my Spring makeup finds post, so I thought I would do a summer makeup look post and share what I have been using lately. I have to say that my makeup routine has somewhat changed completely since spring, part of it might be

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5 Self Care At Home Must Haves Under $50 From Amazon

5 Self Care At Home Must Haves Under $50 From Amazon

These past months have been fun staying home but I definitely missed my manicures, facials, eyebrow appointments because they helped stay groomed. When the lockdown started, I really didnt think about all these key activities that made such an impact on my overall appearance, but as a month went by,

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Salon Result For Your Hair At Home

I dont know if you are like me missing your hair stylist the most. I miss her so much. Butt, at the same time, I honestly cannot go to the salon every other week even though my hair grows super fast because my bank account cannot afford it and its

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This Blog started as an avenue to rediscover my style and my identity in this world but has soon transformed into a platform connect and inspire women to celebrate themselves. 

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1 Month Of Summer Workwear Ideas

Look Chic In Shorts - Quick & Easy Style Tips

Look Chic In Shorts – Quick & Easy Style Tips

Happy Monday My wonderful ladies! I am super excited for another quick style tips post. I hope you guys are enjoying these posts. I would love to know if you have any questions or any new ideas or styling help that you need.  Since summer is really here which I

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Face Masks - The New Style Statement

Face Masks – The New Style Statement

I didn’t think I would write this post, but in reality this is the new normal now and if this is giving me the freedom to go outside and do things that I love, I am willing to take that anytime. I was resisting buying face masks since I barely

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Look Chic In A Band Tee

Look Chic In A Band Tee – Quick & Easy Style Tips

Happy Monday! So excited for another Quick Style Tips post, and this one is about my favorite piece of clothing, Band Tees. Comment below if you also love them. I have collected so many of them and love them in all colors and styles. But, band tees are usually notorious

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Look Boho Chic In Jeans – Easy Style Tip

Happy Monday Ladies! Another Monday, another style tip! Modern Bohemian is my favorite style, and its so much better than the traditional style because it has a casual and structure vibe to the look that I absolutely love. And you can totally nail the look with a jeans. so lets

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