How To Sweat More, Burn More This Winter!

I have to be honest, this post is also a self motivation post. Every winter, my motivational level goes down for the gym. I do have the cold hand and feet syndrome (That is what I call it, not sure if there is an actual term like this. ) And I have passed it down to my daughter as well. :). So, winters are really tough for me, I feel cold all the time, and Gym days are specially bad, because I cool down faster than I warm up. Summers are always my favorite for working out, but hey, I cannot afford to hibernate in the winters because, I know I will fall back into the rut again.


Combat Boots For Women – With A Twist

This season, I have seen so many bloggers and celebrities rocking combat boots. Though I am not a fan of combat boots, I do feel like there is salvation for people like us. You must be thinking, why would she not like combat boots. Well, I do like the comfort they provide and most of all the stability that we need during winter months when its snowing or raining outside.


Structured Coats & My Transition to Sophistication!

I know you must be thinking Suchi what are you even saying. Well, this is my life when it comes to Fall Winter. I am not a big fan of layering or you can say I am not that good at it. But I know that when I think of layering for the weather I am immediately reminded of Armani and Dior, brands that bring in a vibe of sophistication in there layering style with structure and shapes.


Easy Fall Trends that are Wearable!

There are so many fall trends out there, and I can understand, its overwhelming to try all of them, but at the same time we still want to be trendy this fall. To be honest, trends are something that I try to stay away from. But at the same time, I love experimenting new pieces and styles. Trends are always a good way of doing that if done right.


Why I Can’t Remember Songs!

This is embarrassing, but I had to admit this someday. Even how hard I have always tried. Don’t get me wrong, I love the songs that I listen to again and again. And I go back again to listen to it. But, when it comes to lyrics, I fumble even if I have heard the song 50 times. That does sound weird, doesn’t it. I have also thought of the possibility of having disorder of some sorts. Its not funny, and neither am I joking. I have been embarrassed many times when I know the tune but just cannot remember how the song started. And people think that I don’t know anything about the artist. If you know what I mean, I would like to know, please put a comment below. At least I will feel that I am not only one.


My Fall To Do List – Self Care First!

This is important! I know as mothers, wives, and women we tend to just give everyone else importance. I do it too! Put everything aside to jump to some of my daughter’s projects, or something my husband wants to do. So this time I really wanted to think about what my goals or to do list for fall are since I feel like making a list helps tackle those tasks.

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