The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress

The Pretty Women Feeling with Polka Dot Dress

I was completely inspired by Julia Roberts in the Pretty Woman when I saw this dress online. Haven’t we all dreamt of wearing a pretty polka dress just like her in the movie. And, I have to admit, I am a big fan of the classic movie. The movie truly inspired me to transform my […]

Vintage Style Spring Dress with Bold Floral Prints

Vintage Style Spring Dress with Bold Floral Prints

I have long longed for dresses that defy everything about modern fashion. Spring time feels like the perfect time to wear gorgeous vibrant dresses to celebrate the warmth in the air and finally coming out of layers of clothes. Its the time to rejoice, the bloom of spring flowers and the budding pf everything new. […]

Rock n Roll Vibes with Flare Jeans & Chunky Sweater

Rock n Roll Vibes with Flare Jeans & Chunky Sweater

I have to be honest here, and you might judge me for this, but I am not a big fan of the Rock n Roll music, just kidding! But honestly guys, I have always been a typical pop music, or more peppy music lover. I ofcourse am a listener of the obvious Rock n Roll […]

How To Look Stylish Everyday With Dresses

How to look stylish everyday with dresses

Wearing Dresses makes you easily stylish, but you cannot wear the same dress the same way everyday because that would make you feel like you have nothing else to wear in your closet.  Sharing my top tips which you can use to style dresses in different ways so that you can wear a single dress […]

How To Look Stylish Everyday With Jeans & Sweater

How To Look Stylish Everyday with Jeans and Sweater

When You are Busy and in a hurry in the morning, or you probably fall back to wearing Jeans and Sweater almost always because thats the easiest to wear, you suddenly find yourself that you have nothing to wear. Sharing my top tips to create a stylish outfit everyday with just Jeans and Sweater. Read […]

Spring Colors On Your Nails – My Top Favorites

There is something about painting your nails that is so relaxing and satisfying to me. Dont you agree? I am a bit old school in this, even though I enjoy the occasional splurge of heading over to a nail salon and getting my nails done. I always crave painting my nails myself. Its kind of […]

California Spring – Sweaters, Boots & Shorts – And A Story

California Spring - Shorts, Sweater & Boots - A Story

When we were shooting for this post, it was extremely windy and extremely cloudy. Hahaha? Welcome to the California Spring Weather which is totally unpredictable and is not at all warm. You never know when you would need a warm coat, and you literally have to dress in layer because it might be really sunny […]

Plaid Blazer That Will Add Drama To Your Look

Plaid Blazer that will add Drama in your look

There is something about a plaid blazer that is so much sophisticated and appealing that I cannot explain. I have been obsessed with suits all my life. Growing up as a little girl I would imagine myself in one of those powerful suits strutting around an office space. As an adult that vision has completely […]

Spring Makeup Refresh – Charlotte Tilbury, Dior & Chanel

Spring Makeup refresh - Charlotte Tilbury, Dior & Chanel

I feel like with every season, I want to refresh my makeup drawers with something new and it makes me feel like I have changed my entire self to prepare for the new season. Don’t you feel like that? At the same time we have so many options and too many choices to make. I am […]

The IT Bag in Town – Bottega Veneta Pouch

If you know me, you know that I am not a trend person. I love them, but I usually don’t hop on the trend train till I have weighed in the pros and cons of the trend itself and see a more worth of the investment I make, and it applies to everything that I […]

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