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Welcome to Pink April Diary, the best practical fashion blog out there to help you look stylish and put together everyday.

This is a not a blog about trending fashion what you see out there on magazines and probably in a lot of other “fashion blogs”.

This page will help you get the most of this blog. But before we begin, I am Suchi, the woman behind the wheels or heels, you get it. 

We are here to help you elevate your style and build a wardrobe that is timeless and works for you for all occasions and all season.
- Pink April Diary

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It’s absolutely fine to care about your looks, its ok that you genuinely care how you look. 

Most women think it’s shallow to care about all of this, and it’s not. The way you look has a lot to say on how you feel. And the fact that you reached the end of this page, shows that you want to also prioritize yourself. 

And I could not be happier to have you on board this style journey. Welcome!