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I also share tips and tricks to help you prioritize yourself.

Tips on How To Look Stylish & Put Together Easily Everyday

The steps are something that most stylish and elegant people follow everyday to look effortlessly put together and are really simple to follow in your everyday routine if you pay...

5 Stylish Denims to Try Now Instead of Skinny Jeans

If you are tired of wearing skinny jeans or hate the way it makes you look, then you are in the right place. These 5 styles of Jeans are not...

How To Find Time For Yourself as a Busy Working Mom

As I publish this post, my daughter starts school and this means that the little luxury of summer break is now over and I have to get back to reality....

Can’t Find Anything To Wear? Join The 7-Day Outfit Challenge To Shop Your Closet!

Ok, now I was a bit selfish to do this. January is a month of paying back all your Christmas shopping bills and trying to return all the gifts that...

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