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Fashion For Amitious Ladies

15 Style Tips to Look Expensive No Matter What Your Budget Is

If you are wondering how you can look classy polished and expensive whether you are wearing loungewear or going out, then in this post I am sharing 15 tried and tested style tips. These tips will help you look put together and luxe even when you think you can’t look expensive. 

We often think that looking expensive means spending loads of money on designer clothes, shoes handbags or doing something avant garde with your style. But its never the case.  

*This post is all about how to look polite and expensive on any budget.

Most stylish and rich people have some basic principles in their style that makes their outfit a million dollar worth. And using those tips and tricks you can always look polished and expensive. 

You can still shop at your favorite budget store but paying attention to these tips will help you find the pieces that will elevate your outfit. 

So, let’s get started. 

Go Monochrome

One of my favorite ways to look put together no matter what I am wearing is going monochrome with my outfits. Now you literally don’t have to wear the same color all over. Just pairing the same color family outfits will easily transform your outfit. 

This makes you instantly put together and brings the best of everything you are wearing. This is the best recipe for making any outfit look expensive. 

When you create a monochromatic outfit with the same color palette, your clothes seem custom made, as if they were made to be worn together. This trick works for casual, workwear, travel or any other style of outfit you put together. 

I have a whole blog post on how to create monochromatic outfits that will help you get started.

Fit is Everything

Please repeat after me. If your clothes don’t fit you well then it defeats the purpose of a put together look. It almost might look like you are not wearing your own clothes, or you didn’t even put an effort to look good. And that makes your outfit look so cheap, does not matter if you are wearing a $10,000 Balenciaga jacket. 

On the contrary, if you pick an outfit that fits you well, a $40 outfit from local thrift store can look like a million dollar. 

This T shirt is just $25 and the jeans $98. But because it fits me well, it looks much nicer than if it was too tight or maybe too oversized. 

How to incorporate this tip into your clothes shopping

Whenever you shop for clothes, you should pay attention whether it makes you look bulky or too tight or it fits you properly. Just because you need to wear a bodycon dress does not mean it looks good on you. 

Wearing clothes that flatter you well, is the key to looking stylish and will make your outfit look much more expensive than it actually is. 

Something Useful For You

Wear Expensive Looking Fabric

In summer pick natural fabric like linen, cotton blend and silk and satin. These material look expensive and add a luxurious touch to your outfit. And if you are looking for a budget friendly store, checkout:

Ditch the Distressed Jeans

You love the edgy look the distressed jeans brings, but you know it does not necessarily translates an expensive looking clothing item. So, how do you wear the same style and still look expensive? Ofcourse, going for an extreme ripped jeans is not the answer. 

But you can still get the distressed look by picking denim that have subtle distressing or raw hem that gives you the edgy look but in a much more sophisticated way. Its subtle and mature. 

There are plenty of brands like Madewell, Levis, Express where you can find affordable denim in these styles which still look expensive and timeless. 

These brands have high quality jeans that will last you a long time as well. And that is also key to saving money.

Wear Tailored Clothing

No need to buy a suit and wear it everyday, just buy clothes that have the natural tailored look. A button down shirt always looks so much nicer in any material. It looks polished, makes you look instantly put together and elevates your outfit. 

You know I come back to this, but a good oversized blazer can also do wonders to your outfit. 

JCrew, Everlane and Mango make the best quality shirts without breaking your bank. These shirts are crisp, structured and relaxed, so you can wear them as a daily wear piece as well. 

If you are thinking of what to wear in winter, go for a good quality structured wool coat.

Mango and Express are my favorite stores to shop for good quality coats in really good price point. And they last for ages. 

Do Your Hair

The basic step to looking put together is making sure your hair looks good too. And you don’t need to do any fancy hairstyles, just makes sure you dont look like you woke up and left the home. 

I hate tying my hair, so instead I choose to do a simple hair curl or keep my hair straight on days when I dont want to style my hair. 

If you are running late and don’t have time to do your hair, just do a low ponytail and take a little bit of hair out to create a romantic low ponytail that looks great on everyone. 

Remember: It’s not about excessive, it’s about looking put together, so go simple. 

Add Some Gold Jewelry

This you might be already doing, but the key is to add jewelry pieces that look expensive. I love vintage gold tone jewelries which look expensive and vintage of course. 

They add a touch of old gold to your outfit making it look elevated and luxe. 

If you are a fan of dainty jewelry, go for classic pieces like a gold with stone stud, a simple gold chain with a locket that looks minimal yet stylish. 

I feel like gold color adds a touch of luxe to any look.  If you don’t want to wear necklace, you can always add gold rings to your look. 

Looking for inexpensive jewelry

Invest in a Structured Bag

If you can invest in a good quality structured bag that looks classy and timeless. It does not have to be all logo or even designer if you don’t want to spend that kind of money. 

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A good quality structured bag has the following qualities:

  • It should not look sloppy. Pay attention to the shape of the bag.
  • It should be made out of a good material. Grained or pebbled leather looks expensive and is really durable. 
  • It should have a little bit of hardware detail that adds a luxe touch. And that does not have to be logo always. 

There are plenty of brands that have really good quality sophisticated bags:

Wear a Nice Watch

A nice watch can elevate even a simple outfit. If you look at all rich people you will find that they are always seen wearing one. It immediately makes you look sharp and smart. And shows that you have made an effort. 

Now, I am not talking about an Apple Watch. No matter how smart it looks, it does not give you that old money vibe. A nice gold tone or even a silver hardware watch will make even the most simplest outfit a luxurious touch. But if you still want to wear Apple Watch, swap the sport band with a gold band which will look much nicer.

Whether you are wearing Athleisure or classy clothes, in either case, this piece of clothing will elevate your look. 

If you have the money, invest in a  nice designer watch like Movado, Gucci, Burberry. But if you want to be in budget, you can still find a simple gold hardware watch under $100 that will still do the trick. 

Wear White When in Doubt

White in all fabric looks luxurious and expensive. It brightens up the clothing piece and that reflects in your entire outfit. This is one of the biggest reason you will find professional and royals wearing white a lot. 

You can also wear all white if you like, but if it feels tricky try with just one white piece in your outfit, it can be a white top or sweater or a white dress, or even a white coat. 

Somehow the simplicity of the color makes your outfit more sophisticated and put together. 

Fall White Coat Outfit

Fresh Face Makeup Is The Best Makeup

You might already know this, but a fresh face makeup looks way more luxe and elevated compared to a cake face makeup. Yes, I am all about makeup and have no problem experimenting. But the key to a nice makeup look is something that looks closer to yourself and gives you a natural look. 

You don’t have to ditch it all, just make sure to tone down the eye makeup if you have a bright lip on or go for neutral lip if you have a heavy eye makeup. And make sure you go easy on the foundation. 

Remember: Les is always more when it comes to makeup. 

There is something about a soft bright lip, just simple eyeliner and mascara with a natural sun kissed face that looks luxe. 

Invest in Good Accessories

Accessories can take your outfit to the next level and have the power to make or break an outfit. 

Sometimes an outfit is incomplete without accessories, and they can make your outfit look expensive. That is why you hear from every fashion blogger, stylist to invest in good quality accessories. 

Buy a nice silk scarf to use in spring and summer or pick up a cashmere scarf for winter that looks luxe. 

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Invest in a good leather belt with hardware so it enhances your outfits and makes it look rich and classy not trashy. 

If you have the budget, you can also invest in a nice brooch that you can add to your coats and jackets to elevate your look when you are not wearing a scarf or belt. 

Invest in classy jewelries that you can wear everyday. They are not too flashy but will elevate your outfit. I would go with gold hoop earrings and link chains that are sturdy so you can wear everyday. 

Manicure Makes a Huge Difference

You don’t have to get gel manicure or get those fancy nail art or even paint. But its important that your nails are cut properly, do not have chipped nail paint or don’t look stained. 

Its always about the details and the details count. If you are not a fan of nail paint, you can always add clear nail polish to make your nails shiny and look polished. 

This is a trick even the royal family use and you will see a lot of rich people doing it too.

If you cannot manage long nails, you don’t have to. You can keep them trimmed and still look polished and stylish.  But, also steer away from crazy nail arts or crazy long nails which look so unflattering and tacky. 

Checkout some classy nail ideas.

Invest in Comfortable & Polished Shoes

Comfort and style can go hand in hand. And when trying to look for stylish shoes, don’t ever compromise in comfort. If your shoes are not comfortable, no matter how nice they look, you won’t look polished because you will be suffering. 

Its all about feeling confident that you are looking your best. 

But also don’t wear Uggs. While they are absolutely comfortable, they don’t look the most polished. You can find simple sharp designs that stand the test of time and flatter you as well. 

These shoe styles always look polished and make your outfit look so luxe and are comfortable too:

Have a Signature Scent

Most polished and classy people you admire have a signature scent that they wear a lot. It does not have to be just one, but find one that smells amazing on you. 

How do you know what smells great on you. Grab a friend, spouse and head to a store to try the fragrance on you. Or get some travel sized perfumes and try them and get an opinion from someone else. 

This is where your opinion would not matter, because you smelling good is someone else’s judgement as well. Once you nail down the scent, make it yours. 

Sharing two of the most classic fragrances that smells great on everyone.

Chanel Chance EAU TENDRE Eau de Toilette

Price: $95

Shop Now 

JOY by Dior

Price: $148

Shop Now 

For more on how to elevate your style, please read:



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