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Hi There!

Welcome to Pink April Diary, a Style Guide specially made for the Millennial Woman who want to live their best life even in the middle of the Chaos of our Adulthood.

Founded by Me Aka Suchi (The name is longer than that) this blog was created to share my personal style, inspirations and motivations that have helped me stay motivated all my Life. But it soon became an avenue for me to share that passion with like minded Women who don’t want to feel lost in the daily struggles of life and want to keep celebrating themselves in the form of their unique style.

This Blog is for you if you are:

  • A Busy Woman and really have a tough time keeping up with your personal style which always takes a backstage while prioritizing family.
  • If You want to rediscover yourself and bring back your self confidence.
  • If You love to stay stylish and celebrate fashion and love incorporating it in your daily life
  • If You hate Shopping but Want to Feel and Look Presentable at work or other places.
  • If You want some Motivation to feel special because life is too chaotic and busy and you just don’t find time to enjoy the details of life.

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Who Is Pink April Diary?

I am a 30 Something Woman who moved across the Planet into an unknown land to make a new life with her family. And in the process of trying to achieve all the Adult Milestones like a House, Car, Job, Furniture lost herself and her passion for Fashion and Style.

I have been there, feeling completely lost and unhappy with myself. I created this Blog to rediscover myself and what makes me Unique.

Getting Ready in the morning and wearing my favorite outfits was something that motivated even when I had no money to buy clothes as a broke College Student living of what my Parents game me as Pocket Money, mind you that was literally nothing. Even with that, I had always loved designing and styling my clothes buying Fabrics and taking it to the Tailor who was my Best Friend in the World. 

All This was lost, when I completed my Masters Degree and Joined the Corporate World! While I did get way more money, I forgot what my Passions were because I was chasing what we all call Adulthood. And after more than a Decade of trying to be just like everyone else was, I really wanted to go back to what I truly loved.

This Blog is just not an Outfit blog!

Though This Blog was started as an avenue to share my Passion for Fashion, this Blog has completely evolved to be something more than just Outfit Blog.

I have realized that many women like me kind of feel trapped in the adulthood race of society and forget things that used to give them pleasure. So, this Blog is dedicated to all of them.

What Will You Find in Pink April Diary?

  • Style Tips that will help you get the stress out of putting together awesome outfits everyday.
  • Beauty Tips including hair, nail and much more that are no-fuss and gets the job done and gets result.
  • Product Reviews that will help you find the best ones out there.
  • All of My YouTube resources which include skin care routine, makeup tutorials, how to style guides that will help you everyday with your looks. If you love content in video format as well, subscribe to Pink April Diary so you never miss any video.

Also, one more thing that is super crucial to point out – My Styles are not just what every other Blogger is recommending. I incorporate colors, lots of it and that’s what life is all about. But, all my styles with colors are easy to incorporate in your own style and trust me you will fall in love with your wardrobe.

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