Product Review

Product Review
GHD Rise Review From Hair Non- Expert!
GHD Rise Honest Review From Hair Non- Expert!
I have been using this volumizing hot brush from GHD called GHD Rise for over 3 or so months now, and wanted to share my honest opinion as a normal woman who is not a hair style expert to give you an idea...
IT Bag in town - Bottega Veneta Pouch
The IT Bag in Town - Bottega Veneta Pouch
If you know me, you know that I am not a trend person. I love them, but I usually don’t hop on the trend train till I have weighed in the pros and cons of the trend itself and see a more worth of...
Untitled design-15
Nike Air Max 95 - Honest Review!
I know it's a review and why should you read it, it's just another blogger writing about a product. Yes it might be just another review, but its also a point of view of a normal non athlete blogger who...
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