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Nike Air Max 95 – Honest Review!

I know it’s a review and why should you read it, it’s just another blogger writing about a product. Yes it might be just another review, but its also a point of view of a normal non athlete blogger who wanted to purchase these so popular nikes and sharing her story about them.

So if you still wanna stick around, there is more.

So, I have been seeing these shoes in every major store and well, they come in so many colors. But well, these colors are also so loud! Yes! That was my first reaction to them. Woho! What is wrong with Nike, why are they so bold. And wait, don’t hate me yet, I have a reason behind them, priced at around $200 or more, these shoes are not really in the affordable category. They are expensive. I know the Nike fans will still buy them, but for someone like me who has an eye for more pairs of shoes, its just not worth it in spending money on every single color, so I can wear them wherever I can. So, when I saw these white with nude stripes ones in Nordstrom sale, with just around $100, I was like yess! This is a match made in heaven!

I bought them in my usual athletic wear size – 7.5. I have bought adidas, puma and New Balance, and even hiking shoes with the same size and no problem. You would know in a minute why am I emphasizing the sizing in a bit. And it took a while (Common Nordstrom, every store should now provide 2 day free shipping) Anyways, but it arrived and I was beyond thrilled and I wore it the very next day. To my utter surprise, It was tight, huh! my big toes were completely uncomfortable. So I had to return them and look for the next size (Size 8). Why would Nike do that, or it the style of the shoe that makes is half a size smaller than most brands. Since I don’t own a lot of Nikes, I cannot confirm that. Maybe you guys can tell me, but if that is the case, then most stores should add that in there footnote that it runs half a size small.

Any who, I couldn’t find the same color in a size 8 because of course they were sold out. So, I had to start my scavenger hunt in the big ocean called the world wide web 😂. And found it in a store called Jimmy Jazz. Thank God!

After what felt like ages, which always does when you order something online, you are so eager to wear it, but still have to wait for it to arrive. Sometimes, I would want to just stop online shopping, but if you know me that is not goin to happen. I wore them and yes, size 8 was a perfect fit for me. Phew, Now I wore the shoes for the past week, every day to the gym and here is what sold me.

I totally loath running, even though its on the treadmill. Yes, because, my knee hurts and my calves no matter how carved they are ( i really get that a lot 😂) hurt like hell. And it takes over my mind then. So, that i was the first thing I wanted to with them. RUN.. Well, I felt the difference, the cushion helped me to run for a longer period of time without the pain. So, running was checked for me.

I know this is my best morning pic!!

I also felt like my jumping hacks were cushiony which means not much strain on my knees. But at the same time, I know that for leg workouts its advised that for full form, your footwear should not be as cushioned for maximum impact, so I still switched to my adidas for those days, but what a difference, I wanted to go back to the Nikes because they were so cushioned, I felt like I was walking on my bed.

Does that sound weird, did you see what is happening here! I know I sound crazy, but deep down inside you do understand what I am saying. The shoes are addictive. I said it! Yes, with the cushions in the shoes, we feel more comfortable in them and go about our day. And we all are very much addictive to comfort always is addictive. And now, I understood why people wanted them so much in all colors, probably, those outrageous colors didn’t matter given the fact that they were so comfortable to wear.

If you have a pair of the Nike Air Max, let me know what’s your thought about them. Do you just wear them everyday. I am now trying not to fall back to the comfort but in cold days, I have a feeling i will wear them even more.



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