Holiday Outfit Ideas with Leather Pants

I just can’t believe it that holidays are here. But I am also excited for them. There is something about holidays that lifts my mood. The idea of gifts, decorations, lots of holiday treats and some holiday outfits make me look forward to the special time and actually motivate me now. I kind of start a bit early preparing for holidays, because I tend to do a lot of shopping online. And while that is awesome, there is a lot of delays that also happen. 

If you are like me you should also start planning a bit early since this year there would so much more online shopping. In this post I wanted to share my favorite holiday styles with leather pants. Now I am not wearing a real leather pants, they are from Rebecca Taylor and are Faux leather. But the excellent quality of the pants make them look so good and almost like real.


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I also find the leather pants outfits really versatile which can be more in different occasions and not just for Christmas, because who wants to just keep specific outfits for specific occasions. I also like how it breaks the outfit and makes it look a bit classic and timeless and yet really powerful.

In this look, I wanted to create a pink mono chromatic look, so I kept my color shade as magenta which is my most favorite color of this year and if we are friends on instagram, you would have seen me rocking it a lot in summer. 

What can I say, if I like a color, I keep wearing it. All of the pieces that I am wearing in this outfit, can also be worn separately or together or I any other combination. I find that wearing solid colors kind of does that, doesn’t it. You tend to have lot more options with it. 

I wore pumps rather than boots which adds a feminine and dressed up touch to this outfit. And these pumps are from Sarah Flint, a brand that I am an Ambassador for, and absolutely love them. They have an extra cushion and look super chic and feel really comfortable. If you are interested, you can get your first pair with a $50 off with code “SARAHFLINT-BASUCHI”.

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I Also wanted to share some of my previous leather pants outfits that you also might find would be great for Holidays. These are looks that I have repeated several times and will be repeating this year for holidays as well. And why not, if you love it, repeat it. Thats what makes your signature style.

Also at the end I have created some more looks that you might love wearing this holiday.

Off Shoulder Top

I would repeat this outfit every year since this is such a classic chic look with an off shoulder top and leather pants. And pairing it with flats makes it even more classic and comfortable.

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All Black Look

An all black look with leather pants can also be a classic for holiday parties where you want to be a bit more sophisticated. Work parties are an excellent example. I added a snake skin slingback mule to break the all black look here. 

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Puff Sleeve top

Adding a puff sleeve top brings a feminine vibe to a leather outfit. I literally wore this top so much last year because I loved the stitched details of the sleeves alongwith the puff sleeve. This actually helps minimize and accessories you want to wear because sometimes we cant be bothered.

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I also wanted to create some more outfit ideas that will be cozy  and perfect for holidays. Dont forget to comment and tell me which one is your favorite.

The Satin Top

In this outfit I paired the leather pants with a red mock neck satin top which looks elegant and so classic. And to keep the red color theme, I went with the classic black and red look.


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The Lace Top

Another all black look but with a lace bodysuit or you can also do a lace top. The pattern and texture of the lace top brings in a bit of festivity to the whole look rather than it looking all black. Now to balance all of the black that is going on, I added some colorful accessories. 

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The Floral Print Top

You know I would add a bit of bohemian spice to the look. For this outfit I simply added a flora; print top which is an easy way of adding a bit of bohemian style to any outfit. Because the top is the focal point of the outfit, I wanted to keep everything neutral and so chose white. I could have done black, but that would have made the outfit look more intense.

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The Floral Print Top

Fair Isles are my favorite way of adding a bit of holiday touch to any outfit and I am so happy that a lot of brands are embracing the Fair Isle pattern in different ways. In this look, I have this really simple and elegant Fair Isle sweater. And I paired in the rest of the pieces with the color of the sweater.

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Let me know if you want to see any other outfit ideas for holidays. I am super excited for some good times. I hope you are too.

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