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What To Wear To A Pool Party If You Don’t Want to Swim


What To Wear To A Pool Party If You Don't Want to Swim

Invited to a fun pool party that just seems too fun to miss? However, you don’t want to swim or get in the water. If you are in this situation, you may be wondering what to wear.

Fortunately, you can still dress up and make a splash with your pool party outfit, even if you don’t plan on getting wet.

In this post, we’ll share what to wear to a pool party if you don’t want to swim, so you can look and feel your best while enjoying the festivities.

Table of Contents

What To Wear For A Day Time Pool Party

The perfect time for a pool party is a hot summer day. And when it’s hot outside, you do want to go into the pool. But if you don’t want to, you can still keep yourself cool and comfortable. 

Ofcourse, you need to stay in the shade, that’s given, but here is what to wear to look party ready and be comfortable.

Linen Shorts and Cute tops

Linen shorts look classy and expensive, but they are breathable and will keep you comfortable through out the party. 

And most linen shorts come in so many fun shades as well, so you don’t have to pick a boring black color.

This way your outfit will look interesting and fun. But more importantly, appropriate for a pool party.

You can have so much fun with a cute top. My favorite vacation vibe tops are one shoulder tops. Pick one in a breathable of silk blend material. Both of which will keep you comfortable and make you look chic. 

If you don’t like one shoulder top, just pick a regular sleeveless printed top that looks summery and perfect for a pool party vibe.

Skirt And Top Set

A matching shirt and top set would look so chic for a pool party. The short skirt and top will make you look like you came to get into the pool without actually having to.

And the matching set takes the guess work out of trying to figure out what to pair with what. And they are also great resort wear sets. So, you can wear it in more than one place.

You can totally decide here whether you can want to bare the mid section. 

Kaftan Dress

A kaftan is often used as a swim cover up. It’s called the old money swim coverup. It looks classy and chic. You can totally wear it with a swimsuit underneath to create a chic peekaboo moment that is perfect for a pool party. 

Or you can wear a slip underneath and keep it casual yet looking ready for a pool party. Isn’t that fun.

You can pick long below the knee or above the knee. But a kaftan will be perfect to stay comfortable in the heat at the party.

Sun Dress

A short sundress will also be perfect for a pool party where you want to look cute and dressed up. And don’t want to go into the pool.

If the dress has floral prints, it adds to the fun part and makes it festive. 

Try to pick a fit and flare style, because it will look flattering and comfortable. 

I am also sharing more summer dress styles that will hide your tummy.

What To Wear For A Night Time Pool Party

If you are going to a pool party hosted at night, and you don’t want to swim you can still go to the party. Most night time pool parties are not going to be pool intense. 

What I mean by this is, you might just need to dip your feet in the water, so you can dress nicely and enjoy the party without worrying about being asked why you don’t want to get into the pool.

So lets see what you can wear to the night time pool party.

Crochet Knit Dress

If you are in extreme hot weather, most of the time nights are cooler. A crochet knit dress is a fun twist to a knit dress that will keep you warm. The open knit is airy, so you can wear a cute swimsuit underneath and pretend to be ready to dive into the pool. 

If you don’t want to wear a swimsuit, you can simple put a slip underneath and create a chic swim coverup outfit, with no swimming intention.

Printed Shirt + Linen Pants

A fun printed shirt will look classy and appropriate for the tropical vibe a pool party is giving you. If you don’t like color, you can also go with plain black or white. 

The idea here is to make your outfit feel as energetic as the vibe of the party without wearing bright colored swimwear.

Linen pants are the most effortless and stylish bottoms that you will wear all summer. And you can pair it with a fun bright top for a pool party.

The breathable linen fabric will keep you cool and the long pants will keep you cozy as you enjoy outdoors late in the night.

Cute Top & Slit Skirt

The slit in the skirt gives it a party vibe and if you pick one with a fun floral print, it will be perfect for summer parties. 

But pick a light weight fabric like satin or silk that can dry quickly if someone splashes some water accidentally. 

This way you are not walking around in wet clothes all night. 

Pair it with a cute top and you have yourself a chic pool party outfit.

Bright Colored Dress

Floral dresses are perfect for day time. But if you have a pool party at night, you need to wear a solid colored dress. It’s appropriate for night time parties. 

You can go with any bright color actually. And if you feel conscious and want to wear something modest, this is the perfect alternative.

You look bright and ready for a party but dress modestly.

What Shoes To Wear To A Pool Party

Shoes are specially important thing to consider when headed to a pool party. 

  • You need to wear shoes or sandals that you can slip in and out of easily. If you need to dip your feet in the pool.
  • They need to be waterproof, so you don’t damage them.
  • They should be open toe otherwise you will feel really hot in them.
  • Also don’t wear flip flops. They look frumpy and will ruin your outfit.

Checkout some beach or pool slides that look chic and can be worn everyday too. These will be perfect flats you can wear to a pool party so you can walk around comfortably.

Accessories to Carry for a Pool Party

You need a few more things other than a cute outfit to a pool party to fully enjoy there. 

  • A good straw hat that will protect your face from burning.
  • Sunscreen to re apply so, you don’t get sunburn.
  • Polaroid sunglasses to protect your eyes.

How to Do Your Makeup For A Pool Party

If you are not going into the water, you can wear makeup. But let’s keep it light if it’s a day time pool party. You don’t want your makeup to start bleeding in the heat as you sweat.

A light tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and lip gloss with mascara will do the trick. It will keep your face looking fresh and perfect for a pool party.

Checkout a simple no foundation makeup tutorial to help you get ready for a pool party.

For more on pool or beach styling, please read:


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