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Best Wedding Guest Dresses That Will Hide Your Tummy


Best Wedding Guest Dresses That Will Hide Your Tummy Blog Banner

Invited to a wedding, but not sure what dresses will hide your tummy or your muffin top, we have got your covered.

We understand that finding the perfect dress for a wedding can be a daunting task, especially if you’re looking for something that will help you feel confident and comfortable throughout the celebration.

Whether you prefer A-line silhouettes, empire waistlines, or strategic ruching, we have curated a collection of dresses that are designed to minimize the appearance of your tummy while still keeping you stylish and elegant.

Get ready to dance the night away with confidence as we reveal the top picks for wedding guest dresses that will make you look and feel amazing!


Table of Contents

What Are We Looking For In These Dresses?

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. You can look for different elements in a dress that will help flatter your figure and hide what you are insecure about. It’s also important to try on any dresses that you are considering. By trying on a dress, you are able to get a real feel of the fit and how you feel in the dress

Style of Dress

When looking for a wedding guest dress, you need to take into consideration a few outside factors. These outside factors include things like weather or venue. The style of dress that you should search for should match the location and vibe of the wedding you’re attending. For more traditional weddings, classic wedding attire is expected. This usually includes a formal gown that is floor length. These dresses are usually special occasion dresses that are not worn often. 

If it is a semi-formal wedding, a cocktail dress may be appropriate. You can also try to incorporate an elegant jumpsuit. The length can also be shorter than a traditional guest attire.  Beach weddings and backyard weddings are often even more casual and you can dress accordingly. These dresses can include more patterns and more casual material.

Color and Fit

A key element of a wedding guest dress to also consider is the color and fit. It’s customary to avoid wearing white as to not take the attention off of the bride. But, other than that you have a choice of any color. You can follow the seasons when choosing a dress color. Darker colors are great for the fall and winter months. Softer, brighter colors are perfect for spring and summer. Loud prints and neon styles are not usually a color wedding guests should wear. It will make you stick out in photos and take attention away from the atmosphere of the wedding. Classic colors are a great option that will also help to hide your tummy and give your look an elegant feel.

Dress Material

Lastly, an element to consider when finding a wedding guest dress is the material of the dress. The material of a dress is very important because it can make a dress look elegant and refined or more casual. 

Chiffon is a great material to look for when trying to hide your tummy. It is a soft, flowy material that is comfortable and breathable. 

You can also look at pleated or textured material because it will camouflage your tummy and bring attention to the details of the dress. You might want to avoid satins and silks as they have little stretch and often don’t hide any flaws or areas you want to cover. Stretchy material is also good to look out for as they are more comfortable and are great for dancing all night!

What Are The Best Wedding Guest Dresses That Hide Your Tummy?

Baltic Born Sicily Satin Maxi Dress

This maxi dress has an empire waist that is flattering and elegant. It emphasizes your waist while the rest of the dress material smooths over your tummy for ultimate coverage. The waistline has a stretchy waistband for a comfortable fit.

The Satin fabric will fall really well on without hugging your tummy sections. And the prints look fun and will also act as a camouflage.

Pleated Embroidered Maxi Dress

The flowy fabric and pleats on the chiffon material of this dress smooth over your tummy area and create a flattering silhouette. The flow of the dress will hide any bumps or unwanted spots that you want hidden.

The V Neckline looks chic and flattering. And it will also help create a distraction from the tummy section.

Bird Grey Kaia Dress

The dramatic material of this dress takes center stage and moves the attention from your tummy. The overlap skirt paired with the raised empire waist creates a beautiful silhouette that is both flattering and elegant.

This dress looks flattering on all colors. Yes it comes in so many shades that you will definitely find one that is perfect for your skin tone.

Midi Dress with Twist Wrap Detail

The chic twist wrap front covers any insecurities you’re feeling about your tummy area. The gathered material distracts from your tummy and makes this dress refined and unique. It gets further camouflaged by the tie waist and is finished off with an elegant bow on the side. 

If you like minimalistic style, this dress is perfect for you. It looks classy and flattering.

Chiffon Taupe Gwennie Dress

The Chiffon Taupe Gwennie Dress from Bird Grey is a classic gown has a slight v-neck with a fully lined top for ultimate coverage. The chiffon material flows easily over any problem areas on your tummy and gives off a refined boho vibe. The waistband stretches for comfort and gives you some extra room for confidence and comfort.

Off-the-shoulder Ruffled Maxi Dress

The tiered maxi skirt on this dress has fun ruffled accents that take any attention from your tummy. It is voluminous and gives a regal feeling. The chiffon material flows easily over your body and the elastic waist allows for a comfortable stretch.

Pleated Swing Mini Dress

This pleated chiffon material is flattering and elegant. The pleats in the material will take all the attention! It doesn’t have a constricting waistband so that the dress drapes nicely over your tummy. It is also in a shorter style that is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. This has a fun, feminine feel that you’ll love to wear.

One-Shoulder Shift Mini Dress

The one shoulder detail always looks chic and perfect style for party wear. But when you combine it with a shift dress, it’s the perfect combination of looking flattering and stylish. 

The Lulus One-Shoulder Shift Mini Dress also has fun floral prints which is perfect for a summer wedding party.

Textured Puff Sleeve Shift Dress

Hide your insecurities behind this retro textured material. It doesn’t have a waistband so the dress flows freely over your body. It has a looser fit that will easily hide your tummy. The color of this dress is great for a summer wedding.

In the fun yellow shade the NYC Textured Puff Sleeve Shift Dress looks festive and is flattering to hide your muffin top.

Tiered Smock Midi Dress

This voluminous dress has a flattering tiered look. The tiers on this dress distract from your unwanted areas and lay nicely on your shape. The slightly oversized fit hides your tummy and is comfortable for all-day wear. 

The fun print of the dress also adds to the distraction. But the cami style top makes it chic and festive. 

Checkout some chic lightweight jackets you can wear with these dresses to stay comfortable all night.

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