Stylish Styles of Sweaters You Should Wear to Elevate Your Outfits

Stylish Styles of Sweaters You Should Wear to Elevate Your Outfits


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While sweaters are key to winter styling, but its also key to find the right styles of sweaters that will elevate your daily outfits. And I often realize that we might only be buying a certain style of sweater without exploring other options, so you can take this post as a best sweater styles that you should own to look stylish and put together in winter without any effort. 

I am also sharing a budget friendly and a splurge worthy (more like investment piece that will last you a long time). This is also a great checklist post which will help you to see what styles of sweaters you don’t have. 

Crewneck Sweater

Crewneck is the most essential sweater style every woman should own and looks great with anything and because of the structured neckline makes you look put together and sophisticated. 

And the great part is that no matter what color or pattern of sweater you buy, it will look awesome with a crewneck. 

You can easily accessorize it with necklace or scarfs without any hassle, it also looks modest and a great must have for work wear where you just don’t want to shirts. It looks casual but still elevated. 


Banana Republic Factory Forever Sweater



Everlane The Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


Turtleneck Sweater

This is another style of sweater that is such a fail safe option elevate your winter outfits. Whenever I put on a turtleneck, I instantly look much more stylish and structured. 

The turtleneck style always hides my double chin and makes my face appear slimmer. And another style of sweater that is either long or short looks great with jeans or leggings. 

My favorite turtleneck sweaters are a bit oversized ones because you can easily layer on leggings that instantly elevates the really casual legging outfit. If you are a leggings person, you definitely need this in your closet. 

turtleneck sweater outfit


H&M Oversized Turtleneck Sweater



Banana Republic Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

PRICE: $240

Pollo Collar V Neck Sweater

Polo Collar V Neck Sweater

I love the casual style of V neck sweaters that feel laidback and relaxing and not so serious, but I often find them a bit too laidback which does no justice in elevating an outfit. I am glad that I found the perfect alternative to that which is best of both worlds. 

The V neck of this sweater style creates a laid back casual aspect to your outfit, but the collar details add a sophistication to the sweater as well. This in turn helps you look structured and sophisticated no matter what style of bottom you are wearing. 

I find the polo collar V neck sweater a really versatile style that will look great on you whether you are running errands or attending a zoom meeting or heading to work. Pair it with some layering necklace that will enhance the V neck even further. 


Banana republic Factory Merino Pullover Sweater



JCrew collared V neck Sweater


Breton Striped Sweater

This is not really focused to the design of the sweater but the striped pattern. Breton stripes are a much more elevated stripes that do not make you look fat or are too busy on you like regular striped sweaters. 

Their staggered stripes add a well thought pattern and style to any piece of garment compared to the basic stripes. And even though you are wearing an inexpensive one, they still manage to make the outfit look much more stylish and elevated.

I personally like them in black and white, but it still looks great in any other colors. 

Breton striped sweater


H&M H&m Rib-knit Half-zip Striped Sweater



& Other Stories Polo Striped Sweater

Polo Collar Zip Up Sweater

This is a much newer style of sweater that I have introduced to my wardrobe and now I am obsessed and you can see my striped sweater is in the same style as this one. 

I would say this is the perfect alternative to sweatshirts which actually looks much more structured and put together. I have never been a big fan of sweatshirt that always have an oversized silhouette. But the zip style sweater gives you the collar detail of a sweatshirt but without the bulkiness. 

You can wear this with jeans or trousers or even leggings and still look put together and nice compared to looking frumpy in a sweatshirt.


JCrew Half Zip Sweater



Everlane The Felted Merino Half-Zip Sweater


Mock Neck Sweater

Mock necks are a variation of turtleneck sweater with less fabric for the neckline. These style of sweaters are definitely more comfortable than turtleneck specially if you hate the chunkiness around the neck. 

They are also easier to wear and you can add necklaces to the neckline without worrying about the length. I call them the modern version of turtlenecks that still enhance your neckline and make you look more put together and structured. 

And you will a variety of different fit and styles of mock necks and you should at least have one in your closet for days when you need to look sophisticated and cozy.

(The sweater I am wearing is sold out, so linked a similar one)

Mock Neck Sweater Outfit


& Other Stories Mock Neck Sweater



Nordstrom Cashmere Mock Neck Cashmere Sweater


V Neck Cardigan

This sweater is actually more than a year old and I have worn it for 2 winters now and cannot tell you how glad I am to discover this style. While this color is really bright and makes it appropriate for special occasions, you can find so many everyday wear variations that will look much better than the traditional cardigan style.

The V neck is laid back and the button details add a put together touch to your outfit. I find this style of sweater much more versatile and elevated compared to the round neck cardigans.

(The sweater I am wearing is sold out, so linked a similar one)

V neck cardigan outfit


H&M Rib Knit V Neck Cardigan



& Other stories Knit Cardigan 

& Other stories knit cardigan

I hope this post was helpful in finding gaps in your wardrobe that is stopping you from creating a style that you feel great about and look amazing doing it. How many of these sweaters you have or you are adding to your planning sheet for your wardrobe?

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