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Stylish Cardigans You Need To Layer Your Dresses


Stylish Cardigans You Need To Layer Your Dresses

Dresses are must-haves in any wardrobe. They’re easy to style, comfortable, and versatile. You may wear a lot of dresses if you work in an office, or perhaps you wear a dress every Sunday to church. You may even be the type of person who throws a dress on with some cute shoes when running errands, hanging out with friends, or going on a date. Dresses have a place in every closet.

Even though dresses are incredibly easy to throw on, you may find yourself struggling when it comes to layering with your dress. During the spring and fall, the days can go from cold, to hot, to cold again, making layering a necessity in order to stay comfortable. Even during the summer and winter, you may find yourself needing to add and remove layers throughout your day.

Layering with a dress can be tricky because you don’t want to cover up too much of the dress, but you also want to be covered up, whether you’re trying to be modest or warm. A cardigan is the go-to piece of clothing for layering with dresses, but there are countless cardigans you can choose from to add to your closet.

When it comes to the perfect cardigan to wear with dress, it all depends on the dress you’re matching to the cardigan. Different dresses have different silhouettes and textures, which require different cardigans to match. Whether you’re trying to style one dress in particular or you’re trying to add more cardigans to your closet for layering, continue on to discover the best cardigan to wear with dress.

Bras To Wear With The Right Tops

Slip dress

Slip dresses aren’t just for wearing under dresses. Slip style dresses are one of the latest modern trends. These slinky, romantic dresses can come in a variety of lengths and colors, but they are almost always a satin finish with spaghetti straps. This breathable design is cool and comfortable, but it can be a little too chilly when the temperature drops.

You may not be interested in wearing a slip dress without a cardigan over top because the small straps highlight the shoulders and arms. If you’re trying to be more modest, covered, and/or warm, a cardigan is an essential when styling your slip dress. Because slip dresses are often a solid color, adding a stripe cardigan over top can make the outfit more interesting, playful, and unique. When selecting a stripe cardigan, consider choosing a cardigan that has at least one stripe that matches the color of the dress. If you don’t want to be too matchy matchy, you can choose a striped cardigan that is in the same color family for a more colorful and expressive outfit.

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Button Up Woolen Striped Lady Cardigan

Clara Cashmere Crew Cardigan

Puff sleeve dress

Puff sleeve dresses are a bold and fun way to express your personal style. Puff sleeve dresses can be short or long sleeve and come in countless colors, patterns, and materials. However, just because a puff sleeve dress is available in a wide range of options doesn’t mean it will keep you warm when the weather cools down.

If you want to be more covered up when wearing a puff sleeve dress, a cardigan is a must. The downfall of layering a cardigan over your puff sleeve dress is that the sleeves of your cardigan will cover the best part of your dress. The best way to avoid this problem is by layering a puff sleeve cardigan over your puff sleeve dress. You can find options that match your dress closely for a streamlined and matchy look, or you can find a puff sleeve cardigan that contrasts your puff sleeve dress for something more bold and interesting.

Our Top Picks

Solena Cardigan

Babysoft Puff Sleeve Cardigan

A-Line dress

A-Line dresses are absolutely timeless. These classy, sophisticated, and elegant dresses are ideal for any occasion. An A-Line dress has a fitted top, with a skirt that flows out into the shape of a capital A. Even though A-Line dresses are incredibly chic, you may have an A-Line dress that shows a lot of skin. Maybe your A-Line dress has spaghetti straps, or maybe it’s even strapless. If you’re wearing your dress to church, a family party, or a special event, you may not be comfortable showing your chest or arms. That is where a cardigan comes into the picture.

Layering a cardigan over your A-Line dress doesn’t have to equate to covering up the stunning silhouette of the dress. You can find a cardigan with a more cropped fit to maintain the elegant and flattering shape of your dress. Seek a cardigan with a hem that ends at the same place that the skirt of your A-Line dress starts. This can create an effortless and streamlined look that looks intentional, flattering, and classic.

Our top picks

Emile Sweater Lady Jacket

Organic Cotton Cropped Cardigan

Straight dress

Straight dresses have a simple and straightforward shape, making them suitable for all body types and personal styles. This straight up and down shape is great for just about any occasion. You can wear a straight dress casually or formally, depending on how you style it. Because the styling of a straight dress can make such a significant difference in the way it looks, it’s important to layer properly.

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The best cardigan to wear with dress that is straight is one with loose sleeves. The loose sleeves of the cardigan add a slouchy feel that perfectly complements the straight shape of the dress. When choosing a loose sleeve cardigan, it is key to choose something with baggy sleeves, but a more fitted bodice. If both the sleeves and the bodice are baggy, this will dress down a straight dress too much. It may look frumpy and shapeless if styled this way, so remember to keep shapes in mind when shopping for cardigans.

Our Top Picks

Patch Pocket Cardigan

Jeweled Button cardigan

Mini dress

Mini dresses are incredibly cute. The short and playful skirt of these dresses makes them perfect for dates, parties, and nights out on the town. For some, a mini dress may show too much skin. If you want to achieve that playful look, but want to add more coverage, a cardigan is perfect for you. Additionally, if you’re wearing a mini dress at night, you may get cold. To prevent getting too cold, layer a slim cardigan over your dress.

Slim cardigans are more lightweight and fitted than other alternatives. This slim fit, when paired with a mini dress, maintains a flirty vibe. Slim cardigans and mini dresses are a match made in heaven, especially if you want to look pretty and cute, while also being a bit more covered up.

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our top picks

Lucia Cropped Cardigan

The Ribbed Cropped Cardigan

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are currently on trend. Dresses of this length, no matter their material, color, pattern, or style, are popular at the moment. One reason these dresses are so popular is because they are comfortable and easy to move in. Another reason they are so popular is because they are a breeze to style. You can pair a variety of cardigans with a maxi dress for a unique look that is all your own.

However, the best cardigan to wear with dress that is maxi length is a cropped cardigan. Because maxi dresses extend all the way down to the ankles, you want a cardigan that is cropped for a more balanced silhouette. Cropped cardigans allow you to wear a maxi dress without losing your shape. A cropped cardigan paired with a maxi dress is also a fun way to play with cropped silhouettes without exposing your midriff.

our top picks

Cotton Lady Jacket Cardigan Sweater

Open Knit Cardigan

Shirt dress

Shirt dresses are cute and casual dresses that are perfect for running errands, spending time with family, or going out for coffee dates with friends. Because of this casual and playful look, it may be difficult to decide how to layer with a shirt dress.

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Shirt dresses have a more fitted top and straight line skirt. Because of the slight fitted and casual look, you want to embrace this style with a loose sleeve cardigan. The loose sleeves of this style of cardigan continue that casual and breezy vibe, without trying too hard. Loose sleeve cardigans with a more baggy bodice can complete that casual and carefree look, but a loose sleeve cardigan that has a more fitted bodice may give you the flattering shape you desire. When it comes to styling your shirt dress with a loose sleeve cardigan, it’s up to you to choose how to express yourself with your fashion choices.

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our top picks

Metal Button Knit Cardigan

Oversized Knitted Cardigan

Structured dress

Structured dresses look expensive, chic, and high-end. This type of dress is most commonly worn during formal occasions, but can find their way into casual settings as well. When styling a structured dress, you don’t want to take away from the stunning shape of the dress. That can be difficult though when you have a short sleeve structured dress and you want to be more covered up.

Even though it may seem hard to style a structured dress with a cardigan, an excellent cardigan to wear with dress is a cardigan jacket. Also known as a shacket, this piece of clothing is heavier than a regular cardigan, but more lightweight than a jacket. Because it is heavier, it is also more structured. Combining a structured dress with a structured cardigan jacket is the best way to maintain a luxurious and expensive look.

our top picks

Foster Chalk Knit Cardigan

Signature Knit Cropped Cardigan

T-Shirt Dress

A T-Shirt dress is a go-to dress for busy women on the go. It’s easy to throw on a loose fitting and slouchy T-Shirt dress when you’re running out the door for a business casual meeting or your children’s soccer game. However, T-Shirt dresses aren’t so easy when it comes to styling.

Because T-Shirt dresses are so casual, loose fitting, and cozy, it can be difficult to find a cardigan that matches that vibe. That is why crew neck cardigans are so great. A crew neck cardigan has the same neckline as a T-Shirt dress. When paired together, crew neck cardigans and T-Shirt dresses look intentional, cohesive, and cute.

our top picks

Valerio Jacket

Milo Cardigan

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