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Casual & Comfortable Outfits You Can Wear to Get On the Christmas Spirit


Casual & Comfortable Christmas Party Outfits You Can Wear to Get On the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is fast approaching and you suddenly realize that you  have a lot of celebrations to attend but you don’t have something fancy to wear to all of them. Or you may not want to wear fancy outfits all the time but want to look festive for the occasion and look stylish too. So, In this post I want to share some casual outfits for your holiday parties and celebrations that you can easily put together and enjoy the holidays in comfort.

Personally, I like to have a mix of dressed up and casual outfits for the holidays depending on where I am going. If its a party setting where I know everyone will be dressed casually, I also prefer to dress accordingly, though I say wear what you want to wear, sometimes we just want to not outshine or look over the top.

There are jeans involved but all the jeans would be comfortable to wear, I promise. So, lets get started.

What I am covering in this post:

Straight Leg Jeans Outfit

Straight Leg Jeans are one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I have found so far and this black one from Levis is my go to pair in winter. I can pair boots with it for everyday wear without any lumping happening around the ankle because of the wider leg opening. I have reviewed these Levis Ribcage in one of my blog posts in detail and shared best places to shop them at.

In this casual outfit, I paired a bring holiday colored (red) Fair Isle sweater with the straight leg jeans and added black loafer mules with gold hardwares as my footwear. The loafer mules are easy to slip in and out of and perfect combination if you are headed to a house party where you need to take off your shoes. 

Fair Isle sweaters are my favorite and this one from Ann Taylor looks structured and chic with the Fuchsia patterns that you cannot really see that much. This makes the sweater versatile for everyday wear as well. I naturally start wearing a lot of fair isle sweaters around winter and holiday season as they easily bring me into holiday season without the effort of dressing up a lot. 

And this outfit can be great for many occasions like dining out, lunch hangouts, office parties and even casual parties where you look festive and chic

Straight Leg Jeans Holiday Outfit with Fair Isle Sweater
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Slouchy Jeans Outfit

Slouchy jeans is another denim that will keep you feeling comfortable but at the same time its chic and sophisticated with the tapered trouser like style of the denim. Its also a great pair that can be worn with ankle boots easily. So, in this outfit I chose my favorite pair of slouchy jeans from Mango with a bright yellow colored henley sweater.

The henley style of the sweater makes it casual and you might already own something similar like this one. But because of the bright yellow color, it looks festive and fun to wear during holidays. And you don’t have to just wear red. Bright colors always look festive and this yellow sweater definitely feels like that. I also chose a yellow coat to create a monochromatic look.

The boots have chunky sole which is perfect for winter but with size zipper opening you can easily get in and out of them. Monochromatic looks easily look really stylish and whenever I cannot think of anything to wear, I always pick monochrome outfits keeping a primary color as a base and adding colors to it. 

This outfit is great for casual lunch parties or gathering outside where you want to stay cozy but look festive as well.

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Joggers Outfit

If you have house parties where you are sitting a lot or lounging with friends where you want to look dressed up and nice but also want a lot of comfort because you will be sitting for a lot of time then opt for black joggers. If you opt for one which is more structured like the Express joggers I am wearing, they almost look like tapered trousers. 

These joggers are comfortable and are stretchable for all the dining and long hours of sitting which enjoying your celebration. 

Because of the casual nature of the joggers, I chose a bright colored crewneck sweater which looks more put together and sophisticated. And I also picked pumps that adds a bit more sophistication to the outfit, which don’t have to match the color of the sweater, but it does look more fun.

You can also wear this outfit for work wear functions because of the pumps that make the outfit look really stylish. Just add a wool blazer or coat and your outfit will look sophisticated as well as comfy.

Fuchsia sweater and joggers holiday outfit
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Sweater Dress Outfit

Sweater dresses are one of the best dressed up yet casual option that you can pick for holiday parties. They are also really easy to style. In this outfit I am wearing a camel sweater dress that is casual and can be worn everyday. But I added some festive yet casual pieces that elevate the look and makes it party ready but in a relaxed way.

I added patterned tights because the dress is over the knee, so wearing tights feels comfortable when you are sitting a lot. I added patterned translucent tights which add a dressed up touch to the look. The boots are red which normally looks festive and wearing a red plaid bomber jacket makes this outfit edgy and casual but appropriate for a holiday party.

If you are someone sho does not like a lot of feminine looks, then this outfit would be great for you.

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Oversized Sweater Outfit

Cold weather season equals oversized sweater and they can really be fun to wear for a holiday party where you can hide all the food you are eating behind the sweater, haha. Well, I am serious.  In this outfit, I am wearing faux leather leggings with oversized sweater that makes this outfit chic and edgy for a holiday party without all the fanciness. Add in some nice jewelry and pair black or nude boots. 

This outfit looks effortless but at the sometime festive. I know you might be thinking, well wouldn’t wearing oversized sweater make me look frumpy. I have a whole blog post sharing some ways you can avoid looking weird in oversized sweater that will be helpful. 

But here I paired something fitted with something oversized which always looks effortless but stylish. You can use this trick with any kind of outfit combination.

This is another great outfit for family celebration where you look great but are not over dressed for the occasion.

Oversized Sweater Holiday Outfit
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Matching Joggers Outfit

This is another really casual yet fun holiday outfit for family celebrations or even casual hang out with friends. I am wearing matching joggers in my favorite holiday colors that look festive and so fun. I found these ones from amazon that comes in so many different colors as well. The joggers are lightweight and really soft.

Matching set always look more put together and in this outfit I simply added a wool coat in the same color family as well as the boots. This instantly transformed this casual look into a more thought after and stylish look that you can also wear outside.

If you are doing Christmas family pics and do not want to wear pajamas, opt for this look where you will still be comfortable but will look festive and stylish. 

Matching joggers holiday outfit
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[Matching Jogger Set] | [Maroon Wool Coat] | [Red Ankle Boots (Similar)]

Wide Leg Pants Outfit

You can also pick wide leg jeans, but I chose these wide leg white pants that instantly look stylish and because of the bright color they balance out all the fair isle patterns of the sweater. Wide bottoms are also really comfortable just like the straight leg jeans. They look sophisticated and also make you appear slender. I have a whole video where I am sharing more winter looks with wide leg pants or jeans that have holiday looks in them as well. 

This outfit is another easy to put together but chic look that you can put together for any day time occasion where you might not want to wear dark colors. If you are someone who enjoys fair isle sweaters, but finds it difficult to wear them or style them, this is a great way of balancing a heavy pattern. 

You can also choose a black wide leg jeans with a busy sweater like this one and create a chic outfit. But I would go with matching black boots which will naturally elongate your overall silhouette.

Wide Leg pants holiday outfit
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Fair Isle Cardigan Outfit

This is by far my favorite holiday outfit and I cannot stop wearing it. This outfit is more like a winter holiday outfit which you can wear on a ski resort by layering on more coats of course. I am wearing the same joggers from Express because lets be honest, they are really comfortable as well as versatile as you can see.

I paired them with white leather sneakers for more of a casual everyday look and matched my top with the sneakers to create a black and white monochrome outfit. But adding the fair isle cardigan gives it a colorful and festive touch. The white Pom pom beanie adds to cold weather festive touch of the outfit. 

I think this outfit looks chic and yet really fun and youthful for anyone to rock it for a more laidback and relaxed Christmas celebration.

Casual & Comfortable Christmas Party Outfits You Can Wear to Get On the Christmas Spirit
White Leather Sneakers Holiday Outfit
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I would love to know which one is your favorite casual holiday outfit that you love rocking every year in different combinations. Hope you have a fun filled holiday. Happy styling!


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