From skincare to hair care and tips to looking fresh and put together at all times, these posts are full of detailed and doable tips to look groomed and polished.

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How to Use Micellar Water in your SkinCare Routine without Cotton Pads
How to Use Micellar Water in your SkinCare Routine without Cotton Pads
I have been using Micellar water for my makeup removal for more than a year now, and I have to say that this was the smartest move from the makeup removing wipes. But around the same time I also removed...
How To Give Yourself Spa Like Facial At Home
How To Do an At Home Facial That Will Give You Spa Like Result - 6 Easy Steps Guide
If you love doing facials but hate spending the dollars to get the spa experience, then read on. While, you might not get the complete relaxing effect as you would get in a Spa since someone else is treating...
Skincare Products - Picture 5
6 Must-have Skincare Products in my Daily Routine!
As I am getting older, I have started paying more attention to my skin. I always used to spend more money on my hair than on my skin, but as I got older, I suddenly started paying way more attention to...
Everyday Makeup Look Without Foundation
How To Get Everyday Makeup Look Without Foundation - Quick Step By Step Tutorial
If you are looking for a quick makeup routine for full face, but want to skip the foundation because either you are at home and don’t want the cull coverage, or you want a more naturally everyday...
5 Self Care At Home Must Haves Under $50 From Amazon
5 Self Care At Home Must Haves Under $50 From Amazon
These past months have been fun staying home but I definitely missed my manicures, facials, eyebrow appointments because they helped stay groomed. When the lockdown started, I really didnt think about...
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Salon Result For Your Hair At Home
I dont know if you are like me missing your hair stylist the most. I miss her so much. Butt, at the same time, I honestly cannot go to the salon every other week even though my hair grows super fast because...
Spring Colors On Your Nails
Spring Colors On Your Nails - My Top Favorites
There is something about painting your nails that is so relaxing and satisfying to me. Dont you agree? I am a bit old school in this, even though I enjoy the occasional splurge of heading over to a nail...
Spring Makeup refresh - Charlotte Tilbury, Dior & Chanel
Spring Makeup Refresh - Charlotte Tilbury, Dior & Chanel
I feel like with every season, I want to refresh my makeup drawers with something new and it makes me feel like I have changed my entire self to prepare for the new season. Don’t you feel like that? At...
Busy Girls Guide for Home Facial!
Busy Girls Guide for At Home Facial!
I always feel Spas are overrated in this generation of DIYs, Youtube Tutorials and all the Online knowledge you could gather from the internet. Yes, I still love a good old pamper session at the spa, but...
Busy Girl's Manicure At Home - Tips and Tricks
Busy Girl's Guide To Manicure At Home - Tips and Tricks
Yes, we all know what this means. I probably never have time to paint my nails. I love the thought of going to a nail salon and getting pampered every week, but let's be honest, we cannot afford that,...
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