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Easy To Create But Chic Holiday Nail Ideas


Simple And Chic Holiday Nail Ideas That Are Easy To Create - Blog Banner

Holidays are a period of joy, celebration, and time to catch up with those you haven’t seen in a while. The upcoming Christmas season presents an opportunity to showcase your festive spirit, but costumes are far from the only thing that personifies the period. Even your nails can embody the spirit of Christmas.

Your nails can add a touch of magic to your appearance. They can dazzle in the holiday gathering and the best part? You don’t need to be an expert or a seasoned nail professional to achieve extraordinary results. However, finding inspiration for creating that stunning nail design for that particular period takes work.

This article delves into simple and chic Christmas holiday nail ideas that will give you no hassle creating. These designs are perfect for anyone, with each one embodying a unique charm that resonates with the Christmas spirit. From royal blue to gold glitz, you’ll be inspired by various nail designs that capture the season’s essence. Ready to adorn your nails with these magical ideas?

Christmas Holiday Nail Ideas You Should Try

Blush Nude Glitter Nail Design

If you’re adventurous and love experimenting, the nude or gel nail design is perfect for painting nails for Christmas. This nail design by Guiliaa brings the glitz and glamor of Christmas and elevates your nail game.

This nude paint beautifies your hands whether you have long or short nails. Try your hand with this sassy nail idea and let the season’s joy flow through your veins. Use the Nailtopia Plant based nail polish that’s chip free too in the shade Cake it easy.

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Glittery Green Christmas Nail Idea

Who said green and a slight touch of gold can make a good team? The glittery green nail design by Sugar Nails is a remarkable design that will make you stand out in the holiday season. The green and gold gradient is reminiscent of a twinkling Christmas tree light.

Your nails will shimmer with an incredible allure, capturing the Christmas season. This colorful paint is simple yet gives off a festive vibe. This design suits more than just the Christmas season but casual occasions. Products to use include the OPI’s Stay off the lawn.

Add a shimmery green nail polish from Sally Hansen. And with white heart sticker you can recreate this look. Coat your nails with this design idea and enjoy the glamor that follows suit.

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Inky Black-Blue Nail Design

This nail design idea by Monmayernails is truly stunning. The black-metallic blue color will enhance your nails’ beauty and dazzle you.

When natural light hits it, the blue color produces mirror-like reflections. We love how these nails reflect. If you love attention, rock this nail design. Your nails will shine brightly all through the Christmas season. You can create this sophisticated charm using the Chanel 127 Fugueues Nail Polish.

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Glittery Pink-Black Nail Design

The glittery pink-black design combines the sparkle of pink and the sophistication of black to create a visually captivating effect that captures the essence of the holiday season. The striking nail design by SV_Nailsbeauty is a contrast of colors that perfectly blend to produce an eye-catching look.

With the Essie Nail Polish in “Licorice,” as the black base and “A Cut Above” for the glittery pink tip, you can create a glossy finish that makes your nails chic. The pink-black design further fuels the excitement of the holiday season.

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Green And Red French Tip Nail Design

The nail art design by Folly will surely get you in the Christmas mood. The shimmer green color says it all – a symbol of elegance, authority, and confidence. It gives you the Christmas vibe, along with a classiness with the French tip nails with deep red nail polish. 

This is such a fun way to have a Christmas themed nails that does not look over the top. 

So you can wear it literally everyday. Use OPI Peppermint Bark Nail polish for a non chip 1 week wear. And for the French tip use blush shade from Essie.

To add the deep red nail polish to the tip use OPI deep red nail polish with a French tip brush.

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Green and Gold Nail Design

Green and GoldNail Design is a blend of rich, festive green color and the luxe shade of gold that strikes beautifully. This is the perfect Christmas nails with the star as well.

The beautiful combination of green and gold creates a harmonious and luxurious look perfect for the holiday season and special occasions. Use the OPI Stay Off The Lawn with Sally Hansen Wild Card nail polish. And add some gold nail sticker for the perfect festive look. 

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Pink and Stars Nails Idea

Pink is perfect for Christmas, but handpainted stars make your fingers look like they’re wrapped in the galaxies. Rebecca’s pink and stars nail art adds a colorful design to your fingers, reminding you of the shining star that you are.

But that’s not all. This design allows you to be fully immersed in the Christmas spirit. Use the Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Whatever Lola Wants as the base paint and decorate with star stickers.

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Shiny Red Nail Design

Red is synonymous with Christmas, and the glitter adds a playful theme. So, imagine adorning your nails in these beautiful colors. It doesn’t get better than this. Does it?

The shiny red nail design brings the joy of the holiday season to mind. The combination creates a festive atmosphere, which puts you into celebration mode. Paint with a red base paint and coat it with glitter. Use Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish with gold glitter nail polish.

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Red and Green Mistletoe Nail Design

Does it get more enjoyable than having your fingers adorned in red and a touch of green? There’s no better way to be in the Christmas spirit than adorning the typical red and green shades. 

Whether you want to rock a short or long nail, this art design by Mernalouis is perfect for the occasion. Dabbling in this combination makes you elegant and a reflection of the season. Use red nail polish, such as Ozzeal Red Nail Polish, as the base and decorate with a touch of Ozzeal Jelly Emerald Green Nail Polish near the cuticle.

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Glittery Ombre Design

The glittery ombre design is so perfect and beautiful that you will be wowed by the final results after painting. This design idea is dazzling for those who want to add glitz and enchantment to their manicure.

Although this nail design strikes snowy, you can rock the paint in the Christmas period. The design, which combines the refinement of ombre and the sparkle of glitter, creates a mesmerizing effect perfect for holiday gatherings like Christmas. Use the Essie French Nail Kit and the Silver glitter nail polish.

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Sparkling Wine Nail Design

This is another nail design that produces a sparkle as you celebrate the festive season. Red and white are magic, and adorning your nails in these colors puts you in a festive mood.

 The whimsical design exudes luxury and sophistication, making you the center of attention. Elevate your fashion sense with this subtle design, and more importantly, embrace the spirit of Christmas. Use Sally Hansen Unbreakable Heart nail polish. And for the metallic winter white nail color you can use Duri Struggle is real.

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Silver Glitter Nail Design

Who doesn’t love sparkling nails? Not only do the shiny crystals make you glamorous, but they are also the center of attention as you celebrate the season. The glam and glitz of this design resonates with the holiday season.

This nail design by Janes Nails and Beauty is also perfect for winter and any other holiday celebration. Immerse yourself in the season and stand out with this polished nail design. To create this effect, use Essie glitter nail polish.

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Glittery Red Nail Design

Imagine adorning in a glitter rosy nail paint. Not only will you sparkle, but you’ll exude confidence as you walk about the place. And the best part? Creating this nail design is easy peasy.

All you need to do is paint your fingernails red, add glittery tips, and coat the glitter in the area you want to shine. Remember to allow dryness in between coats for better results. Wear the Sally Hansen red nail polish and coat the tips with the Sally Hansen glitter gold nail polish.

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Green and Ombre Nail Design

The green ombre combination is a versatile choice for the Christmas season. With a blend of green shades, this nail design forms a gradient effect resembling a light-to-dark transition. The green hue is reminiscent of lush trees, while the lighter shade captures the beauty of winter.

To create this design, apply pale green paint to the cuticle and deepen the color as you move to the tip, bringing out the ombre appeal. You can achieve this look with the OPI Nail Lacquer’s AmazOff. This design radiates elegance, making it perfect for adding an enchantment to the season’s style.

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Shimmer Magenta Nail Design

If you’re looking for a fabulous combination of colors that genuinely resonates with Christmas, this magenta and gold nail idea is really easy to create and also looks festive. The polished nail design isn’t too flashy yet announces your presence.

The beauty of this nail design is you can carry it over beautifully to winter. It’s so chic and simple to create. Use CND gel like shine nail polish in shade magenta mischief. And add your favorite metallic gold nail polish.

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Nude Glitter Nail Art

The nude nail or the gold glitter design is one of the simplest Christmas holiday nail ideas yet elegant. It is quieter than most of the nail design ideas here, but it is not in any manner less joyful. This color brings glam to your holiday appearance.

The design creates a sense of extravagance, making it impeccable for celebrations. We love the design because of its simplicity. No need to be a tinker. Apply a base polish like the Chanel nude nail polish in 105 and then top with a gold paint around the tip for that extra sparkle. Create any shape, such as a star, for more beauty on each fingernail.

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How to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping?

I know because of the chipping issue, we all have started using gel polish a lot. An easy way to keep your nail polish lasting longer is to use a base coat that hardens your nails which will hold onto the polish longer. 

And for top coat use gel like top coat from Sally Hansen for guaranteed chip free nails for atlas a week.


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