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8 Ways To Stop Your Color Treated Hair from Breaking


8 Ways To Stop Your Color Treated Hair from Breaking

You’ve taken the plunge and embraced a gorgeous new hair color, but now you’re dealing with the aftermath of breakage and damage. Whether you’re a seasoned color enthusiast or new to the world of hair dye, understanding how to stop hair breakage after coloring is vital for preserving the longevity and radiance of your color-treated tresses. Get ready to uncover practical steps to safeguard your hair’s health and vitality.

In this post I am sharing 8 ways you can treat your colored hair so it still keeps its shine and does not break or get split ends.

How To Stop Hair Breakage After Coloring

None of these methods are quick hack, it never is when it comes to our body. If you want a permanent result, it will never happen right away. That is just the reality in life. So, if you are going to try this just for a week, its not going to make a huge difference, but if you follow these steps for a month, I am sure it will. 

Of course, everyone’s hair conditions are different and the results will be slightly different, but what I am sharing with you is not a hack or a treatment. Its just a routine that if you follow normally, you will stop worry about hair breakage.

Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday!

This is something you might have heard a lot, and there is good reason for it. Washing your hair everyday is the worst thing you are doing to it. And it does not matter whether you have thick hair or fine hair, washing it everyday is unnecessary and might be actually harming it.

The act of cleaning anything is to clean the surface layer and in the process of cleaning your hair you are also stripping away all of the essential oils from the surface other than just dirt. And if you keep doing this everyday, you can see what is happening to your hair.

I can understand the urge of cleaning your hair just like we clean our body everyday, but naturally your hair does not need that much of cleaning, and with the use of chemicals which is there in shampoos. 

I usually wash my hair twice a week and only when it is really dirty. This is something I started doing after washing it every other day and noticing my hair not looking all that great. Most of the time, your hair feels dirtier because of the roots. And using a good Sry Shampoo will definitely help that. Around my 3rd day after washing my hair, I use dry shampoo that makes my hair last another day or two. 

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If you fear that your hair smells, then you can also use a hair perfume.  And if you are like me who works out in the morning, follow these steps to refresh your hair after a sweaty workout.

The Hair perfume will add some freshness to your hair including shine.

If you can invest in a good hair tool that you can use to volumize your hair when it’s falling flat. This usually happens to fine hair, but you can also use this to soften and some shine to your thick hair. 

Checkout my complete review of the Dyson Airwrap which is a game changer product. 

Use Sulphate Free Shampoo

I wish I found this years ago. It does not matter whether you have thick hair or fine hair, you should use sulphate free shampoo which will keep your hair soft and tangle free. Since I have started using them, my hair has felt way better and it gets way less dirty as well. 

The main way you can see your hair feeling dirty when you feel his coarse and it tangles, and a lot of times sulphate getting deposited on your hair surface is causing that. And with a fine hair, even tangle means hair breakage, and a lot of heartbreak. 

Some of the brands I have used are Pureology and Oribe for the best results.

I have also rounded up the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo to Protect Your Thin Colored Hair with different price point.

Use Hair Oil Treatments

As an Indian, oiling my hair comes naturally to me. But keeping your hair oiled for days is actually bad for it, oil always attracts more dirt, so the longer you have your hail oil, the dirtier it gets and once cleaning it becomes painful and often times you are unable to clean it completely. 

I apply my hair the night before washing my hair. This way my hair gets the nutrition from the oil and its not exposed to any external environment for it to get dirty. It also moisturizes my hair as well. 

And the next day, I wash my hair and it just feels so much softer and shinier. And most importantly, way less tangle. 

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How To Use Them:

  • Gisou Hail Oil: Use it in between hair wash after styling or before going to bed for extra hair nourishment. It’s lightweight and non sticky. Don’t Use it on the scalp. Its only for strands.
  • Almond Hair Oil: Use it the night before wash to oil and massage your scalp and use it on the hair strands to provide them with extra protein nourishment.

Use Hair Masks Once a Week

If you have color treated hair, you must follow this at least once a week religious for the sake of the health of your hair. A hair mask replenishes the hair proteins that protects your hair which was stripped off during the hair color process. 

I have been religiously using Olaplex No. 3 and it has made the biggest difference. But my hair stylist recommended that alongwith a hair mask. Olaplex No. 3 would repair the hair surface by bonding more protein to it and the hair mask will visually make you hair look smoother and shinier. 

I shared my complete review about Olaplex No. 3 and how to properly use in your regular hair care routine.

Always Use Heat Protectant

If you style your hair, you should always use heat protectant. This applies even if you have color treated hair or not, but with the color treatment, it becomes even more important not to damage your hair even more. 

With my graying hair, it is something that I just have to think of every single day since I am regularly add color. I have tried so many heat protectant, but the ones which are sulphate free are the ones, I always prefer along with hair sprays as well. They keep my hair feeling soft and tangle free even after applying loads of them. 

Sulphate free hair products are naturally lighter for your hair. These products will not make your hair dirtier and hence you don’t have to wash your hair that often.

Use Leave In Conditioner After Hair Wash

It is tough to balance conditioner with fine hair. If you apply a lot of conditioner your hair falls flat because it gets heavier. And if you don’t use it, your hair feels drier. This is specially the case if you have colored hair. 

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The solution to this is using a good after hair wash leave in conditioner that not only hydrates your hair but it also protects your hair while doing that. I have tried so many products over so many years, but I think I finally found the solution in Olaplex no. 6 Bond smoother that hydrates, bonds your breaking hair and also protects it from any heat styling that you are doing. 

After applying the bond smoother, you do not need to use any other heat protectant that will make your hair heavier and styling difficult. check out the complete review below.

Use Wider Mouth Comb

Some of you might laugh at me, but this has really worked for less hair breakage for me for all my life. I have always used a wide mouth hair comb to comb through my hair. The wide mouth bristles helps not combing really close which sometimes might lead to more hair breakage specially if you have breakage prone hair. 

Now, if your hair is healthy it won’t matter whether you use a close tooth comb or wide tooth comb, but if you have a breakage prone hair, this will be your immediate remedy. This will help  you stop worrying about your hair breaking before you can fix it completely. 

Hair Vitamins

As I have gotten older, I realized the power of supplements. When I take supplements, I definitely see a difference in the quality of my hair. With pollution and other environmental issues including our diet, it has become more and more difficult to get natural nutrition, so supplements can help complete that. 

There are no bad or good supplements, but I don’t usually take them continuously, because you don’t want to overtake as well. I prefer taking them ones ever few months. 

If you are following these steps, I would recommend trying this for at least a month before you give up thinking that it won’t show results. And let me know after a month if it worked.

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