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How to Refresh Hair After Workout Without Washing


How to Refresh Hair After Workout Without Washing

You workout in the morning but have no time to wash and dry your hair after sweating your hair out or you just don’t want to wash your hair everyday after the gym session. In this post I am sharing how to refresh hair after workout without having to wash them. 

Washing and drying definitely takes up a lot of time and who has that in the morning when you are rushing to get ready for work and also trying to get your family ready as well. 

Even though you might have the thickest of hair, washing them everyday will still damage them and make them weak. 

I am sure you already know that and that is why you landed on this post, so let’s get started on how you can revive your hair every morning easily. 

7 Ways To Refresh Your Hair After A Workout

Apply Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the best product that could revive your hair when it feels sweaty and greasy post a workout. Here is how to apply it, to refresh your hair.

Step 1: Apply Dry Shampoo

Apply Dry shampoo to the roots of your  hair specially where you feel like you have sweated the most. You do not need to apply dry shampoo on your ends of the hair. Sweat usually builds up oil on the roots which makes your hair fall flat specially if you have fine hair like mine. 

If you have thicker hair, your hair might get prone to more tangles which will lead to hair breakage. Yes, sometimes, I feel like more hair leads to more problems, Hahaha. Ok, let’s get back to what we were doing.

I usually sweat on the back of my head and my forehead area, so I spray the dry shampoo on the roots of my bottom hair so they don’t feel greasy as well as have a bit of bounce. I also apply it closer to the top section of my hair. 

Step 3: Blow Dry

I follow with blow drying my roots. If you leave the dry shampoo on your scalp its only going to build up on your scalp and make your roots and your hair more textured and difficult to comb through. 

If you have fine hair, leaving the dry shampoo the first time might be all good, but if you are doing this every single day, then you will realize that the build up will make it difficult for you to comb or style your hair. 

This will also lead to hair breakage. If you have thick hair, this step is really important for you because you really don’t want more root buildup. 

I usually don’t blow dry my ends, because blowdrying them everyday is only going to damage them further. They will automatically dry as soon as you start blow drying your roots. Sweat usually dries up faster than water. 

Step 4: Style As Needed

Even if you don’t use heat styling a light weight hair spray can keep any flies that you see in your hair in check. This actually happens more if you have 2nd day hair. As you get to 3rd day, the flies actually are less evident because your hair is getting dirty.

And that is it, you are all set and done to tackle your day where you saved some time from having to wash your hair and dry it every time you are back from your workout.

Blow Dry In Cool Mode

If you have a second day hair, and you don’t want to use dry shampoo you can simply blow dry your hair in cool air mode. Your body is warm after a workout. Even if you have taken a shower, it does not cool down that fast. 

If you trying to blow dry your hair in normal hot mode, you will sweat more and your hair will get more wet. Instead try the cool air mode.

This way you are cooling down your scalp and avoiding any damage to your freshly washed hair. 

I love Dyson Airwrap which has a cool mode which is pretty powerful and dries my hair quickly.

how to refresh hair after workout - cool blow dry

Pink April Diary Tip:

Start with the back of your hair or area where you are the most sweaty. And use the cool setting to blow dry. And always start from the scalp. 

Regular blow dryers have a push button that can be hard to hold on to while blow drying your hair. So, invest in a good quality one where you have a heat setting . 

Just Style Your Bangs

If you have straight hair, you can simply style your bangs which take the hit of a sweaty workout the most. And head your way to whatever that you need to do next. 

This is why straight hair is so sorted after. They are so easy to style. You can use the above step of cool drying your hair and styling your bangs. 

And if you are worried about any fly away stick to tame any fly aways. And you are good to go. 

Tie Your Hair In A Bun

If you have frizzy hair or curly hair the challenge is that you will have a lot of fly aways that needs fixing. And when you don’t have time to style, it could feel very frustrating. 

If you are pressed for time, simply tie your hair in a low or mid bun depending on the length of your hair. And use a hairspray to smoothen out any flyaways. 

This way you instantly look polished without having to spend hours styling your tough hair.

Use a fly away balm stick to smooth out any unruly hair that will pop out as your hair dries out. 

how to refresh hair after workout - tie hair in a bun

Use Hair Perfume

The reason why we want to wash our hair is because sweat smells. And as we get older it smells worse. And the easiest way to fix this by using a hair perfume. 

Now, not all dry shampoo have perfume infused, and if you are like me who sweats a lot, you want to spray hair perfume.  These perfumes are specially formulated for your hair. They are oil free which normal perfumes are. So, they don’t grease up your hair. 

There are plenty of hair perfume in the market, but if you don’t know where to start, use Gisou Hair perfume which is a hair care product brand mastering hair restoration.

Wear a Headband

Want to feel a bit more put together and your  hair feels dull. You can refresh your hair after a workout by simply adding the best hair accessory that gives your hair an elegance – a headband. 

Just keep one handy and use either on open or ponytail hairstyle to accessorize and style your look. 

how to refresh hair after workout - wear a headband

Tie Your Ponytail In A Braid

If you have wavy hair like me, you can use this trick that I always do. Simply keep your hair part and tie your hair in a low ponytail and braid it. This is perfect for medium to long hair ladies.  I know long hair takes a lot of time for styling. 

This way you can just apply the hair perfume or hair spray to smooth out the fly aways. And you are done. 

how to refresh hair after workout - Tie hair in low ponytail

I hope this post was helpful in saving some of your morning time to get ready and prioritize other things. This will also help keep your hair and scalp healthier. Let me know if you have any more hair concerns that you want me to tackle and share some tips on.

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