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Best Travel Makeup Brush Set You Can Pack In Your Carry On


Best Travel Makeup Brush Set You Can Pack In Your Carry On

Makeup is part of a woman’s dressing. Knowing that you’ll be traveling, packing your bags strategically with your makeup kit will help you stay confident. However, you can only achieve those looks or do some touch ups with the best travel makeup brush set in your bag. The problem is that your makeup brush set must be portable and travel-worthy to avoid inconvenience. Otherwise, you’ll have to leave some crucial items behind or sacrifice some brushes. Fortunately, that won’t be the case.

We’ve curated a list of the best makeup brush sets you can take along to help you achieve your ground-breaking makeup looks anywhere, anytime. These travel brush sets are lightweight, small, and easy to throw into the luggage, making them a must-have for anyone on the move. 

18 Best Travel Makeup Brush Sets

BK Beauty Travel Brush Set with Pouch

Everyone loves makeup tools that won’t inconvenience them. The Travel Brush Set with Pouch from B.K Beauty is one of those tools you won’t contemplate adding to your luggage. With five essential brushes, including a contoured foundation brush and a pencil blender, you can do your makeup easily. While we cherish this set for its compactness, the standout factor for us is the luxe-looking finishes, sparking quality. 

Another thing we love is the sturdy vegan pouch. Not only does this fit the brushes, but it can also contain a few eyeshadow pallets. This is perfect for those who want to add more makeup kits to their pouch.

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Mini Brush Set

Travels can change someone’s facials, especially when moving from cold to humid environments. You’re more likely to sweat and have acne, but that won’t bother you if you have the right makeup and brush. As the name suggests, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Mini Brush Set will help you create and maintain that magical look.

This set from the best-selling brush makers contains four pieces: the Bronze & Brusher, The Eye Smudger, The Eye Blender, and the Precision Brush. Each is designed to enhance makeup application. They are carefully packed in a velvet case that can slipped into your handbags.

Your Airbrush Masters 6 P.C. Advanced Brush Set

T-Brush Set

T-Brush Set offers a seamless way to apply makeup to your face. Whether buffing your cheeks, blending your eyes, or swishing your face, this trio set can elevate your looks to the next level. Each brush is handcrafted, FSC-certified, and cruelty-free, making them perfect for bringing out the best of your makeup. 

The bristles are soft and don’t hold substances, so your formulations are minimally wasted. The best part is they are all housed in a sleek and compact platinum Elizabeth bag. No troubles when packing up your makeup kits and brushes.

Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set

This set is every makeup artist’s favorite due to its portability and ease of application. Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set contains three brushes for precise makeup application. 

Each has soft yet firm synthetic bristles that are gentle on the face. The brushes are housed in a protective case, making them the ideal travel companion for those who want to remain flawless. Above all, they are budget-friendly, so they check all the major boxes. Who wouldn’t love that?

Sigma Beauty Travel Kit

Quality and convenience are fantastic combo that can be guaranteed by a makeup brush set like the Sigma Beauty Travel Kit. Unlike most brush sets on this list, the Sigma includes seven brushes. Each is crafted for different purposes, from contouring to eye detailing.

The brushes are durable and have soft bristles for a more convenient makeup application. The compact-sized case makes it easy to do your makeup on the go and maintain that impeccable look.

Sephora Collection Mini Brush Set

The Sephora Collection is perfect for travelers who want to save as much space as possible while carrying makeup brushes. This set includes four mini brushes for foundation, powder application, crease application, and angled liners. 

The super-soft bristles are tender, so you should experience no discomfort or skin reaction while using the brushes. The Sephora Collection is excellent for touchups or complete makeup applications. The sleek design ensures packing for travels is seamless. Plus, you can always maintain your mineral makeup on the go and keep looking as radiant as ever.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection

Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair 5-Piece Brush Set

Too Faced Teddy Bear is ideal for travelers who want to look fabulous every time, even while away. Beautiful and compact, this 5-piece brush set includes synthetic brushes with super-soft bristles resembling animal hair’s feel.

Each teddy bear-haired brush, housed in a lovely teddy bear-themed case, is designed for a specific need, such as foundation and eyeshadow. Their small size ensures you can fit them into your luggage seamlessly. There’s no reason not to look beautiful, even on the go.

B.H. Cosmetics Metal Rose Brush Set

The Rose Romance Brush Set is a charming collection of versatile brushes for on-the-go makeup. Whether a beginner or an expert, this set makes you stay beautiful effortlessly. 

With eleven soft brushes included, you lack nothing to create the perfect makeup that suits the occasion. The brushes are meticulously organized in a cosmetic purse that adds a touch of beauty to your travel luggage.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Brush Set

Elf Cosmetics brush collection is attractive for those who love precise makeup applications. The twelve included brushes are constructed with tapered bristles for gentle application on the face.

The brushes excel at creating detailed eye looks and flawless contours. Each brush is designed with a metallic handle. Not only does this help to elongate the brush’s lifespan, but it makes the collection elegant-looking. Despite their compactness, the brush delivers expert-level results.

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Mini Brush Set

Imagine travel-ready brushes adorned in beautiful rose gold finishes. These brushes are known not only for their compactness but for their impeccable touch of luxury. This is what sums up the Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Mini Brush Set.

The five-brush set is appealing, but even more importantly, they guarantee precise makeup application, whether blending eyeshadow or contouring. The best part is they’re vegan and cruelty-free, making them ethical for meticulous travelers. The Luxie Mini Brush Set is truly luxurious.

Alleyoop Multi-Tasker 4-in-1 Brush Set

What we love about the Alleyoop Multi-Tasker is its game-changing design. While most brushes in the beauty industry have a one-ended brush feature, Alleyoop made theirs dual-ended. This means you can use either end for your makeup application.

Whether blush blending or applying eyeshadows, this set allows you to customize your look according to your preference. The dual-ended brushes allow for quick touch ups or full face makeup. This set is a must-have for makeup enthusiasts.

Beakey Travel Makeup Brush Set

BS-Mall Travel Makeup Brush Set

When we talk about the best travel makeup brush set, we don’t only mean those great for travel. We also mean those that provide convenience while on the go. The BS-Mall Travel Makeup Brush Set embodies those characteristics.

The 14-piece collection comes with foundation, powder concealer, eye shadow, and many other brushes, all in a lovely pink color. What’s even more lovely is the inclusion of an LED light mirror for a more convenient application in a poorly lit area.

EcoTools Makeup Brush Set

Travel makeup tools shouldn’t only be lightweight but easy to clean. That’s what EcoTools preaches. This Makeup Brush Set includes five brushes for various applications, including eyeshadows, foundation, concealing, and blushing.

The good thing about these brushes is their versatility. You can apply liquid, cream, and even powder with them. One downside is they are too small for a travel makeup brush, but that might still not be a big deal, given that they are primarily for touch ups.

Falliny Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush

Falliny Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush is another multi-purpose makeup brush you can use for full makeups or touchups while on the go. This palm brush set is capable of applying foundation, blushing, or highlighting.

The brushes are designed with quality synthetic fibers, making the bristles soft and suitable for the face. Excitedly, this set comes in retractable packaging, making the brushes easier to carry in purses.

Matto Makeup Brush Set

Owning a makeup brush set that allows the completion of beauty routines without using a single brush for everything is the dream of every enthusiast. Luckily, Matto’s 9-piece brush set can make your dream a reality.

The set includes brushes for applying powder, contouring, building custom coverage, applying eyeshadow, concealing, brushing eyebrows, and blending. Each brush has ultra-soft bristles and dense brush heads that firmly hold the bristles together. The brushes expertly hold powders and produce an airbrush-like finish that makes your face glow and pop.

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