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15 Classy Summer Nail Designs to Elevate Your Looks


15 Classy Summer Nail Designs to Elevate Your Looks

Nail art has become essential for women to express their desires and tastes through their nails. It’s a vital aspect of every woman’s, but you’ll agree that not all trending nail designs are work-appropriate, regardless of how stylish and sophisticated they are.

Besides, the appropriate nail design may not complement your work outfit. Often, professional environments have dress codes that dictate work-appropriate nails. So, you may want to reconsider choosing that bold or brightly-colored nail design when stepping out.

Whether you’re in a conservative professional environment or not, my team and I picked out the best professional nail ideas for work that make you look professional and sophisticated. These colors range from the less distracting nude tones to the more serious red tones. Let’s get started.

25 Professional Nail Ideas For Work

Blueberry Milk

One of the biggest colors of the season is pale blue, or “blueberry milk.” The simple, yet elegant color can go with the majority of your summer outfits. Especially with your choice of a denim skirt or shirt. This color can be used in a simple french design. However, if you ever want to add a flare to your french manicure, paint a few nails as one solid color. If you’re looking for a very similar color to this, OPI Infinite Shine Long Wear Nail Polish To Be Continued, is the closest match.

Classy nail designs Blueberrry Milk
by @benchover

Natural/”Naked”l Aesthetic

Perhaps the most versatile color is our own “bare” nails. Another trend that is on the radar for summer 2024 is the appearance of natural-looking nail beds. A bonus to this trend is that it is guaranteed to go with every piece of clothing you own. Between colors and fads, this trend is the most practical and easiest look to achieve. 

To replicate this classy summer nail design, you want to create a smooth nail bed. Start by buffing out the nail and apply a thin layer of a base coat. For color, I recommend CND Shellac Nail Polish in the shade Satin Slippers. To complete this clean-cut look, add OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil as a finishing touch.

Classy nail designs Natural/Naked Aesthetic
by @raelondonnails

French Flowers

The elegance of a flower design will always be in style, especially for spring and summer. You don’t have to overdo the design, focus the flowers on part of the nail. An example would be to draw flowers close to the tip, almost replicating a french nail design. The emphasis on creating small flowers at one corner of the nail bed makes this a simple yet classy summer nail design.

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New to nail art? A flower can easily be created with a dotting nail tool. Place one center dot in yellow, then five around the center dot. Elongate the dots with a toothpick and viola. A quick and easy flower design.

Classy nail designs French Flowers
by @lindseysbeautylounge1

Crimson Red French

If you feel like making a statement without it being too loud, this French manicure is for you. While red has always been a standout color, the French design helps soften the appearance. Crimson red is not only this summer’s color staple but the perfect red that flatters every nail shape. A luxurious recommendation would be Dior Vernis nail polish in the shade Red Smile. It’s red/orange, bright hue is sexy yet classy for this summer nail design.

Classy nail designs Crimson Red French
by @thefashionguitar

Monochromatic Style

Who says you can’t incorporate black in the summer? A surefire way to look chic is to always include black and white. This striped manicure highlights a monochromatic design that is super stylish. Think: Chanel. Their color palette has never gone out of trend. To create this design, gel nail polish will provide sleekness and shine. OPI GelColor in Black Oynx has the best intensity when choosing a black polish.

by @anouknailedit

Chrome, Chrome, and More Chrome

You may have seen chrome manicures becoming all the rage. While some experiment with bold colors with the chromatic effect, the nude or natural colors have seemed to take a backseat. However, if you want to give your classy summer manicure an elevated element, combining subtle colors and chrome will do just the trick. First, paint your nails with your favorite nude gel nail polish. Secondly, you will take a shimmery eyeshadow (as opposed to purchasing separate chrome powder), and apply it with an eyeshadow applicator on top. Cost-effective yet chic for your summer mani.

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by @v.nailedit_

Aura Pink

Another nail technique that has been taking over this summer is airbrushed nails, or “aura” nails. This manicure rings the same nostalgia as your mood rings, which were the inspiration for this look. The airbrush effect blends any two complementary colors together without it looking too bold or harsh. This classy summer nail design can unleash your creativity based on any color palette of your choice.

Classy nail designs Aura Pink
by @nailsby.londyn

Center Stage Flower

Floral designs can get repetitive, but I love the fresh twist with this one singular flower design. It’s different from the usual patterns, where little flowers occupy most of the nail space. The focus on the daisy allows the design to achieve that level of class and style. The cobalt blue and pink pair beautifully, and is a great color combination for the warmer season ahead. Or you can create any color flower you desire.

by @nailsby.londyn

Tiffany Blue

One of my personal favorite nail colors for the summer is Tiffany Blue. Its iconic color is a symbol of both elegance and luxury. It may seem difficult to pair with designs at first glance, but let the color itself carry the look for you. A clear glitter or nude sparkle tone is an effective way to add that “Tiffany” glamor. Apres Nail Couler in the shade Tiffany’s Sister is named rightfully so to help create this look. A suggestion for the clear sparkle would be CND Shellac in Ice Vapor.

Classy nail designs Tiffany Blue
by @nails_magaziine

Pastel Yellow

Yellow can be an intimidating color, especially if you feel that it doesn’t match your skin’s undertones. However, this shade of pale yellow is the most flattering and wearable color for the summer season. The delicateness of this French manicure still stands out from your usual selection of white trim. Opt for soft, pastel colors for your French manicure if you want the unique flare without looking dull and predictable. Add a glossy top coat and your colorful French manicure will be the ideal classy summer nail design.

Classy nail designs Pastel Yellow
by @meraki_nails_cardiff

Chrome French

Classy nail designs Chrome French
by @amberjhnails

Beach Pearls

A string of pearls you may wear on your neck can also be worn on your next manicure. This look reminds me of finding pearls within the ocean, your toes dipping in the sand. What nail inspiration can call summer to you better than this? The design can be achieved with a clear base or a subtle shimmer polish. Your pearl accents can be purchased through Amazon or your local beauty supply store.

Classy nail designs Beach Pearls
by @casanhmh


Ombre designs are vastly underrated. What seemed to be more popular years ago, we need a resurgence of this clean manicure. You can just about create any color combination, from pastels to brighter shades. This classy nail design can be adjusted from your day job to your dinner date. If you’re looking to do this manicure at home, you will need a cosmetic sponge. This will help create the blurred effect where the two colors you choose melt together.

by @enevanailart

Tortoise Shell

You’ve probably seen this pattern make its way into the 2024 trend forecast. What seems to be a fall-forward look, is the perfect design for the summer. Picture this manicure with a linen ensemble. Or with your favorite pair of denim shorts and white button down. The neutral tones of black and brown can complement your bright or simple summer wardrobe. What shades can help you mimic this pattern? GelBottle nail polish in Glass Yellow and Chocolate

Classy nail designs Tortoise Shell
by @leafandnail

Color Gradient French

Last but not least, a pink color palette is always effective for the summer season. From hot pink to baby pinks, the dark to light pattern is far from a complicated nail look. It doesn’t require much effort in terms of design, and it probably includes colors that you already own. 

Classy nail designs Color Gradient French
by @thenailroombygee


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