Care Package Ideas That Would Be Perfect Holiday Gifts

Holidays are approaching quickly and before we know it would be time to pack gifts for our loved ones. This becomes the most exciting time for me every year. I just love to see the joy and surprise when I see my friends and family open there favorite gifts. I am sure you feel that way too.  Though this year is ever so slightly different isn’t it. We are struck by something called being distant. 

But it still does not have to be all that gloomy. We can still feel the excitement and the sense of caring when we send gift packages to our loved ones. isn’t that what gifting is all about. So in this post I really wanted to share some care package ideas that you can put together for your friends and family for the holiday season that will remind them of those happy memories together and the love and bond you share. 

I always find packing and making or putting together gifts that are thoughtful makes such an awesome impact. And that is what the care packages do. They show the person whom you are gifting your feelings behind the gift and how much you care for them. They will always be reminded of you when they use that item and I personally find it really relaxing and fulfilling when I am using something that someone thought  about and gifted me.

So, in this post I am sharing some Care Package ideas that would make for an awesome holiday gift. You can put together the item and package it however you like, but I have also included some packaging ideas that will make it a little bit easier to wrap those Holiday gifts.

For Those Makeup Lovers

For Those Coffee Lovers

We all probably lean towards treating ourselves to a little bit of fancy coffee because we all miss those random Starbucks or other coffee runs we all used to do. So, for those coffee lovers, I put together this care package where they can indulge a little bit more.

Shop them Below:

  1. Manual Coffee Dripper 
  2. Pumpkin Spice Light Roast Ground Coffee

  3. Donut Shop Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee

  4. Electric Milk Foam Maker for Coffee

  5. Sugar Free French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

  6. Latte Art Stencils Cookie Decorating Stencil Cappuccino Stencils

  7. Storage Basket


This care package is a generic one and honestly all of us want it a bit of self care right now. These are items that will help us get through our skin care and other pampering done that we used to go outside for. And these gadgets make it really helpful.

Shop them Below:

  1. Facial Tool with LED Light
  2. Harney & Sons Chamomile Herbal Tea

  3. Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush

  4. Eye Bag for Relieve/Headache/Dark Circles/Sinus Pain/Migraines

  5. Facial Steamer Steam

  6. Glow Dream Mask with Vitamin C
  7. Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer
  8. Spa Facial Headband 

  9. Magnetic Lid for Gift Packaging 

For Those Baking Lovers

This pandemic has made all of us kind of cooks isn’t it, but this care package idea is specially for those pro bakers who usually enjoying making delightful holiday treats for all of us. We don’t want them to miss it dow we.

Shop them Below:

  1. Remi Measuring Cups

  2. Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

  3. Bobbie Rolling Pin

  4. Silicone Macaron Kit Baking Mold Set 

  5. Food Coloring Dye DaCool Cake Color Set 16 Color

  6. French Macarons for Beginners cookbook

  7. Betti Cake Stand

  8. Non-Stick, Food Safe Baking Mat

  9. Chipwood Willow Bushel Basket

For Those Book Lovers

Reading books near a cozy fire place is always my favorite thing to do in the winter. Since you can go anywhere as its too cold, why not read a book. This care package is amazing for those book lovers who want to stay cozy and keep on reading.

Shop them Below:

  1. Zig-Zag Throw

  2. Bookend Set

  3. Redness Reliever Eye Drops

  4. Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea Bags

  5. Coffee Cup Warmer

  6. Anchor Bookmark for Handsfree 

  7. Elastic bookmark Perfect for Any Book

  8. Vintage Feather Metal Bookmarks 

  9. Bookmark Book Light

  10. Rattan Storage Basket 

Now, I also know a lot of us are busy and also probably dont want to do all this. So sharing some awesome care packages that are pre-packed so, all you have to do is send it.



Affiliate links may have been used in this post. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you. For full disclosure check the disclaimer.


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