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Best Jewelry Gifts For Your Wife That Are Budget Friendly


No matter the occasion, a jewelry gift for your wife is a gesture that will serve you major bonus points.

Most women love to feel spoiled by their spouses–and jewelry is a timeless way to make your wife feel pampered. 

While it can be overwhelming to choose the right gift amongst seemingly unlimited options, a little know-how will make it easier.  

Here, we break down how to choose the perfect gift for your wife while pulling back the curtain on some of the best jewelry gifts women love.

Best Jewelry Gifts for Your Wife

One look at the jewelry market and it’s not hard to notice the countless pieces with 5-figure price tags. A walk down Rodeo Drive or a stroll through any Tiffany & Co. store can confirm this.

However, it’s possible to find quality pieces without going into debt for jewelry gifts your wife will love.

No, you won’t find any Walmart mentions here–and you’ll still need to shell out at least a few hundred dollars per piece for lasting quality. Read on to learn more about how to select budget-friendly quality jewelry.

How to Choose a Jewelry Gift for Your Wife

To find the ideal gift for your girl, there are a few key aspects you’ll need to consider. Don’t buy anything before analyzing the factors listed below.

  • Her aesthetic. While many women enjoy similar accessories, nuances matter. For example, some girls prefer bold statement pieces over minimalist classics (and vice versa). Observing her aesthetic and the jewelry your woman has picked out for herself and wears regularly will clue you in as to what kind of jewelry she prefers.
  • Metal preferences. Take a look at whether she wears gold, silver, or a combination of the two. Getting her a silver necklace when all of her other jewelry is gold might make it more challenging to pair with other accessories. Stick to the metal preference you see her wear most often.
  • Longevity. There’s a reason you won’t find cheap outlets here when it comes to jewelry. Quality matters not only because of appearance but also because of how many uses you get out of each piece. The longevity of jewelry largely depends on how it’s made, how durable its materials are and the quality of those materials. Well-made pieces can even become family heirlooms.
  • Versatility. To optimize your gift, stick with pieces that can match with many outfits. Sure, it’s fun to gift a flashy turquoise statement necklace, but it might stay stuck in her jewelry box if it doesn’t match anything she normally wears. Factor each piece’s versatility into your decision process to ensure the jewelry not only gets worn–but gets worn often. 

It’s worth noting that the type of jewelry your wife wears will also play a part in which gift she’ll likely wear the most. If she’s more of a necklace girl than she is an earring girl, opt for a necklace to make your gift a hit.

15 Best Jewelry Gifts for Your Wife

Now that you know the basics of jewelry gift-giving, you’re in a better position to know what’s most likely to please your woman. 

One thing that gift-giving and accessories have in common is that the details make all the difference. Below you’ll find the best jewelry gifts for your wife that show both attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

For timeless elegance and grace, get her a pair of Akoya pearl stud earrings by Mikimoto.

These earrings come in two sizes; 6-6.5 mm and 7-7.5 mm. 

They’re classic 18k white gold post-backs with grade-A pearls. Thus, you can expect a clean reflection with minimal blemishes caused only by each pearl’s natural texture.

White Pearl Choker

An SSENSE exclusive, Sophie Buhai’s handcrafted white pearl choker is a must-have for women who prefer classic jewelry.

Made in the United States, this necklace features a string of white pearls and a sterling silver closure. 

It measures 14 inches in length and is designed to rest right above the collarbone for a clean, chic look.

Oradina Bangle

For minimalist enthusiasts, The One bangle by Oradina is sure to hit the spot.

Measuring 7.5 inches, its slender appearance can add sophistication to any look. What’s more, it’s great for stacking due to its sleek and polished design.

This bangle hails from Turkey and is made with 14k yellow gold. 

Side note–you’d get to gift her a piece called The One for added romance.

Textured Weave Small Hoop Earrings

For the wife who loves a fresh twist on the basics, go for the Italian Gold textured weave small hoop earrings.

These intricate beauties come in two sizes: 20 mm and 25 mm. They’re made in Italy and are set in 10k gold.

Make sure you’ve seen your girl wearing gold hoop earrings before if you decide to gift these. That way, you’ll increase the odds that she’ll enjoy this aesthetic.

Hyperbola Cocktail Ring

If your spouse is into timeless statement rings, the Hyperbola cocktail ring from Swarovski could be love at first sight.

Rhodium-plated with an array of zirconia cuts, this bold ring draws the eye in with its dramatic three-dimensional shape.

Thus, if you’ve noticed your wife’s love for statement rings–the Hyperbola ring could be your winner.

Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Pendant Necklace

Can’t decide between diamonds and pearls? Get the best of both worlds with Belle De Mar’s cultured freshwater pearl and diamond pendant necklace.

This stunner is set in 14k white gold with a 7-mm freshwater pearl and 1/20 ct. diamond details.

With a length of approximately 18 inches, it also includes a spring ring clasp closure on a link-style chain.

Siren Muse Chunky Medium Hoop Earrings

Add to your wife’s collection of classic hoops with the Siren Muse chunky medium hoop earrings by Monica Vinader.

These 18k gold-plated accessories have a 1-inch hoop diameter and a ¼-inch width.

Underneath the gold-plated coating rests a sustainable and recycled sterling silver foundation.

Two-Tone Gold, Citrine and Diamond Ring

Gift your girl some happy vibes with Effy’s 14k two-tone gold, citrine and diamond ring.

Citrine is known for its positive energy and is even believed to enhance creativity. 

A woman who enjoys crystals and gemstones (or simply loves a yellow statement stone coupled with white gold) will appreciate this ring the most.

Malachite Better Half Drop Earrings

What better name is there for a gift to your wife than Better Half? Oradina’s malachite Better Half drop earrings combine minimalism and elegance with ease.

These accessories are made in Italy and include 14k yellow gold that houses mesmerizing malachite pieces. 

Malachite is widely considered to be the stone of transformation, making it a great gift for life’s milestones and achievements.

Heavy Squiggle Bypass Hinged Bangle

Perhaps your spouse is all about unique and understated silver accessories. If so, the Heavy Squiggle Bypass hinged bangle from Ippolita is a must-have.

Approximately 2.36 in width, this sterling silver beauty has a slip-on style with subtle details and a sharp look. 

Its designer, Ippolita Rostagno, is known for combining old-world Italian aesthetics with fresh and modern twists.

Yellow Gold and Diamond Disc Pendant Necklace

You can’t go wrong with diamonds and gold. Saks Fifth Avenue gets it right with their 14k yellow gold and diamond disc pendant necklace.

The diamonds for each necklace are both hand-picked and set by hand. Pendant size is an elegant 0.3 inches by 0.4 inches.

This accessory is approximately 18 to 19 inches in length and includes a lobster clasp.

Diamond Bezel Ankle Bracelet

Jewelry gifts for your wife don’t have to remain waist-high. Bloomingdale’s has perfected ankle accessories with their diamond bezel ankle bracelet in 14k yellow gold.

This item is 9 inches in length and includes four 0.20 ct. t.w. diamonds. Ensure this length is sufficient before investing in this accessory as a gift.

Remi Yellow Gold Band Ring in White Diamonds

For a gift that’s sure to impress, opt for Kendra Scott’s Remi 14k yellow gold band ring in white diamonds.

Three rows of gleaming white diamonds catch the light from any angle. With a width of 2.1 mm, it’s thin enough to feel chic and timeless on your wife’s hand.

This ring is ideal for major celebrations, renewing vows, or a special Valentine’s Day gift.

Double Halo Necklace

Show your girl how much she means to you with the Double Halo necklace by Perle De Lune.

As an 18k gold and diamond necklace, it has a charming amount of detail while remaining a delicate piece of jewelry. These details include conflict-free diamonds enclosed within a double-circle pendant and an adjustable gold chain.

Double Gancio Mini Bracelet Watch

If your wife prefers practical gifts with a touch of elegance, try out the Double Gancio mini bracelet watch by Ferragamo.

Not only does this bracelet tell the time–but it also doubles as an effortlessly chic accessory that pairs well with gold bangles. The timepiece includes a sapphire crystal face.

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