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Your Guide To Best Going Out Tops To Wear With Jeans Of Any Style


As Millennials, we can look back on our teens and early twenties and remember the era of the going out top. Whether we were going to a highschool party or the club with our friends in the 2000s, we can fondly recall the days of styling an elevated top with a pair of jeans for a night out.

To put it simply, a going out top is a formal top. However, a going out top differs from a formal professional top. This is because going out tops are more suitable for nightlife, whether they are flirtier or flashier than a professional blouse.

13 Best Going Out Tops To Wear With Jeans

During the 2000s, many of us reached for going out tops when partying with friends because these tops could be styled with our favorite pair of jeans. We all remember that one pair of jeans that fit us so well we wanted to wear them every day.

You may be wondering why we’re talking about going out tops in 2024. Well, they’re back. They say history repeats itself, but so does fashion. Clothing from the 2000s is trending, including low-waisted jeans, bedazzled clothing, and, of course, the classic going out top.

Just like yesteryear, fashion enthusiasts are styling going out tops to wear with jeans. However, today’s going out tops are just a tad more elevated and a tad less tacky than the shirts we may have packed in the back of our closets. Whether you’re planning a birthday party with some friends or preparing for a date night with your partner, check out these modern going out tops to wear with jeans:


Bodysuits are superb options for those seeking going out tops to add to their party-ready wardrobe. This is because bodysuits are fitted to the body, so they aren’t bulky when worn under a pair of jeans. Some going out tops may add bulk to the waist when tucked into a pair of denim, but this isn’t the case with a sleek and form-fitting bodysuit. You could always opt for a crop top if you want to eliminate this bulk, but a bodysuit is a more versatile piece of clothing that also offers more coverage if you wish to be more conservative.

Bodysuit with jeans for going out


  • Simply pick a black bodysuit, with blue jeans and a pair of heels for the ultimate no nonsense going out look. You can put this together in no time. 
  • Or you can also do colored bodysuits with black jeans for a brighter look. Pair them with nude heels. Or match the heels with the shade of the top.

Off The Shoulder Tops

Off the shoulder tops are the modern, sophisticated, and sexy version of the going out tops of our past. This chic option pairs perfectly with jeans of any rise, fit, or color. When it comes to going out tops to wear with jeans, off the shoulder tops are the contemporary option for millennial women who want to look elevated, flirty, and age appropriate.

Off the shoulder top with jeans for going out
by @priyaankaasinghh


  • Long off the shoulder top with wide leg jeans to create a more elegant look. Add open toe sandals for not look old fashioned. No pumps please. 
  • If you are wearing skinny jeans. Then opt for a loose shoulder drop top that is relaxed in fit.

Reformation Off shoulder Top

Lovers and Friends Florence Bodysuit

Banana Republic Cotton Offshoulder Top

One Shoulder Tops

One shoulder top with jeans for going out


  • Short sleeve one shoulder top with blue jeans is perfect for daytime with bright colored heels or even espadrille wedges. 
  • You can pick long sleeve or satin one shoulder tops to wear with black jeans for a chic bar outfit. This looks classy as well as flirty.

Cami NYC Darby Bodysuit

NA-KD One Shoulder Rib Top

Simkhai Alice One Shoulder Top

Silk Camisoles

Silk camisoles are the perfect example of a y2k style that is making a resurgence. The lacey option we all had in our closets in the 2000s is popular again, but other options are available as well. If you want something that feels a little more grown up, you can opt for a top that doesn’t have lace. Many options that are a solid color with a silk finish are out there, and these can feel more sophisticated and elegant.

These going out tops to wear with jeans are lightweight, breezy, and comfortable to wear in the summertime. Silk camis are also ideal for layering under a blazer or cardigan. The silk material of these camisoles adds texture to a going out outfit, which is the key to putting together a stylish and eye-catching look.

Silk camisole with jeans for going out


  • Pair black camisole with blue jeans for a casual chic look. And instead of picking leather jacket as the third layer, wear black blazer. 
  • If you are going for colored camisole, pair them with black or dark gray jeans for  put together look. Add a fun evening bag and sandals. 

Sezane Camisole

Ravella Capri Silk Cami

Cinq a Sept Marta Cami

Halter Tops

Seeking going out tops to wear with jeans in the summertime? Opt for halter tops. Halter tops offer a classic silhouette that is in every summer. These tank tops have straps that wrap around the neck. These straps allow for an open-back fit that is sexy and comfortable in warm weather. Whether you’re embracing your early twenties with a 2000s-inspired top or you’re selecting a modern modern style, halter tops provide a flattering fit that is ideal for pairing with some jeans and hitting the local bar.

Halter top with jeans for going out
by @miamiamine


  • Pair jersey halter tops with blue jeans for a casual look. Add bright sandals. 
  • Pair satin or silk halter top with dark jeans for a perfect night time look for going out.

Lily Silk Georgette Halter Neck Top

Favorite Daughter Bow Tie Top

Reiss Halter Top

Sheer Tops

Layering is an excellent way to experiment with your outfits. If you want to layer going out tops to wear with jeans, consider sheer tops.

Sheer tops may be intimidating to style at first, but once you find a styling technique you feel comfortable with, sheer tops are the perfect going out tops to wear all year round.

If you want something more form fitting, you can wear a sheer top over a bralette with some jeans. If you prefer a looser fit, wearing a more breezy sheer top over a cropped tank top or tube top with some jeans is a chic and flirty way to style your going-out outfit.

If you prefer to be more modest when stepping out on the town, you can layer a sheer top under a tank top, T-shirt, or blouse to add some extra color and texture to your outfit, without exposing any skin. You can even get creative with patterns and colors when adding sheer tops to your wardrobe.

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Add a bodysuit underneath  if you don’t want to wear just the sheer top and bra.

Sheer Top With Jeans for going out


  • This is the best top where a simple black sheer top with blue jeans will look chic for going out. 
  • For colored sheer top, you should pair them with dark blue jeans or even black jeans.

Lady Lux Layering Top

Lucid Veiled Sheer Long-Sleeve Top

Jovie Black Long Sleeve Top

Sheer Mesh Top

Plunging Neckline Tops

Plunging neckline tops are sexy statement-making going out tops to wear with jeans.

Because the plunging neckline is so bold, these types of tops are ideal to wear with more casual jeans.

The balance of flashy on top and subtle on the bottom is balanced, stylish, and a top choice for date night or girls’ night. If a plunging neckline sounds a bit intimidating to you, you can pair the top with a more high-waisted pair of denim.

This offers more coverage towards the stomach area, which may help you feel more comfortable in your going out top.

This top is perfect for ladies who have bigger boobs, because all you need is pin to adjust how deep the neckline could be.

Plinging Neckline Top with jeans for going out


  • Match the color of the top for the color of the jeans for the ultimate chic look. Perfect for day and night. 
  • Go for dark tone top with black jeans for a chic bar outfit. 

Dasha Bodysuit

Margo Lace Trim Deep V Bodysuit

Maisie Deep V-Neck Crop Top

Back Detail Tops

If you desire modest going out tops to wear with jeans, you may be interested in back detail tops. Back detail tops are head-turning and interesting, and don’t always show a lot of skin.

Plus, the focal point of these tops highlights your back, rather than your chest or stomach.

Many of us are most comfortable showing off our backs when going out, so why not opt for a top that highlights that feature? Some examples of back details include bows, cross-crossing, and buckles.

Back detail top with jeans for going out

Mesha Blouse

Seamless Caged Bodysuit

Deep Back Long Sleeve Rib Top

Scoop-Back Ribbed Sweater

Wrap Tops

Wrap tops are beautiful, feminine, and breezy going out tops to wear with jeans. If you’re going out for brunch with the girls or you’re seeking a look that can easily translate from day to night, add some wrap tops to your wardrobe.

These tops are flattering on all body types and can help you look and feel confident during your nights out. 

You can also wear these types of tops for daytime.

Wrap top with jeans outfit for going out


  • Wear fitted wrap tops with wide leg or straight leg jeans. 
  • If you are wearing skinny jeans, go for peplum style wrap tops.

Abelia Blouse

Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Top

Long Sleeve Wrap Top

Square Neck Tops

Square neck tops can make any pair of jeans look elevated and classy for a girls’ night out or date night. This flattering and sophisticated neckline is a great go-to going out top if you’re looking for something a bit more elevated than what you used to reach for when you were a teen or young adult. Additionally, the square neckline is a bit more formal than other neckline options, which is why it’s such a wonderful choice when picking out going out tops to wear with jeans that helps you express your more grown-up self.

If you have the right style, these can also be worn as a daily wear. They are really versatile.

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Square neck top with jeans for going out

Maeve Square-Neck Tank

Shelly Top

Cut Out Detail Tops

Do you prefer wearing solid colors, but you don’t want your going-out outfits to be boring? Try wearing cut out detail going out tops with denim jeans. You can stick to a simple color scheme, while also creating unique shapes with your going out top when you choose one with cut out details. However, if you do love playing with patterns and prints, cut out details tops are available in more bold options as well. These shirts are additionally available as tank tops, short-sleeve tops, and long-sleeve tops, so you can find a cut out detail top for any weather.

Cut out top with jeans for going our outfits


  • Wear fitted tops with wide leg or straight leg jeans. They look classier and comfortable.
  • Avoid skinny jeans. You can go for flared jeans instead.

Verge Peek A Boo Long Sleeve Top

Storme Bodysuit

Dahlia Top

Women's Twisted Cutout Top

Open front Buttoned Tops

Open front button tops are tops with buttons that don’t go all the way up or down. These shirts show a flirty amount of skin that still looks classy and put together. If you don’t want to purchase a shirt like this, you can still get the look by adjusting the way you’d wear a regular button down down top.

Maybe you want going out tops to wear with jeans, but you don’t want shirts that you will only wear when going out. If you want to get the most out of your shirt purchases, consider enhancing your wardrobe with some front buttoned tops. These tops can be worn countless ways to countless events. You can wear them over a dress during more formal events, you can wear them with sweatpants when lounging around the house, and you can wear when them jeans when going out. All of these outfits are cozy, flattering, and age appropriate. When styling these tops with jeans, open some of the buttons to expose a little more skin. You can undo as many buttons as you wish to feel comfortable when going dancing with friends or getting drinks with your partner.

Open button front top with jeans for going out

Sierra Knit Top

Luxe Sculpt Cardigan

Ribbed Tie Front Cardigan

Corset Tops

Corsets have been a part of women’s fashion for generations. Corsets of the past were worn under clothing to accentuate a women’s figure, but today’s fashion puts the corset front and center. A corset top is enough to dress up even the most casual pair of jeans for a night out on the town. If you’re concerned about the comfort of wearing a corset as a top, have no fear. Today’s corsets are notably more comfortable than the corsets of yesterday, while also being just as flattering. They’re additionally available in countless colors, patterns, styles, and fits, so you can find something that works for your unique style when putting together an outfit for a date night. If you have a more tomboy style, pair the corset top with some baggy jeans. If you like a more feminine look, you can wear a soft and delicate corset top with some white jeans. Those with an edgier style can even pair a faux leather corset top with some black jeans for a night out.

Corset Top with Jeans for going out

Share which top feels the most comfortable and stylish to you. And how will you accessorize it.


Lena Mesh Corset Top

Rafa Satin Longline Corset Top

Corset Long Sleeve Top


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