Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Both Will Enjoy – From Amazon

This was 3 years ago, by the way. Things have definitely slowed down in our household specially with the Lockdown and all of us getting lazier by the day. But, Subhechhu the other day surprised me flowers just out of the blue. Yup, we all know most men think flowers are useless. Sometimes I do too, but around these times, I start to wonder. 

I did not wanted to make a big deal about Valentine’s day. I am not much of a cheesy Valentine’s Day kind of gal anyways. So, in the gift guide, I wanted to share just a few gift ideas that you can gift your loved one and you both can enjoy as well. And since these are kind of last minute, why not from Amazon. 

I have to be honest, Amazon has been my go to for a lot of shopping these days. And why not, with the Amazon prime, you definitely get everything within 2 days and that has spoiled us. So, my gifts this year will be from Amazon for sure.

  • Bluetooth Beanie – One of my surprise finds, but I am absolutely impressed as well. This beanie is specially helpful when we are running outdoors and its still cold. You can pop this on and listen to the music without worrying about earphones. Sometimes, I don’t run too fast because I feel like my earphone will fall out. 
  • Hand Massager – I definitely need this one, its perfect after a long day at work when my fingers are tired of typing. I usually have a compact desk, and my arms and my fingers to get tired after like hours of typing and using the trackpad. And now that I can’t get a manicure outside, there is no one to massage them. And you can also gift this to your better half. 
  • Compact Vacuum – This is a perfect gift for all the cleaning enthusiasts and also great for road trips. I have a few coming in future because thats the only thing we can do now. I love that it comes with different headsets which I can also use to clean my keyboard that does not get much love except loads of typing.
  • Adjustable Pillow – If you are like me, you know how hard it is to find that perfect pillow for your neck. I don’t know if it is age, I can’t sleep if the pillow is not comfortable. And if you have someone who s the same way, this pillow would be helpful.
  • Multi tool Pen – This one is purely for the guys, but sometimes, really most times, I get excited with these kinds of gifts. For all those DIY lovers and just in general prepared for all type of folks, this is a cute gift that you can always carry with you. It comes with 3 engraving options and has a flash light feature
  • Hand Warmer – I wish I discovered this one earlier. If you are like me who suffers from constant frozen hands, this is an awesome gift idea. There are a lot different options I saw on Amazon, but this one is pretty neutral colored and looks like a speaker. I have already added this to my cart.
  • Neck massager – This can be a perfect travel gift that you or your loved one has been thinking for their car or air travel. And now is the perfect time to gift them one. I love that its compact and I definitely am gifting this to my husband who always complains about neck pain after a long day. 

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