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Luxury Birthday Gift Guide For Men Too Tough To Surprise


Hello Ladies, I know Father’s Day is coming soon and we are probably thinking what to get our better halves. Hahaha! I think they are our better halves just like we are theirs. Anyways, I wanted to share a gift guide that will great for birthdays or any other special occasion like anniversary where you want to treat him with something special and totally surprise him.

I think I have said this before, but I personally don’t believe in giving men just power tools, grilling gifts that you might see on other blogs. I am married to a totally hands off guy who hates these kind of gifts. 

He enjoys lets say getting spoilt or so I think, hahaha! I do like to spoil him just like he does, but I also love to give gifts that are also meaningful and not just another one of those beer kegs or bottle of whiskey. Don’t get me wrong, that also sounds awesome. 

But for special occasions I like to treat it that way. Its my way of saying that I still care how you feel when you open the surprise gift and smile at what you see. 

In this gift guide, I am focusing on some cool luxury gifts you might not have thought about. I love creating these gift guides where there are some unique finds that he will definitely be surprised with. 

Fashion Gifts

Well, its not really fair that as women we get loads of fashion gifts to get pampered with, but when it comes to men, the only fashion gifts are just sneakers or to be honest tech gadgets. Even though they enjoy gadgets, they can’t wear it. 

Men have somewhat evolved to enjoying finer things in life just like we have. And I will leave it at that.

1. Gucci Black Pouch Bag: This is a really cool gift idea. The pouch bag is perfect to be used as a travel pouch for men to carry their passport and there travel papers. Men can be really organized (trust me, I live with one). He hates to take all his documents in a side zip of his backpack. If you have a man who likes to keep things tidy and organized, then this is the perfect gift idea. The bag is wide enough to hold an iPad Air as well. So its not just for travel purposes. I love the sporty look of the pouch as well as the GG logo that looks really luxurious.

2. Prada Logo Espadrille Sandals: There is something about men in linen pants and espadrille slides that always looks so classic and elegant. I think its because I grew up watching my Dad dress up nicely and look so classic and charming, that to has still stuck with me. The Prada espadrilles are really cool with the contrast jute color with the black canvas looks classic and a perfect alternative to the rubber slides we see everywhere. 

These slides can be easily worn with jeans, linen pants or even shorts.

3. Dior square-frame sunglasses:  While aviator sunglasses might be the best sunglasses and one of the most popular sunglasses but I find square frame ones look way better. They have that retro charm and it flatters anyone’s face. This gives guys that Italian vineyard feeling. These Dior ones come in so many colors, but I love these Camo green ones that will add a perfect masculine touch.

They are a bit oversized, but that is the current trend and I think Men look amazing in them. These glasses are unisex, so maybe you both can twin.

4. Gucci Signature keychain: A keychain is the perfect luxury gift for men. Men love automobile and having a nice keychain always adds that extra touch. This Gucci signature keychain was my gift to my husband and he absolutely adores it. Its not too narrow, but its compact enough that it will fin in the pocket. 

The classic leather and embossed logo looks sophisticated and will work with all styles of keys. He will definitely think of you when he drives out or uses the keychain. The awesome part is that the hardware detail is silver and not gold. It looks mote modern.

5. Saint Laurent Men’s Espadrilles: These are by far the best espadrilles made for both Men and Women. My husband wears his every single day. They are classic and minimal and a close toe version that can be worn for more formal occasions as well. 

A good quality espadrilles can go a long way. And these ones are definitely and for a great price. They are a steal in that price point. I can absolutely envision a line suit and the espadrilles which would make for a perfect summer special occasion. With the contrasting sole they add a summer vacation vibe to any outfit.

Grooming Gifts

Luxury gifts don’t have to be just designer. Men also love to be pampered with something they can use to feel good. And these grooming gifts are just the thing. You can bundle them up and make for a complete package as well. Or gift them on different occasions but these are extremely useful gifts they will love you for.

6. Hermès After Shave Balm: This is the perfect luxury gift for a guy who enjoys a clean shave. I mean mostly we do. But an after shave lotion or balm is really important. This one from Hermès smells so amazing that men look forward to using it. 

Which only means good for us, because they look good clean shaven. I love luxury perfumes and deodorants, even makeup products because they smell amazing. 

7. Heated Razor By Gillete Labs: This heated razor which is rechargeable is the most genius invention for shaving. I wish they came up with a version for women. I would love to feel warm while shaving my legs. The razor evenly warms your skin while shaving which in turn makes the shaving process more enjoyable and fun. 

I also adore how sleek the design is. It almost looks like a piece of art. So even if he leave his razor on the vanity, it won’t look ugly. I am always impressed by brands when they come up with genius ideas like these ones. 

8. Clinique Shave Gel: I wanted to finish this grooming set with a shaving gel and I could not think of a better brand than Clinique which also specializes in Men skincare product, something that a lot of other brands have not been thinking at all. It is high time we treat skin care for men a bit differently. 

Just like a good moisturizer, a good shaving gel is key to getting a good shave and a good after shave effect on the skin, because it does not matter, it is still facial skin which needs to be taken care of. This Aloe gel has all the moisturizing effect that can soothe the skin while shaving. And its also beneficial in case there are any nicks.

I would love to know which one of these spoke to you. And if you want me to create some other kind of gift guide for guys. Happy Shopping!


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