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25+ Designer Items Under $200 Perfect For Gifting


Are you looking for the perfect gift for the special someone or even a friend who loves designer goods, but want to stay in the budget, then this gift guide is ideal for you. I have listed best designer pieces under $200 that she will love and actually use. 

Yes, while I love to get something designer, I have often realized most designer gift items in that much a low budget are stuff that no one will actually use. But its really important for me to give gifts that are actually usable but at the same time look nice, so every time they use it, they think of you.

I am splitting them in categories so, even if you don’t like what I have shared you know what to look for.

Designer Leather Card Cases Under $200

This is my best friend when it comes to getting my handbag ready for going out. Usually party handbags are smaller and its really annoying that you can’t fit your wallet in them. A lot of them have compartments but they are so small or could only hold cards. What if you want to also carry some cash. 

The Leather Card case solves that problem. This makes for a perfect gift item that is small but really really useful and they will thank you for gifting it to them. And it really does not hurt to have more than one of these as well. Match it with the bag.

1. Mulberry Credit Card Slip

This pretty card case has 4 card slots and looks so fun with the logo.  It comes in so many fun shades as well as timeless colors. So, whether your fashionista loves vibrant shades or classy lady, you will find one for sure. 

PRICE: $180

2. Jacquemus Le Porte Carte Bambino Card Case

This leather card case has the signature minimalist modern look and great for someone who does not like a lot of gold details. This is also great for men. The leather is a bit shinier, but because there are no other hardware details, this looks fine. 

PRICE: $190

3. MCM Logo Card Case

The embossed overall logo makes this a perfect designer gift under budget. And honestly, MCM’s logo is really fun to carry as well. But the color of the logos are subtle, so it does not scream in your face. And this card case comes in another shade as well.

PRICE: $195

4. Acne Studio Leather Card Holder

I love the fact that this card case is not in the standard shape. Its annoying when your cards are all snugged and you have to put effort to pull them out. But with this card case, you can easily pull out the cards you need. And this card case also comes in black which looks minimal and modern.

PRICE: $190

Designer Scarves Under $200

5. Givenchy All Over Silky Twilly Scarf

Givenchy logo is so abstract and looks perfect on this skinny scarf. It almost looks like a retro print and is a modern accessory that you can also wear to places where you would not want to wear designer goods. Because its in black and white you can wear it both with neutral and colorful outfits and handbags.

PRICE: $175

6. Mulberry Skinny Scarf

Mulberry Skinny scarf comes in so many fun shades and patterns. You ca buy one for each occasion. The neutral shades makes it professional looking and minimalist. And the mulberry typography adds subtle definition. 

PRICE: $110

7. MCM Logo Silk Twilly Scarf

This is such a fun scarf with Black and Tan sides with MCM logo details. I love the idea of the contrast colors. When you wrap it around your neck, you will also see a glimpse of the other shade which is so fun.

PRICE: $145

Hermes Odyssey Twilly Scarf

8. Hermes Odyssey Twilly Scarf

Yes you see that right! The Hermes twirly scarf is in the budget you are looking for. And it looks classy and timeless. You buy once and use it forever. 

But if you want to try other shades or patterns it comes in many.

PRICE: $200

9. Gucci Floral Skinny Scarf

I am also a fan of the Gucci logo with floral print pattern. You will see in this in Gucci canvas bags. You really don’t need to see the Gucci logo to know that its Gucci because of this pattern. Hence makes a perfect gift for someone, who does not like to flaunt a lot of logo.

PRICE: $165

Designer Jewelry Under $200

You cannot find fine jewelry under $200 other than a dot maybe, but this is a great option as a designer fashion gift that still looks luxurious and iso good quality to last someone compared to cheaper fashion jewelry. And why wouldn’t she like some nice piece of jewelry. Every time they wear it, they will think of you and smile. I love to gift jewelries to my friends and family, because it feels special and looks awesome too.

10. Oscar De La Rante Classic Button Stud Earrings

These vintage style of earrings will make a perfect heirloom as well. The gray stone contrasts the gold and as a structured they will add a luxe touch to anyone’s outfit. These make for a perfect piece of jewelry someone would want to wear over the holidays. But they also come in two more stone shades.

PRICE: $165

11. Salvatore Ferragamo Medium Gancio Stud Earrings

If they have a minimalist style aesthetic, then these would make for the perfect Christmas gift. The simple Ferragamo logo is a classic style and looks great as earrings, but the gold color makes it more luxurious. If you are not a fan of gold, then they also come in silver.

PRICE: $190

13. Jacquemus Le Collier Chiquito Necklace

Jacquemus is an up and coming brand that is now loved widely. And this bag shaped pendant necklace looks so fun and perfect for someone whose style is more feminine and playful. While you might think that the bag looks silly, it actually looks really cool and modern.

PRICE: $190

Designer Beauty Items Under $200

With the $200 budget you can find some good beauty gifts and the great part is that you can buy multiple of those. You know, more gifts are always better than 1 gift as I say, haha. And you don’t have to just buy perfumes, because I feel like that’s what comes to our mind when we think of beauty gifts. Check out some awesome ones in the list.

14. Dior Addict Lip Set

I own this and love that the lip gloss or balm whatever you want to call has a subtle pink tint that adds a rosy color to your lips while hydrating. This makes for an excellent give they will enjoy everyday. 

PRICE: $80

15. La Mer Replenishing Moisture Collection Set

One of the most luxurious beauty brand and really sorted after as well. And honestly, this is in my wishlist as well. I love that it comes with a Regenerating Serum, The Hydrating Infused Emulsion, the eye cream and the moisturizer all in travel size. So you can try it at home or take them with you on your next resort escape.

PRICE: $175

16. Christian Louboutin Satin Silky Lip color

The classic Louboutin shade in a lipstick. What better can you ask for. This lipstick also comes in a matte shade, but I love it because of the case. It looks like an art piece and perfect as a gift. 

PRICE: $100

17. Gucci Glow & Care Lipstick Trio

Lip care kit never looked this pretty. Thanks to the Gucci lip care kit where you get lip balm with some color. Tinted lip balm have made a huge trend this year. And your beloved will love this as a gift. The packaging on these lip balms are impeccable too making them gift ready.

PRICE: $110

18. Hermes Nail Polish

Want a designer stocking stuffer to surprise her? The Hermes nail polish will be perfect for you. It comes in so many shade, so you can buy different shades and make it a set. Or you can buy the base coat and top coat to create the perfect combo. Just make sure you buy the nail color in her favorite shade. 

PRICE: $55

19. Gucci Multi-use Balm

Another great stocking stuffer is this multi use balm. Its fragrance free and can be use for moisturizing your face, lip, hands and more.

And the packaging looks perfect for gifting. 

PRICE: $55

Designer Perfumes Under $200

Expensive perfumes are the best gift you can give anyone. It’s often the most ignored item because they cost a lot of money. But if you gift it, they will always remember that you gifted it when they smell it on them.

Here are some of our top picks.

21. Miss Dior blooming Bouquet perfume Set

Dior Bloom is a classic perfume that smells good on any one. But this set comes with a full size , a smaller size perfume as well as a travel atomizer that you can carry in your purse at all times. 

So, whenever you need to freshen up, just take it out and feel awesome. 

PRICE: $150

22. Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum Gift Set

The Prada triangle bottle itself makes this perfume set the best holiday gift. It looks fun and the fragrance is just feminine enough with a white amber musk that adds a winter vibe. 

And to top it off, you have a hand cream and travel perfume. And honestly in a good price point too,

PRICE: $165

23. Versace Bright Crystal Gift Set

Another awesome perfume that smells great on anyone. There is a reason this gift set is so popular, it not only comes with a travel and a full size perfume, it also comes with a body lotion and shower gel. Of all Versace perfume, this one is my favorite.

PRICE: $110

24. Chloe Eau de Parfum Set

This is an expensive smelling perfume that does not overwhelm you. It smells floral but it has some feminine woody notes that also make it subtle. I have gotten so many compliments that I had to recommend it. 

PRICE: $175

25. Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Eau de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is an art piece in the form of a perfume bottle. It not only looks beautiful but smells divine too. There are so many 5 star reviews of this perfume that it makes for the perfect gift for her to get in the romantic mood.

PRICE: $135

Designer Key Chains Under $200

Keychains are not only a chic and unique gift idea, they are also functional. I mean you need key chains for your keys. But again, these are hard to find under $200. So don’t miss out on the ones I have shared below.

26. Versace Keychain

If you share your keychain with your special someone and you don’t want anything feminine, then this would be the perfect gift. This way if you take her car somewhere, you don’t have to hide the keychain. 

PRICE: $175

26. Jacquemus Keychain

Another versatile and unisex keychain that will also be under $200. And it’s perfect for minimalist fashionistas who do not like to show off a lot of logos. 

PRICE: $80

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