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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Amazon under $100!


If you are a procrastinator or you have absolutely forgotten to send your friend a gift for this holidays just because you were stuck at work. Or you have a secret Santa gift idea to think of, then this post is for you. In this Amazon Gift Guide I am sharing some easy and actually useful pieces that you can gift your friends and family that they will actually thank you. 

If you are anything like me, you manage to wait very close to the holidays to narrow down all your gifts. What can I say, I like to make sure it is perfect and that takes time, just kidding! All of us get busy and at times its hard to figure it all out like some of those Super Moms out there. I am absolutely the opposite, I tend to not go all crazy and shop early for presents because, sometimes if I have bought something earlier and I find something better online, I regret my purchase I made earlier. And guess what there is a reason we have Amazon don’t we. 

I had 3 main ideas that would make for easy gift ideas because I don’t want to confuse you further. 

Working From Home Gift Ideas from Amazon

  • Charger + Coffee Warmer – This one is my absolute favorite. Something that I really like having on my desk is a coffee warmer so that I don’t have to keep walking to the kitchen to warm it specially during these cooler days. This distracts me, and this coffee warmer comes with a wireless charging pad which means its space saving as well.
  • Foldable Keyboard – I love that such a thing is built because its an awesome space saving device. When you don’t want it, you just fold it away. This keyboard is compatible with both Android, iOS and Microsoft OS as well. So, it makes for a great gift to someone who likes to use a stand alone keyboard. And its bluetooth as well. 
  • Qi Charging Pad – This is awesome not just for your desk but for your bed side table as well. Now a days we all have these devices that can be wirelessly charged and we have a zillion different wireless pads. This mat does the work for all three and it comes in black and white colors as well for those of you who don’t like rose gold.
  • Monitor Message Board with Sticky holder – The name of this device is big and the price very low for the functionality. This is for those who like to have a sticky note and no where to stick it. It attaches to the monitor on a side and you can also keep your phone on it if you like to read something from it while typing.
  • Posture Corrector or Trainer – While I always sit straight, I realize we could all benefit from this during this work from home situation. We all have long hours when we sit and work and sometimes we are not mindful of our posture. This is great device that can help us with that. Its really really helpful for kids who till now did not have to sit infront of the computer for long hours.
  • Retro Bluetooth Speaker – This is for those who love the retro decor and sometimes like to enjoy the music outside of their ears. This is also compact and would make for a great decor. I like the option of choosing how I would like to listen to music.

Self Care Gift Ideas from Amazon

  • Makeup Brush Cleaner – I have one of this and I cannot be happier. The brushes get cleaned in seconds and they are not as wet as the manual brush cleaning has them, which means they dry faster. This gift is for the makeup lovers who are constantly on the go with their makeup. And it’s all rechargeable. So, it is environmental friendly.
  • Facial Steamer – Again another one of my favorite for getting a glow in winter It can also be used to cure cold and headaches with steaming for children and adults. There is so many ways this steamer can be used. It comes with a head band to keep your hair away and black head removing kit which makes a facial so effective.
  • Makeup Mirror – These ones are really popular and I like how you can fold the mirror depending on the space, plus if you do your hair at the same place where you do the makeup, you can protect the mirror from hair spay or anything that will make it blurry. You can light up the mirror which always helps when applying precision makeup.
  • Gel Manicure Kit – I would love to have this as a gift. I love pampering my nails for the holidays and with all these amazon kits its so easy to do it. The manicure kit comes with some pastel fall winter colors as well, so no need to buy new colors.
  • Makeup Fridge – This is a self care lover’s dream. Everyone wants this and why not. You can store all your mask, and creams that work more effectively when cooler. The jade rollers work wonders and this makeup fridge looks so cute with a mirror front. 
  • Eyebrow Trimmer – I have spoken about this one a lot and I literally use this so much in my 8 months in pandemic. This is a life saver and a painless way to maintain eyebrow shape and I strongly suggest this for every woman.

Stay at Home Gift Ideas from Amazon

  • Electric Diffuser + Diffusing oil – This one is a no brainer and everyone wants one but do not want to buy by themselves. Specially now that we have cranked up our heat because of winter a diffuser really helps keep the hydration intact in the house. This diffuser also comes in a bamboo color and looks so slick and modern.
  • Retro Style Bluetooth Player – I so badly want one of these, once my redecoration is complete, I am definitely buying one of these. Its not only a great decor piece, it also works. And I think your friend would absolutely love this. This speaker comes in so many colors, but I like this more dull mustard color that specially looks retro. 
  • Smore’s Maker – This is a perfect gift for those outdoorsy friends who missed their camping trip this year. This is such a cute and thoughtful gift and the kids would specially enjoy this around holiday time with movie nights and some smores. My mouth is like watering thinking about it.
  • Electric Blanket – An electric blanket comes in so handy when you are the only one freezing in the house and everyone else is wearing T-shirts. That is always the case for me. And throws also make for a great decor piece in any space, be it home office, bedroom or family room.
  • Ice cream Maker – Its a gift for thinking ahead. I have been eying one, and really want this as a gift so I can make some yummy and healthy ice creams at home. Cusinart is my most favorite brand and I have already gifted this to my friends who absolutely love them. And did I tell you, you can also make frozen yogurt.
  • Egg Cooker – If you don’t have one of these in your house, this could be a gift for yourself. And you will thank me. I have gone through many egg cookers so I always recommend buying a budget friendly one, that you can extensively use and if it does not work one day, you wont feel bad for spending a lot of money. This egg cooker looks chic with gold finish and double stack style. 
  • Desk fan – Again a decor piece that is functional. A desk fan always helps when you are feeling too hot and don’t want air conditioning. This retro desk fan is in rose gold rustic finish which will also make for a great home decor, so you don’t have to store it away when you don’t use it.

Hope you have a fabulous holiday! 


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