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Easy Music Festival Hairstyles For The Vibe That Don’t Look Childish


Easy Music Festival Hairstyles For The Vibe That Don’t Look Childish

We love music festivals. Who doesn’t? They are a total blast! They allow you to see some of your favorite artists and vibe with your friends like there’s no tomorrow. But if you’re like others bracing up for music festivals held this February through summer, like Coachella, you probably wonder what hairstyle to wear to such a high-octane show.

Music festival hairstyles are necessary because they allow you to show your personality. Let’s be honest, styling your hair for a music festival is the most challenging aspect of planning your look. You could spend tons of hours thinking about how to achieve the perfect look, given the multitude of hairstyles. Besides, you wouldn’t want a hairstyle that will be sweaty and smelling after a few hours of dancing.

From bubble hair to messy buns to ponytails, here’s a list of music festival hairstyles you can nail for your next festival.

19 Easy-to-Create Music Festival Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair

As you prepare for a music festival, you need a hairstyle that matches your vibe and complements your hair length. Take a look at some of the hairstyle ideas you can draw inspiration from.

Music Festival Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are hairstyles for everyone, whether you have long or short hair. For long hair, check out these cool hairstyles below:

Wavy Braids and Flowers

This is probably the most popular hairstyle for a music festival. Its simplicity and elegance are two reasons this hairstyle is still in vogue among music festival lovers.

If you have long hair, this hairstyle will look good on you. Also known as boho wavy hair, wavy braids, and flowers get you into the dancing spirit, giving you those festival vibes.

You can stay effortlessly chic and beautiful with this style without appearing too juvenile. And the flowers? Well!

They are just adornments to add a spark and enchantment to your hair. Incorporating these accessories along the curly hair instills a sense of natural beauty, but you can completely do without them.

You can still rock your wavy braids without them. Start by creating loose waves with a curling iron or wand. Once the curls are set, partition your hair on one side to form a braid.

Music festival hairstyle - mini braids and flowers
by @curlycamille

French Braid Pigtails

French braid pigtails are super lovely on girls with long hair. So you might want to try this out for your next Coachella or music festival event.

What makes this hair so special? First, it’s straightforward to achieve.

Secondly, it’s playful and stylish, exuding youthful energy. Thirdly, it keeps your hair in place, allowing it to breathe. You can wear it for hours without feeling sweat running through your hair.

Begin by sectioning your hair into two, then French braid each part from the top to the ends of your hair.

Styling your hair this way allows you to move freely, making it ideal for music festivals.

Double Braid Music festival Hairstyle
by @mjellishair

Bubble Hair

Oh! I love the bubble hairstyle, though I haven’t worn it yet to any music festival event. Bubble hair is an eye-catching hairstyle that will keep your hair out of your face when you’re dancing.

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When you opt for this hairstyle, you embrace the festival atmosphere without looking childish.

What I like the most is the dimension the hairstyle brings to long hair.

Of course, it doesn’t make you any less stylish. It is also not complicated. Do you want to get groovy? The bubble hairstyle will help get you in the mood.

Start by turning your hair into a high pony with a hair band. Take small parts of the pony and hold them at intervals with more colorful hair ties or ribbons until you reach the end of your pony.

By doing this, you create bubbles. Ensure the sections are tugged to maintain the bubbly effect.

Bubble Hair Music Festival Hairstyle
by @jujuwiththegoodhair

Rainbow Hair Ties

This is another lovely music festival hairstyle for long hair you should try. It is simple, yet stylish.

The beautiful hair ties that secure the hair inject a gorgeous pop of color that adds a playful vibe and vibrant touch.

When adding pastel rainbow hair ties to your long hair, opt for bold hues like red, purple, orange, and blue to create a rainbow effect.

Besides giving you a bold statement, these hair ties serve a practical purpose by securing your hair. However, a few pastels will do. A little too much will look childish.

Rainbow Hairstyle for Music Festival
by @anniemaydarcy

Single Bubbly Ponytail

The pony never fails for music festivals, let alone this single bubbly pony inspired by Daenerys from Game of Thrones. This attention-grabbing hairstyle is another cute hairstyle idea that will elevate your personality.

The sophistication and whimsy are what I love about this hairstyle.

The hair isn’t secured in a place like the French braid, but it doesn’t get in the way of your dancing.

Besides, many people love flipping their hair backward while grooving. That takes the vibe to a whole new level. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours to get it done.

After conditioning and blow-drying your hair, curl it with a curly wand. Then gather it from each side into a high ponytail.

Hold small sections of the pony at intervals and secure with a hair tie until you reach the end of your pony to create a bubbly effect.

Half Bubble Music Festival Hairstyle
by @salonaria_

Festival Double-Braided Bun

A festival braid with buns is one of those awesome hairstyles that keep hair out of your face while you dance till your feet hurt.

I love this hairstyle because it will hold up in the most extreme conditions. Plus, it’s also cute. It’s like the French braid, but you have to turn the ends of the hair into a bun.

Double Braided Bun Music Festival Hairstyle

Hippie Hairstyle with Bandana

Music festival hairstyle with bandana

Simple Double Bubble Tail

Heard of Bubble Tail? This is one of our favorite hairstyles for long hair because it’s easy to style.

It can be a real head-turner, especially when you finish it with pins.

Part your hair into two high ponytails. Secure small parts of the pony at intervals with a hair tie or ribbons until you reach the end of your pony to create bubbles.

Add pins to the front for more shine.

Double Bubble Ponytail Music Festival Hairstyle

Crown Braid

Braid! Braid! Braid! I’m sure you wonder why we have another braid. A braid is one hairstyle you can style in different ways.

The crown braid is another example. If you want a hairstyle that gives a complex impression, the French crown braid is what you’re looking for.

This hairstyle, braided from side to side, is the perfect company for a music festival.

An excellent alternative to the crown braid is the fishtail braid. This trendy hairstyle is suited to those whose hair is shoulder-length or longer. Gather hair to one side and braid it. It’s that simple!

It doesn’t have to look perfect. Nobody at a music festival bothers about that. However, your braid could loosen.

Crown braid Hairstyle for Music Festival

Space Buns

Space buns are irresistible and adaptable, with or without bangs. Whether ebony or blonde, this hairstyle is accommodating.

Start by partying your hair at the center. Tie them into two ponytails and secure them with a hair band.

Make a bun with the ponytails by wrapping them around the hair band.

Use bobby pins to secure them and wrap a hairband around them to keep them in place. Spray with a hairspray for more shine.

Space Bun Music Festival Hairstyle

Music Hairstyles For Short Hair

Who says women with short hair can’t have fun? There are many hairstyles for short hair you can choose from. Get inspired and recreate the hairstyle you want from our ideas below.

Short Hair Bun

Not everyone has long hair, and it doesn’t matter if you have shorter locks.

If you don’t want to wear any hair extensions, a short hair bun will do.

Many people underrate this hairstyle for its simplicity, but I say its minimalism is the strongest point.

Sometimes, staying simple is the best. Although it requires minimal effort, you can still achieve a chic look that complements your hair beautifully.

Short hair bun hairstyle for music festival

Half-Up Braid

Half-up braid blends style and practicality for a fashionable look.

This versatile hairstyle is a head-turner that will attract many compliments, but it’s more suited to blondes.

Divide the top section of the hair into two parts and braid, securing it with a head tie. Leave the rest of the hair to move freely.

Half up braid music festival hairstyle

Mid Bun

The mid bun is sure to leave you confident.

It’s similar to the classic bun except that it is positioned at the middle of the head, close to the top.

It’s perfect if you want to keep your hair out of your face and maintain a stylish look.

Pair this hairstyle with bobby pins and earrings for added impact.

Half Up Bun Music Festival hairstyle

Short Hair with Hat

Short wavy hair with hat

Double Buns

Have find hair and worried that its not going look great for a music festival. You can create this simple and easy double bun to add some punk rock vibe to your music festival look. 

This is better and easily done on short hairstyles. Simple create two sections of your hair by parting top and bottom parts.

And create two buns. Leave out the ends so they stick out. 

Add fun hoop earrings for a cool look. Or accessories your hair with pins and feathers.

Double buns for sort hair

Half Twisted Braid

Short hair doesn’t mean you’re out of styling options. This half twist tie is bohemian and so easy to create. 

Simply take portions of har from the side and twist and tie the strands from both sides in the back. 

This hairstyle looks the best in wavy hair, so if you have straight  hair, just curl is loosely. You can take the hairstyle to the next level with some hair clips or more braids. 

This is so easy to do and will keep your hair secure throughout the event.

Half Twisted Tie in the Back Music Festival Hairstyle

Side Braid Hair

You can create a faux side shaved look that is perfect for rock concerts and music festivals. Simple part your hair on the side and braid the smaller section. 

Add some texture spray to roughen up our hair and that’s it. You are ready to rock and roll without too much fuss on your hair. 

And the great part is that you can create this look in both straight and wavy hair. 

If you want to make it more fun, add some fun star clips to jewel up your hair.

One sided braid short music festival hairstyle

Bang Braids

Hailey Bieber just made this hairstyle the next best music festival look that you will be seeing in Coachella. And it’s so easy to create. 

Simply create a long braid with your bangs. If you dont have long bangs like her, use the long hair behind it. 

This is fun, chic and does not look childish in anyway. And the cool part is that you can recreate this in straight hair as well. 

Bang Braids Hairstyle for Music festival
by Glamour

Simple Knotted Side Ponytail

The simple knotted side style is one you can create in less than five minutes if you’re in a rush.

Pull a section of your hair into a ponytail, and that’s it. You can paint your hair green or any other color  for a chic music festival look.

Simple knotted ponytail for music festival

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