Pink April Diary – Fall Look Book!


I am just so thrilled and excited to share and write about this. This is my first ever look book! Yay! Yes, I have created my very first look book for fall, one of the best seasons that I have seen in America. Why I say that because, I immigrated to America around 10 years ago and finally call it my home where I have see the leaves turn into the burnt orange color ( which is also a color name that found out here), the breeze turns cooler and cooler and your surroundings calmer and calmer.


You start looking at the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer and you now want to wear cozy knitwear and the pretty plaids that make you wanna look like you are back in time in the 60s. Hahaha! Just kidding, but they do make us look more sophisticated and put together when you compared to sleeveless tops and shorts. You get what I am saying right!

So, without anymore of distraction lets begin the fun! Yes!!

All of these items that I have in the look book can be mixed and matched with other pieces in the look book as well, closet basics to create so many combinations of outfits.

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This is one of my favorite go to outfits and I probably will be wearing it all fall till winter. Yellow is such an in trend color for fall. It complements the fall dried leaves and the warm tone of the scenery. Its also a great way of layering. The slip dress is one of my Nordstrom purchase and I simply fell in love with the simple silhouette. I typically don’t wear slip dresses, but fall is a perfect way of wearing it as a layer to a top or a sweater and jacket. It is just so versatile. And the prints of this dress is just so gorgeous. The yellow, white flowers make it perfect to be worn with any color top.

I paired it with this seasons favorite footwear, while Fila shoes and Topshop cropped sweater which is just so soft and under $100 which is the best part. I love when I find great quality products in a good price. I am styling the outfit with one of my most wanted bags, the belt bag from Valentino. Now, I bought this 50% off from Gilt, a store that I always shop for when I am looking for designer finds. I am so excited to wear this outfit and pieces in so many ways.

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This is a perfect summer to fall transition without thinking too much. And the classic or as everyone is saying the retro flared jeans that are so in trend this year. I have paired it with my most favorite trend of this year, the statement tee. This t shirt is from Mango, one of my most favorite brand where I have found so many great quality versatile pieces. The Guns n Roses tee was exactly what I was looking for. Now, I know its an all black outfit, but I am pairing it with my favorite Fall Cardigan which is this unique leopard print from Revolve which has metallic thread stitching around the leopard print making it really unique and yet so in trend with the Animal print craze that we are all experiencing this year.

I know that, my obvious choice should have bee to pair with black boots, but yellow is so in trend this year for fall and I wanted to bring that in to this outfit with these platform wedges from Seychelles. I have had many pairs of shoes from Seychelles whose craftsmanship is at par to brands like Chloe and Stuart Weizmann. But the yellow soft leather just brings that vibrancy to the whole outfit without making overtly Cow girlish. You know what I mean. The leather would still keep your feet warm and yet look stylish. I have also paired with a western style belt from B- The Low Belt, which I bought this summer.

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I always felt a little sad when summer was over because I dreaded all dark clothes, so I wanted to bring in the blues in the fall mix, because we do see cloudy blue skies and softness in it, which makes it all blues. I am bringing my favorite piece of summer clothing which is perfect for fall as well. The Free people denim skirt. This is my favorite purchase or investment piece you can say. I am pairing it with Tularosa off shoulder sweater which is so soft and such a beauty.

I feel like I am not doing enough justice to it. The slight skin show is so elegant and pretty and the nest part is that you can wear it to office as well. I am pairing it with Matisse white mules. It’s a brand that I had discovered a few years ago, and I have to tell you, I was so thrilled to wear the coconut booties. So, when I saw the white studded mules, I had to snag them. I will share some sweaters in different price range in case you are looking for different price points.

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Yes, it’s another all black outfit, but this has everything that i wanted to embrace the western style that is so Dior this year. I am probably going to live in this outfit. Though I cannot afford any of the dior clothes, I feel like getting on board this western trend with everything from Mango is pretty easy. I paired this black baggy jeans from Mango which you probably have seen everywhere now with a puff sleeve sweater from Express. Express has impressed me a lot this year with new collaborations and new styles of clothing that every one would love to wear. I have always like the quality of fabric that express brings to the customer, so when I saw this basic piece, I just had to buy it.

This sweater can be worn in so many ways along with all the pieces that I am featuring in this blog. And, I had to bring in some snake skin print as well, because I have been eying it everywhere, but needed to find a subtle print with some awesome style. So, I paired the all black with a free people sling back mules which is so in sync with the western style with pointy toe and the platform heels. And lets not forget the acid wash denim jacket from Mango. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical, but the moment I wore it, it took my breath away. Its fits perfectly with the whole outfit. And I had to bring my newest purchase, the Fendi By The way bag, which is a modern twist to the whole outfit.

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This is more of a day to night outfit, which I felt is a must have every season, not just because we do go out a lot, but also to motivate us to go out. This wine red jumpsuit is from Express’s newest collaboration with Negin Mirsalehi, and I have to say, I seriously was contemplating buying both the colors, but had to make a tough decision. The slit on the bottom of the pants makes it perfect for an evening outfit. And the best part is that its so versatile that you can wear it with anything.

I am pairing it with a Mango Tweed blazer ( yes, I keep going there again :)). This double breasted blazer is giving me all of the Chanel vibe without the Chanel price tag. A black blazer is a must have in any wardrobe, and fall is a perfect season to pair it with anything to bring the added warmth and coziness to your outfit. The jumpsuit does come with a wine red faux leather belt, but I wanted to pair it with something contrasting like my Gucci GG belt in tan, and matching with Chloe nile bag. Of course, I am wearing the Free people sling back bootie to add a bit more contrast to the outfit.

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Hope you guys find some inspiration from these outfits and don’t forget to download the catalog for this cookbook, which you can use as inspiration for your next shopping.

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XO Suchi

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