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13 Chic Ways To Wear Trench Coat To Look Chic


Chilly breezes, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes, nothing says “Fall” quite like them. When it comes to all of the effortless and chic fall styles, knowing how to style a trench coat for a luxe look will upgrade everyday’s look. On days that it’s not cold enough for a pea coat and the casual days that don’t call for a blazer, you can’t go wrong layering your outfit with a classic trench coat. It’s easy to find the ever true brown and black options. Lightweight trench coats for fall that are in fun pops of color like greens and oranges, are bold, daring, and belong in your closet.

Trench coats come in many styles and pair well with endless looks. Put a floor length trench coat over a formal dress or business suit with heels for pure elegance. A more casual look can be achieved with a sweater and jeans under a belted mid length trench coat. Trench coats can be a whole outfit by themselves, of course not literally the only article of clothing you are wearing, but when zipped or buttoned up, no one needs to know that you are wearing your PJ’s underneath. 

Styling Different Trench Coat Lengths

Trench coats are of course not a one-size fits all article of clothing. Certain styles accentuate different body shapes.

Short Trench Coats

This style is perfect for our short queens. While elongating your midsection, a trench coat that sits at the waist will not shorten your legs. If you have a more curvy figure, short trench coats can unintentionally make you look boxy.

Medium Trench Coats

A medium length trench coat is the no questions asked timeless staple piece to invest in to upgrade your wardrobe in your 30’s. This length hits right above the knee which is a win if you’re tall, short, long legs, short abdomen, you can always pull together your fall look with a classic trench coat.

Long Trench Coats

We aren’t going for the “Neo” look from the Matrix, but more top-tier elegance. More of a go to choice for winter wear, but there are many oversized trench coats that are lightweight and practical for fall. Ladies with height most certainly can rock a long length trench coat, but for our shorter ladies, stick with the medium and short trench coats for the best fashion style.

Trench Coat Lengths

What is a Double Breasted Trench Coat

Casual Fall Trench Coat Outfit Ideas

Oversized Trench Coat, Hoodie, Jeans, and Chunky Boots

There are no excuses needed for the days we grab our comfiest outfits. It’s how easily you can make a fashion statement with the right pieces that makes it so easy to love. You might want to stay away from baggy and oversized everything with an outfit like this. An oversized trench coat that is extremely lightweight, like this one, gives you all of the extra room needed to layer a bulky hoodie underneath.

Long Soft Trench Coat with White Jeans and Cardigan

This look is the perfect late September outfit. The earth tone colors you can pair with this long soft trench coat are endless! Many trench coats feature a belt that you can utilize or leave behind and sport an open look. Pair with some white jeans and waffle stitch cardigan. Belts like these can be a pain to tie just perfectly, check out this post for tips on how to style belts with all your outfits.

Trench Coat Light Wash Jeans with a Crewneck Sweater

The fall season can have days that are harder to dress for. There is frost everywhere on your way to work in the morning and by the time you are done for the day it’s 65 degrees and sunny out.

A very lightweight option like the Mango Classic Trench Coat with Belt made with quality cotton, is the ‘just right’ addition for extra warmth. As the weather changes you can swap the crewneck with a cashmere turtleneck sweater can peep out as an underneath layer with trench coats that feature a belt.

The white and blue combo always looks effortless and stylish. And the trench coat adds structure to the outfit.

Short Trench Coat with Layers and Skinny Jeans

Trench Coat With All White Outfit

It’s time we all rebel against the “You can’t wear white after Labor Day” fashion rule. This especially goes for wearing a longer linen cotton trench coat that covers your back side. The last thing you need is to sit down in something and not have a Tide stick handy. With this trench coat being such a lightweight layer, a white or nude color camisole is perfect to add to the layering mix.

And you can recreate this outfit with different style of tops and bottoms for the entire fall weather. 

Luxe Trench Coat Outfit Ideas

Patterned Trench Coat with Faux Leather Pants and Low Heels

A classic and evergreen style is the plaid and houndstooth patterned trench coat. It adds a touch of liveliness to a low-key outfit. Pair a long length houndstooth wool trench coat like this one with a single color top and black faux leather pants.

If you don’t want to wear heels, opt for black ballerina flats or leather Chelsea boots.

Trench Coat with A Button Down Shirt and Light Pants

There is a little push and pull with an olive color double breasted trench coat like this one from Ralph Lauren. It is giving detective vibes but still keeping its military-style details. It makes a fashion statement on its own which means it is the perfect match for a white outfit! Pair your favorite polished and comfy white button down shirt, with light jeans or tan dress pants.

All Black Everything with Gold Accessories

Airy Double Breasted Trench Coat with a Linen Shirt Dress and Flats

This is the perfect summer to fall transition outfit where you can wear a dress too. Linen shirt dresses are perfect summer dress and when you pair it with a trench coat your outfit looks classy and is layered for transitional weather.

The material is soft like cotton but looks like silk with this airy double breasted trench coat. Fight away the cold fall weather and wear a linen shirt dress and espadrille flats. Bring the whole chic look together with a wrap around belt.

Grab the airy double breasted trench coat in white and wear it with dark brown slacks!

Cropped Trench Coat with Khaki Dress Pants and Plain Top

So we talked about short length trench coats, but cropped? A whole new women’s style for fall! It’s so easy to wear a cropped trench coat with any layered look. Even better, they are typically a budget steal! An expensive-looking cropped trench coat can be the finishing touch to a cotton dress and belt. But, you can’t go wrong with khaki dress pants and a neutral top for a chic business casual look.

Trench Coat with Dark Denim, Sweater and Slingback Pumps

A statement piece such as a coat, especially in a fun color like green, allows you to make an easy outfit decision. Dark denim looks great with this J.Crew New Icon Trench coat! The gold details mix perfectly when paired with a cream color cardigan sweater.

This coat also comes in an olive color which is also a great shade for fall. Colored coats are just what you need to create a seamless monochromatic look. Pull it all together with your comfiest low heel slingback pumps, and viola!

Leather Trench Coat with Dress Pants and Striped Long Sleeve Top

Leather Coats in general have become really popular. This Faux leather trench coat is waterproof and looks really elegant. Paired with dress pants and black heeled boots, you can wear it to so many occasions. 

This outfit is perfect for work where you want to look polished and sophisticated. Swap the color of top and bottom and you have yourself a brand new outfit.

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