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13 Chic Plaid Coat Outfits That Will Elevate Your Cold Weather Looks


Chic Plaid Coat Outfits That Will Elevate Your Cold Weather Looks Blog Banner

When the cold weather arrives, there’s no need to sacrifice style for warmth. A chic plaid coat can be your go-to solution for staying cozy while looking fabulous. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of plaid coat outfits, unveiling versatile and trendy ways to elevate your winter wardrobe.

Whether you’re headed to the office, a casual weekend outing, or a special event, we’ve got you covered with fashion-forward plaid coat outfit ideas that will keep you both toasty and on-trend throughout the chilly season. Join us as we explore the art of combining comfort and style in your cold weather looks with the perfect plaid coat ensemble.

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Are plaid coats in style 2023?

Plaid originated from Scotland as a classic pattern in the 1700s. Initially exclusively made for men, but it filtered down fashion houses like Burberry with their signature plaids to other brands. 

Plaid signifies a coziness and hence is a staple pattern for fall and winter. 

As style evolves plaid in 2023 has evolves in different patterns, and colors to create the versatile outerwear for cold weather. 

Does it have to be plaid?

There are plenty of patterns that can give you the plaid look without actually being plaid. The idea is to have a patterned coat that will give you a different look compared to all the solid colored coats. 

So, it can be houndstooth, checkered, or plaid.

Gray Plaid Coat Outfit Ideas

A gray plaid coat is considered as the perfect elevated winter basic. It goes well with all shades of outfits. Here are some modern outfit ideas with a gray plaid coat.

Black Turtleneck + Black Jeans + Black Ankle Boots

If you love wearing all black, then you need a plaid blazer. It will make a boring all black winter outfit interesting by adding pattern to it. Also, the black and gray plaid blazer look cohesive together as they are from the same color family. 

This way your outfit looks timeless and classy and perfect for any occasion. You can add a contrasting fun colored belt to make this outfit appropriate for parties and special occasion. And a fun colored bag and see how this simple gray black outfit looks so interesting.

Plaid Coat outfit with All black

Recreate The Outfit

& Other Stories Plaid Coat

Banana Republic Cashmere Turtleneck

Levi's Slim Straight Leg Jeans

JCrew Black Ankle Boots

Valentino Vlogo Belt

Gray Crewneck + Black Ankle Pants + White Leather Sneakers

Gray will obviously look great with gray plaid blazer. It creates an interesting monochromatic outfit which you can wear from day to night. But if you are trying to create a work look, then this one is perfect for you. 

Add black ankle pants with the gray sweater and pair white leather sneakers. This creates a classy yet casual work wear that is smart and functional.

You can walk all day in the sneakers and the plaid coat makes this outfit sophisticated. 

Recreate The Outfit

& Other Stories Plaid Coat

Banana Republic Gray Cashmere Sweater

Ann Taylor Black Ankle Pants

Veja White Leather Sneakers

Black Leather Skirt + Patterned Tights + White Leather Sneakers

Looking for a chic festive look that is fun and yet classy? Add a plaid coat to a leather skirt with tights. In this outfit I have a colored turtleneck on as it is pretty cold.

Because everything else in this outfit is black and gray, a pop of color instantly gives this a festive and fun look.

The trick here is that the length of the coat is longer than the skirt making you look leaner and taller.  This could be a great cold weather day time outing or you can swap the ankle boots with tall knee high boots for a more tone down outfit.

Plaid Coat Outfit with Black Leather Skirt and Patterned Tights

Recreate The Outfit

& Other Stories Plaid Coat

WHBM Lilac Sweater

Banana Republic Leather Skirt

Patterned Black Tights

Steve Madden Suede Ankle Boots

Blue Jeans + White Turtleneck + Black Combat Boots

Looking for a way to create a casual outfit and still look put together, try this outfit. Pair a white turtleneck sweater with your favorite blue straight leg jeans. Add black combat boots and layer with a gray plaid coat. 

This way your outfit will not only look interesting, it will also be polished. 

The black color of the combat boot will coordinate well with the black shade of the plaid coat. 

This outfit is great for cold and rainy days when you are worried what to wear. Even if it rains the pattern of the coat camouflages any drizzles and the combat boots are perfect for cold weather.

Plaid Coat outfit with Combat boots and blue jeans

Recreate The Outfit

Avec Les Filles Houndstooth Coat

Vince Camuto White Turtleneck Sweater

Madewell Straight Leg Jeans

Cole Haan Combat Boots

Black Jeans+ Colored Sweater + White Ankle Boots

Black jeans will look well coordinated with a plaid coat without looking too intense if you were wearing a black coat. You can add a fun twist to the outfit by pairing a bright colored sweater. 

While you can match the color of the sweater with the color of the boots, if you don’t have it, instead of going for black ankle boots, pick white ankle boots. They add a luxe touch to the outfit.

This outfit would be a great casual holiday party outfit where you look festive but not over the top.

Checkout some more ways to wear white ankle boots.

Plaid Coat Outfit with Black Wide Leg Jeans and Colored Sweater

Recreate The Outfit

& Other Stories Plaid Coat

Tuckernuck Yellow Turtleneck Sweater

Ann Taylor Black Wide Leg Jeans

Dolce Vita White Ankle Boots

Black Sweater Dress+ Brown Tall Boots

A black sweater dress is an essential for winter but at the same time it does look boring and really basic sometimes. And easy way to elevate your outfit is by adding a plaid coat to the look. 

You can take the outfit to the next level by pairing a contrasting belt and tall boots. But even if you keep everything black, you outfit will still look classy and elevated. 

An all black look can give a washed out appearance even if its slimming, so adding some contrast with a plaid coat will bring some sophistication to your outfit.

Plaid Coat with Black Sweater Dress and Tall Boots

Recreate The Outfit

& Other Stories Plaid Coat

Nordstrom Black Sweater Dress

Sam Edelman Tall Boots

Mango Brown Buckle Belt

Black Sweater+ Colored Leather Pants + Strappy Sandals

Looking for a casual yet sophisticated going out look, this outfit with colored leather pants and plaid coat looks so put together that its perfect for parties.

The black sweater balances the outfit by being the neutral piece here. And the plaid coat adds structure to otherwise a casual sweater and leather pants look.

You can add boots, but cute strappy sandals would make this outfit date night ready.

Plaid Coat outfit with Colored leather pants and strappy sandals.

Recreate The Outfit

& Other Stories Plaid Coat

Mango High Collar Sweater

JCrew Faux Leather Pants

Dolce Vita Black Sandals

Colored Leather Midi Skirt + Matching Turtleneck + Ankle Boots

A gray plaid coat also gives you an awesome option to add pop of colors without making it all look the same. Burgundy is a popular winter shade. And this outfit is perfect for work. 

Simply match the sweater and the skirt in the same shade. And add a plaid coat. You will look polished and the coat will tone down your colored look.

Add black boots and accessories so the outfit stands out without looking over the top.

Checkout some more leather skirt outfit ideas.

Plaid Coat outfit with leather midi skirt

Recreate The Outfit

Avec Les Filles Houndstooth Coat

Quince Burgundy Sweater

Banana Republic Vegan Leather Skirt

Steve Madden Suede Ankle Boots

Brown Plaid Coat Outfit Ideas

A brown plaid coat also looks really luxe and sophisticated. It’s also a softer color tone compared to gray plaid coat. Which makes your outfits chic and feminine. 

And it looks perfect for fall to winter wear.

White Sweater Dress + Nude Tall Boots

One of the most classic outfits with a brown plaid coat which will never go out of style. Simply pair a beige or white sweater midi dress with nude boots to create a monochrome look.

Add your brown plaid coat and brown bag to create the perfect fall and winter outfit that you can wear to anywhere.

Recreate The Outfit

Steve Madden Plaid Coat

Barbour Beige Gray Sweater Dress

Sam Edelman Nude Tall Boots

Corduroy Pants + Loafer Mules

Perfect fall outfit that does not look like a pumpkin. This brown corduroy pants outfit looks polished and sophisticated when you pair it with a brown plaid coat. 

The outfit is still cohesive and elevated. The black loafer mules add a casual everyday vibe to the outfit. And burgundy turtleneck compliments the color tone of the patterns in the coat. 

This is such and awesome way to wear colors in fall. 

Recreate The Outfit

Steve Madden Plaid Coat

Quince Burgundy Sweater

JCrew Corduroy Pants

Lisa Vicky Black Loafer Mule

Contrasting Sweater Dress + Matching Tall Boots

Creating a monochrome outfit with a plaid coat becomes really easy. Even if everything else is matching when you add a plaid pattern, it adds an interesting touch. 

If you are someone who does not like to wear a lot of jewelry or accessories and are worried that your monochromatic outfits will look boring. You can be confident that it won’t be the case with a plaid coat. 

The brown color tone will coordinate well with burgundy creating a stylish winter outfit.

Plaid Coat Outfit with Burgundy Sweater dress and burgundy boots

Recreate The Outfit

Steve Madden Plaid Coat

Quince Burgundy Sweater Dress

Sam Edelman Burgundy Tall Boots

Maxi Sweater Dress + Matching Tall Boots

If you have a lighter skin tone, you can totally pull off this look. And this is the ultimate monochromatic outfit that totally matches the brown plaid coat. 

A long coat looks seamless with a maxi dress and if you match the shades of boots with the coat, this outfit will look polished and sophisticated. You can add a belt to create a waist definition and be ready for anywhere.

Plaid coat outfit with brown sweater dress

Recreate The Outfit

Steve Madden Plaid Coat

Caslon Brown Sweater Dress

Sam Edelman Tall Boots


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