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20 Chic Black Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas For Elevated Style


20 Chic Black Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas For Elevated Style

Love a good black leather jacket, but your outfits turn out looking too edgy or probably the same every time you wear it. In this post, I am sharing what to wear with a black leather jacket from everyday wear to work so you feel stylish and confident.

I resisted buying a black leather that for exactly that reason. I loved how it looked on everyone else, but I really didn’t like how edgy it looked on me when I wore. Though I love that look sometimes for sure. I also like to add versatility to any wardrobe piece that I buy.

So, this guide is your cheat sheet to creating better looks with your  black leather jacket.

Ways to Style Black Leather Jacket with Jeans

Jeans is the most common bottom to wear with leather jackets because it feels easy to style them together. Here are some ways you can style them together and not look basic. 

Wide Leg Jeans With Belt and Boots

This is the easiest way to elevate your basic jeans and leather jacket outfit. Wide leg jeans are great for cold weather, because you can wear all sorts of boots with them.

So pair your favorite wide leg jeans with a white or a black top and add a black leather jacket with it. 

You can either go nude, or pick black boots to match the black jacket. This creates a cohesive outfit and key to looking stylish.

Straight Leg Jeans With Belt and Loafers

Straight leg jeans is another awesome bottom you can pair with a black leather jacket. the straight leg style makes the jeans effortless and classy as they are not body hugging. 

And this balances the proportion with the fitted style of the moto black leather jacket. 

And adding loafers makes this outfit perfect for work wear. You have a touch of edginess but everything else looks tone down and sophisticated. 

Light Wash Jeans With Colored Top

When it comes to cold weather, we often go for dark wash jeans or black jeans. And pairing it with black leather jacket makes the outfit look intense and edgier. 

But if you pick a light wash jeans, your outfit will look fresh and much more effortless. You can take the outfit to the next level by adding a pop of color with a colored top.

This outfit is perfect for daytime everyday outfits that look casual yet chic. 

Colored Jeans With Striped Top

If you are going for slim jeans to wear with tall boots and black leather jacket, go for colored jeans. This is a great way you can add a fun pop of color and change your outfit. 

Both black leather jacket and black tall boots can feel a bit much if you wear them with black jeans. But adding a color jeans makes the outfit interesting and not so intense. 

And you can take the look to the next level by adding striped tshirt or sweater. This draws attention to the top and tones down the edginess of the black leather jacket.

Black Jeans With Striped Top

Black leather jacket with black jeans fall outfit

Ways to Style Black Leather Jacket with Pants

Trousers or pants can be a great way to change your black leather jacket look. Pants look softer and polished, so it will balance the edginess of the leather. Let’s see some easy ways you can style black leather jacket with pants and look chic.

Black Pleated Pants and Flats

Black trousers are an all year must have for every woman. You can wear it in so many ways. Pairing it with a leather jacket gives you that ultimate smart casual work wear look which is not too polished neither too edgy. 

It looks smart as the colors are cohesive. Add a white short sleeve sweater and you have yourself a go to work outfit that you will wear on repeat.

All White Outfit with White Pants

All white outfit with a black leather jacket looks absolutely fantastic specially when you are wearing white pants. You can start this outfit with white t shirt in slightly warmer weather. And as the weather gets cooler you can swap with a white sweater or a white turtleneck.

When you are wearing all white and black, you may feel that your outfit is looking boring. Adding some details with a contrast colored handbag and gold necklace will elevate your outfit.

It’s the little details that matter the most.  

Monochromatic All Black Look

You can create a similar monochromatic look with a black top and black pants with leather jacket and still create a chic and stylish outfit. 

Because of the soft trouser fabric your all black outfit won’t look that intense. The key is to mix different textures just like in this outfit. You have a satin top paired with jersey pants and black leather jacket. 

Now, if you dont want to wear all black, you can also go with navy or other closer to dark shades to change it up.

Black Pants And Colored Top

This outfit looks like a suit style but with a black leather jacket. Pair your favorite black pants and a colored top for a fun twist to the outfit. And a black leather jacket to create a cohesive outfit. 

You can wear sandals or pumps for a work wear look, but I wanted to create a casual outfit, so I added white leather sneakers for a casual everyday look. 

Who says your black leather jacket outfits have to boring. 

Colored Pants And Black top

You can also wear colored pants with a black leather jacket. The trick here to make this outfit look classy and chic is to keep the color tone of the top matching.

You can either wear a black top or you can wear a printed top with black or matching colored prints. This balances out the entire look.

Pair with a cute matching sandals and you have yourself a chic black leather jacket outfit for outing.

Ways to Style Black Leather Jacket with Dresses

Printed Short Dress With Black Tall Boots

A fun way to style a black leather jacket is to pair it with a printed dresses. The all black balances all the prints and makes this outfit wearable in the colder months. If you struggle wearing floral dresses in fall and winter, you can start with this. 

Now, to make it even more cold weather ready, add you favorite black boot. This way your outfit looks cohesive with the jacket matching the boots and you also feel cozy. 

Add a scarf if you want to add more layers for warmth, but make sure the color doe snot conflict with anything else you are wearing. 

This is my favorite style to wear when it’s really cold outside. 

Short Sweater Dress With Black Tall Boots

You can create a similar look with a short sweater dress as well. Add a lighter tone sweater dress with black leather jacket and black tall boots. 

Add a scarf to make the outfit cozy and interesting. Now, the only rule to follow here is not to wear a tight sweater dress with leather jacket. 

This will instantly make your outfit look edgy and not so appropriate for anything. 

Black Satin Dress With Heels

Black satin or silk dress paired with black leather jacket and a cute pair of heels would make a perfect date night outfit. This outfit is effortless and anyone can rock this. You just need to find a dress that’s not body hugging. 

Anything body hugging does not look flattering with the black leather jacket. Now, you also do not have to wear high heels. pick kitten heels that are comfortable and walkable. 

And when the weather gets cooler, accessorize with a scarf.

Satin or Silk Dress with Black Leather jacket

A line Dress With Heels

If you like oversized black leather jacket, you can also style them with dresses by wearing a light colored A line dress. This is where if the dress is a little fitted it will also work. 

The oversized fit of the black leather jacket will balance it out. So, if you have a black leather bomber jacket, you can wear it with an a line dress. You can also wear light satin dresses here.

Maxi Dress With Sneakers

Want a casual yet chic outfit that you can wear everyday? A maxi dress paired with a black leather jacket and white leather sneakers will be perfect for daily wear.  The feminine style of the dress will balance the edginess of the jacket. 

And with the casual sneakers your outfit will look laidback but not shabby. It’s a fun way to wear your favorite maxi dresses in cold weather. You will be comfortable and look stylish too.

Ways to Style Black Leather Jacket with Skirts

Love wearing skirts and want to style them with your black leather jackets, there are som interesting ways you can style them.

Tulle Skirt and Black Ankle Boots

Tulle skirts are my favorite style of skirts, and you can really make them versatile if you get the right tulle skirt with any kind of tops. If you are interested to know more, I have a whole post dedicated to how you can wear a tulle skirt practically everyday.

But this tulle skirt is neutral with polka dots which makes it really versatile and I have worn it in so many ways. But I love how this leather jacket outfit turned out with ankle boots.

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To make it look a bit more classic, I added a chunky necklace that matches the color of the hardware of the jacket. But you can also wear gold jewelries.

I chose a chunky necklace because it adds more of vintage and classic touch compared to lightweight necklace that can camouflage with all the hardware details of the jacket.

Denim Skirt and Black Ankle Boots

Denim skirts are trending and in a good way. They are the perfect alternative to jeans and you can pair them with a black leather jacket as well. I prefer midi to maxi length skirts because they look classier. 

Add a cute top or you can go for basic white tshirt. Now this is where you can also do black on black and get away with it. 

Tiered Maxi Skirt and Black Ankle Boots

This is my most favorite outfit because its such a non obvious way of wearing a black leather jacket. 

A tiered skirt brings in a bohemian touch to this look without much of effort. 

Since the pattern and style of the tiered skirt was the statement of this look, I wanted to keep everything else to the minimum. So, I went with a neutral top, and black accessories.

But, I think my colored hexagonal sunglasses sprinkled some more color to this overall outfit.

Tiered skirt can be an easy and more flattering alternative to a midi skirt because it not only makes you look curvier it also adds length. 

Printed Midi Skirt with Black Top And Sandals

Want to create a date night outfit , try a printed pleated skirt with black top and sandals. And add your black leather jacket to it. 

A pleated skirt is classier and looks fun too. So, it will balance the rest of the black colors in your outfit. This way your outfit does not look intense. You can wear ankle boots, but adding open toe sandals makes this outfit flirty and fun.

There are more ways you can wear the printed pleated skirt for fall and winter.

Printed pleated skirt with black leather jacket outfit

Sweater Skirt with Printed Top And Ankle Boots

When it comes time to wear sweater skirts, you can also pair them with a black leather jacket. I prefer fit and flare style of sweater skirts that look more polished and put together. Now, you can go black for top or pick a printed top which adds some interest to your outfit. 

Add black ankle boots and you have yourself a polished look that you wear everyday or wear to work as well. 

This is my favorite work outfit honestly. 

Black Leather jacket with sweater skirt outfit

Ways Not To Wear With Black Leather Jacket?

Not everything will look good with a black leather jacket. Breaking down what not to wear for better style with black leather jacket. 

  • Leather Bottoms: They just look too intense. If you are not trying to look edgy, avoid wearing them together.
  • Bodycon dresses: These look outdated and not flattering. But if you have an oversized black leather jacket, it may work.
  • Ripped Jeans: They just don’t look good. Let’s all grow up and wear normal jeans. 
  • Mini Skirts or Dresses: They will not look polished when paired with leather jackets. They will make you look edgy and honestly childish (my opinions).


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