8 Fall Outfits with Long Cardigan Coat That You Can Wear Now

This structured long cardigan coat was one of my favorite purchases last year after searching a good coatigan that I could not find anywhere. But this year, a lot of stores have these styles of structured long cardigans and I am sure you are wondering how to wear them with your everyday outfits.  

And I am also sharing some of my favorite coatigans that you can wear this season. These outfit ideas will help you create effortless looks that are also elevated because of the structured style of the cardigan. 

Unlike a regular open front cardigan which looks really laid back because of the side pockets that are loose enough to look frumpy and droopy. But this long cardigan does not have those droopy pockets. Also the straight silhouette of the cardigan gives it the Coat shape.

Since its fall, we will always have days which are warmer and days which are really cold. So, the outfits will cover both seasons because this long cardigan is the perfect layering piece.

What I am covering in this post:

Warmer Day Layering Looks

Outfit 1

Fall Outfit with Floral print Dress

The days when its warmer, you can wear your favorite floral print dress and add the structured long coatigan that looks more structured than the regular open front cardigan. I added a wrap belt to add more structure and elevate the look. And with the loafer mules the sophisticated and elevated look that you can wear for running errands. 

Or you can also wear this to work, school events. This outfit is effortless and chic.

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Outfit 2

Long Cardigan Jeans Fall Outfit

This long cardigan is also perfect for your casual jeans outfit because of the structured style. And if you are wondering how you can layer your straight leg jeans, then I am sure you figured out by this outfit that, the long cardigan looks amazing with this style of jeans. 

For my footwear, I went with loafer mules when its hot outside and you don’t want to wear boots.

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Outfit 3

In this straight leg jeans outfit, I swapped my loafer mules with white leather sneakers that look more stylish and will also keep your feet warm when its just chilly outside. And instead of wearing a plain white t shirt, I am wearing a striped T shirt. 

If the weather gets cooler, you can switch the shirt sleeve t shirt to a long sleeve one which will still keep you warm without making you too hot since the coatigan usually is thicker than the regular long coat.

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Outfit 4

Fall Outfit cannot be complete without leggings. But when its not that cold and you want to wear leggings, using this coatigan as a layering piece can elevate your leggings outfit. 

Since the faux leather leggings already make me feel warm, I decided to wear a long button down shirt which will balance the look for warmer fall days. And paired my leather sneakers as footwear. 

The coatigan is perfect for when its gets chillier outside as well as balance the leggings which sometimes feel too exposed to me.

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Cooler Day Layering Looks

Outfit 5

This cold weather fall look is perfect example for you where you can take the same floral print dress that I wore earlier with loafer mules and create a more cozy outfit for when it gets cold in fall. In this outfit, I swapped the loafer mules with black tights and black ankle boots. 

I also added a thicker belt which creates a waist definition and elevates this look. And when it gets chillier, you can add a knit scarf to keep yourself warmer and still look stylish.

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Outfit 6

As you can see, an easy way to elevate any of your cardigan outfit is by adding a belt. If you are interested to find more ways to incorporate belts in your outfits, then checkout the post where I am sharing more details on how you can add belts to your outfits.

In this outfit I am actually wearing a flared jeans which also looks more put together because of being black with a black button down shirt. This outfit is perfect for work as well, where you still want to look casual with the jeans, but want o add some put together touch with the long cardigan coat.

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Outfit 7

When its time to wear a sweater, just add a colored sweater that will brighten up any outfit. yellow is one of my favorite colors to pair with green. But if you are wearing a black or any other color coatigan, you can just add your favorite colored crewneck sweater to add some color to an all black outfit. 

My denim is black as well as my boots, which is why adding some colors at the top still balances this whole outfit. 

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Outfit 8

Black Cardigan Dress outfit

Cardigan dresses are my favorite and this is a great way you can layer it with another cardigan that does not look too much. Even if you wear black with black because of he structured style of the cardigan, it looks like I am wearing a coat. 

This is a great work from home outfit, but if you are heading out. All you need to do is add a belt and boots. 

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How to Find a Coatigan?

A coatigan looks more structured than a general long cardigan which can look bulkier. 

But below is my fit guide when I am looking for a coatigan:

  • It should not be extremely loose. Most open front cardigans are designed to be oversized and loose fit. But a long cardigan coat is designed to have a straight style and looks more structured.
  • The sleeves are not so fitted. A Coatigan almost feels like a coat. Even though the material is knit, the sleeves are still loose enough to wear another layer of knit underneath.
  • Could have a collar detail. This is not mandatory, but a collar detail definitely makes it more like a coat and looks sophisticated as well.

The coatigan, I am wearing is from Banana Republic and I am also reviewed it since I found this particular style to be so much more flattering than regular open front cardigans. Sharing some of my current favorite coatigans that will elevate your fall layering effortlessly whether you are at home or outside. These long cardigans will not only keep you cozy, they will also look way more flattering.

Affiliate links may have been used in this post. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you. For full disclosure check the disclaimer.

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