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6 White Leather Sneakers That Will Elevate Your Looks All Year Round

6 White Leather Sneakers That Will Elevate Your Looks All Year Round


My Top 6 White Leather Sneakers to Elevate Your Looks All Year Round

Sharing my favorite white leather sneakers that will make your every fall outfit look awesome and will keep your feet cozy and comfortable in fall. But the awesome part are you can continue wearing these all year around to look sophisticated and luxurious.

I love more of minimalistic sneakers that compliment my outfit and add to the sophistication which in turn makes your outfit look sophisticated and expensive. 

Though I own chunky white sneakers, I am not a big fan of over the top white sneakers for many reasons, but the most important that they don’t elevate your outfit as much as a more simple yet sophisticated sneaker would. 

If you follow this rule, all your sneaker outfits will look amazing without any effort. Let’s get to it!

Ted Baker Snake Print Sneakers

These had to be my first ones as they are also my recent purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I cannot tell you how glad I have been to find these. For the longest, I have been looking for more minimalist white sneakers that don’t drown me. 

You see, with a short torso, I almost look like a Petite and I really don’t like to hide a lot of my feet in shoes except for boots because then, I look super short. 

These sneakers are the perfect minimalist sneakers that will still show your ankles and elevate my complete look no matter how casual they look. 

The soles are not too thick, so these sneakers don’t appear chunky. 

Ted Baker Snake print Sneakers

But the best part is that even though the sneakers are leather material, they are so soft, so you can easily slide in your feet without feeling weird in them.

If you are worried that your socks will be visible in them, get these no show socks that are truly no show (I am wearing them), that stop way before the shoe’s ankle part. 

The trick is to not buy them in your size but a bit smaller one. 

The ted baker sneakers also have a bit of a snake print that adds some texture to the sneakers and looks so expensive even though they are just $160.

Price - $160

Frye Lace up Sneakers

Frye has always been one of my favorite for footwear. Its a hidden gem of a brand that not a lot of people know about and that is what makes them exclusive as well. You will be the only one rocking them. 

These are the most minimalistic white sneakers that are completely white. Which means cleaning them will always be easy. 

These sneakers are perfect everyday pair that you can literally pair with anything to elevate your outfit as well be comfortable all day. 

But what I truly love are the brown leather interior lining that makes them really luxurious and a classic pair to wear. 

All the stitching details in the sneakers just add more elevated details and the minimalistic logo makes it even more exclusive. 

I always find that minimal display of logo makes any wearable item more expensive and more importantly timeless. Which means you can keep on wearing them for years to come.

These sneakers are priced at $198, but these pairs also come in other colors if white is not your thing. 

And with Amazon prime, you can get them in 2 days with Prime Wardrobe. 

Price - $198

Veja Leather Sneakers

Another really popular white leather sneakers and on my wishlist are the Veja leather sneakers and they are for a good reason. 

The simple yet stylish and detailed design makes them stand out from other shoes. And with the signature V embroidery which is subtle yet elevated and makes them comparable to a lot of designer shoes. 

There are a lot of different versions of these Veja sneakers, but I love a simple white pair with minimal color tones, because they can easily go with any outfit you wear. 

Moreover this design detail makes them timeless. And I honestly love to look at any fashion item with that look.

The Veja sneakers are also value for money and the most affordable pair out there that look so good and are so sorted after. These pairs are priced at $120. 

The soles are also not too thick which makes them perfect for dresses and skirts where a chunkier sole can make you look short and frumpy.

But, the best part about these shoes are the sole design, which makes them look longer and in turn will elongate your legs. 

Price - $120

Tory Burch Howell Sneakers

These minimalist white leather sneakers a great designer pair that are on a BUDGET. I have been loving Tory Burch designs lately. I think they have been stepping up their design and creating styles that are elevated and effortless.

The Howell sneakers actually come in may color variations as well as designs, but the part that I love the most are the all white pair, because of the simplicity and sporty style. 

You can wear them with casual clothes, your athleisures or also with something fancier like leather pants or faux leather leggings and look elevated. 

The gold logo detail at the back of the sneakers are the only detail you will find, but that is what elevates the shoes as well. 

because of the minimalist design and the gold detail in the back, these sneakers are competing with major designer shoes like Saint Laurent or even Burberry who are double the price point.

These sneakers are only $198 which makes them perfect luxury addition to your everyday looks. 

Tory Burch White Leather Sneakers

Price - $198

Soludos Ibiza Leather Sneakers

Soludos is one of my favorite brands to visit for summer footwear, but when I saw these sneakers, they instantly became one of my favorites. 

The leather is more of a grained leather for these sneakers that looks more aged and so sophisticated. 

But the part that I loved the most is the stitching and contrasting tan leather in the back. This adds a rich touch and perfect fall color tone to al your fall looks. 

We all know that Soludos footwear are great quality and comfortable too. And these sneakers definitely look the part. 

Other than the contrasting swatch in the back, the sign of these sneakers is pretty minimal and perfect for everyday wear where you want comfort as well as style that compliments anything you wear. 

If you don’t like the low sole, these also come in a chunkier sole and that is what I love about Soludos, they really know what they are doing. 

And if white is not your thing, these pairs come in 4 more colors, so you can absolutely pick a favorite. And in terms of price point, these are just $129. 

Price - $129

Sam Edelman Low Top Sneakers

If you are on a budget, but need a pair that looks elevated, then get these white low top sneakers that compete with designer pairs. 

These sneakers are a bit chunkier compared to the rest of the sneakers that I shared, but they have a removable sole which means, you can easily adjust the sole if you prefer more low sole sneakers. 

The modern look and feel of the sneakers makes them really popular and which the minimalist design a versatile pair as well. 

Sam Edelman Ethyl Sneakers

The sneakers are just $99 which makes them a steal for the price point and a way better alternative to there designer competitors. 

I have been seeing a great improvement to Sam Edelman footwear, and these sneakers are a testament to that. 

And if you are on a Petite side and want a bit more height, then these sneakers would be perfect for you. 

Sma Edelaman White Leather Sneakers

Price - $99

Which pairs spoke to you the most out of all of these leather sneakers. And which is your go to style of outfit with white sneakers. 


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