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Classic Women’s Black Loafers to Elevate Your Work Outfit


Looking for a good quality black loafers that look classy and elevate your work look? Rounding up the best classic black loafers for you. 

And you don’t have to just wear them to work, black loafers can easily turn your casual outfits into classy looks. And they are timeless, so you can wear them year after year.

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What Are we Looking For?

Here is how we decide which loafers are timeless and classy and we definitely want to share.


The more outrageous the design the less likely they will be on trend. Its important to pick a style that you know will not look outdated in a year or two. 


Shoes have to be comfortable otherwise you wont feel confident or stylish. This is given.


When looking at 1000s of loafers, we make sure we pick the ones that are durable. Because if they can’t last long, they are not timeless.

Best Black Loafers For Women

Sam Edelman Loraine Bit Loafer

The Sam Edelman Loraine Bit Loafers are classy and a great alternative to the classic Gucci Horsebit loafers that all of us are obsessed with. The gold hardware detail looks chic and elevated. The narrow front style makes these loafers a bit masculine which adds to the sophistication of these loafers. 

They have a slight heel that adds the signature classy style of loafers. And it also has the same back pushdown style like the Gucci ones which you can push down to convert them into loafer mules. 

The style is simple yet sophisticated and would look great with jeans or with dresses as well. I also love that the leather has a texture to it which makes it really luxurious.

Because of the style of the loafers they will work best on narrow feet. But if you have wider feet, I would recommend, going half a size up. But if you have narrow feet, then size down.

Coach Haley Loafers

The Coach Haley Loafers are another great alternative to Gucci Horsebit loafers and one of my favorites. 

They are actually comfortable and true to size. So, you can buy them with confidence that they will fit you well. The horse bit has the Coach C logo in it adding a luxe touch to these timeless piece. But its not over the top, so it wont go out of style. 

You can check out my complete review of these loafers to see whether it fits your style or not.

Tory Burch Jessa Loafers

The Tory Burch Jessa Loafers are a fun classy black loafers that looks different but yet timeless. The loafers have the signature Tory Burch logo hardware, the horses. The grained leather looks so luxurious and its also durable.

I own the loafer mules in the same design and have taken it to travel, work and also everyday. And after almost a year of wear, they still look great and have not shown any sign of wear in leather. 

The leather is really soft so you can walk in them for miles without any blisters. I have ran through airport terminals, so I have tested the leather thoroughly. 

The grained leather also wears much better because it already has textures, so it wont look worn or old when you get a bit of creases. 

And the horse hardware differentiates the loafers. It has a signature look and it still looks timeless. So, it wont go out of style.

& Other Stories Equestrian Buckle Loafers

If you are looking for feminine style of loafers then the & Other Stories Equestrian Buckle Loafers is the prefect black loafers for you. The Almond shaped front looks pointy and chic. 

The gold hardware is simple yet powerful and stylish. And the design looks timeless. And with .6 inch heels, it adds  chic touch to the loafers. 

This style makes it easy to wear with not only casual clothes, but with dresses and skirts to create chic and classy looks. 

These loafers do run large which is great if you have wider feet. They will be comfortable for you. And with the cushioned insole, its also comfortable for walking. 

This is a best seller style from & Other Stories.

Lisa Vicky Zany Loafer

The Lisa Vicky Zany Loafers are a modern classy version of loafers. The oversized sole design is a blend between classic style and chunky style. 

The look like a modern day version of the Gucci Horsebit loafer. The design is still classy and minimal compared to the chunky loafers you see. They look versatile and comfortable. 

I love the 1 inch heels which looks modern and elevated and adds a feminine touch to your outfit. 

The price point is great as well. They actually look way more expensive and stylish. And they are also made out of leather so they are also durable. 

Alfani Gayle Loafers

The Alfani Gayle Loafers are another feminine classy black loafers withAlmond shaped front. The style looks timeless with simple design and the timeless style of the gold hardware. 

The soft leather and comfortable cushioned insole makes they a great pair to walk in and style all your work outfits. And the price point is great so you can buy them in every shade. 

If you are looking to start with a pair of black loafers and thinking of budget. This is the pair.

Stuart Weitzman Palmer Loafers

The Stuart Weitzman Palmer Loafers is perfect for minimalists who don’t like the gold hardware details. But I love that their is a black band around the front flap adding more details to the style.

The design of the loafers are a hybrid of classic and chunky styles of loafers. So, they look modern and perfect as a work footwear.

The 1 inch heels also adds to sophistication of the style.  

The best thing about Stuart Weitzman is that they do offer shoes in different width. They come in narrow, medium and wide feet width. But the loafers are true to size, so you can pick the size that you normally wear. 

Paul Green Square Toe Loafers

The Paul Green Square Toe Loafers are a modern classy loafers for an elevated pair for work. I love that they have a stainless steel hardware. They look more modern style and with the square toe style they look updated and yet timeless. 

The square toe adds a masculine style and the 1 inch heel adds a feminine style to the pair. This makes the design sophisticated that will elevate all your work outfits. 

The grained leather is durable and will also wear very well. The cushioned insoles make them comfortable and great to walk and stand. 

The sizing guide for these loafers are UK sizing, but they fit true to size. 

Coach Hanna Loafers

The Coach Hanna Loafers are a fun version to the Coach Haley Loafers with the chain and charm detail of the hardware.

The design is pretty much the same but the chain detail adds a modern touch to the loafers. 

The rounded toe and slip design makes them the exact match to the Coach pair I have. 

Gucci Horsebit Leather Loafer

The Gucci Horsebit Leather Loafer had to me in my list because they are the most timeless pair you could own. I own these pairs in pink and have been wearing them for 5 years now. They are still comfortable and classy. They look great with everything. 

These pairs don’t come in pink anymore but the black ones are the same material and style. 

These are the pairs that you see alternatives of. So, if you want to invest in a classy pair of loafers, this should be your first pair. They do run small. So, you should size up. I am a size US 7.5 And size 38.5 fit me well. 

Sarah Flint Rosie Loafer

I got the Sarah Flint Rosie Loafer recently and absolutely fell in love with the feminine chic make and design. The loafers have 1 inch heels that makes them look like pumps. 

The pointy toe style looks chic and perfect for dressy outfits. It also makes you look taller. Even though the loafer has no gold details, the pointy toe and the heels make them chic and elevated. 

These loafers are also made of suede, so they look very different from all the leather loafers. 

They have a 3mm extra padding for more comfortable walking and wear. And I can testify for the comfort. I have worn this all day at work without any issue. I used toe socks that would keep my toes covered, but did not feel any discomfort. 

I have narrow feet, so these worked out really well. I am a size US 7.5 and these come in EU size. So, I went with my usual 38 which were big for me. Which means they are true to size as I exchanged them for 37.5 which is 7.5 in US. 

Best Women's Black Loafers Comparison Chart

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