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How to Look Chic In Bermuda Shorts & T Shirt


Hello there, this is another quick style tip post where I am transforming an everyday look with Bermuda Shorts and T shirts into something more elevated and stylish. This outfit is comfortable as well as stylish and something that you can rock all summer. 

Summers are usually shorts wear and I prefer wear Bermuda shorts that have wide leg style. They are much longer that shorts and actually way more comfortable as well.

For someone who has shorter torso, short shorts look really short on me. But you could be wearing these long shorts for other reasons like you actually prefer them and they are also easy to wear to office. I have often seen these shorts worn in a certain way and wanted to show how you can still wear these shorts with a T shirt but transform it into something more elevated and stylish.


Lets start with what exactly is not working in the outfit combination so that we can actually fix those. 

  1. Look Boxy: The T shirt and the straight long shorts really make me look boxier than I actually am. My straight figure is somehow enhanced because of the two.
  2. Mid Area Looks Bulky: It looks like my mid area needs some structure here. I definitely look like I have some weight around my waist. The fitted T shirt paired with the shorts is not really working for me.
  3. Too Short: The Sneakers no matter how comfy they are actually cutting my legs off which in turn is making me look short even though I have longer legs.
  4. Look Frumpy: Now what does it even mean. For me this outfit makes me look like a school boy. While there is nothing wrong in that, I for sure am not a school kid. Because of the lack of structure this outfit looks not flattering and hence absolutely frumpy on me.

Step 1: Swap The Tee

There is one outfit rule that I follow which works perfectly on my straight figure and that is two always have a proportion contrast. My top and bottom should have a fitted and an oversized piece. Now I am not talking about Dad style massive T shirts or baggy jeans. But one of the piece should be a loose fit if the other one is fitted. 

So the first thing I would do in this outfit is to swap this fitted T shirt with something loose fit. So I swapped it with a relaxed T shirt. 

This definitely changes the overall shape of my body. I don’t look as boxy as I was looking before.

Step 2: Tuck In the T shirt

This step is like mandatory for me now because it really makes a huge difference to any outfit. When you tuck in, you immediately show a visible seam around your waist that defines and gives the illusion of a narrower waist. This in turn adds structure to the entire outfit and you look more put together without a lot of effort. 

Here I would not recommend a half tuck, please do a full tuck because of the longer wider shorts, a half tuck will also not do the trick.

I have an entire video about all the tucking and tying methods on my YouTube channel, check it out if you are interested.

Step 3: Add some Jewelry

If you are wearing something super casual like this outfit, adding some gold jewelry will add a feminine touch to the look and make you look chic. The effortless chic style was created with this principle in mind. 

I love adding simple pendant necklace to casual outfits that don’t look overdone but at the sometime bring in a chic detail and make my outfit look expensive as well. 

Its always about the little details that matters.

Step 4: Swap Your Sneakers

While I love sneakers, I probably don’t look the best in them. It cuts off my ankle and my legs appear way shorter than they are. This is exactly what is happening here. I will also come up with a post where I will share with what outfits you can wear sneakers that will flatter you, so stay tuned for that. 

But in this outfit, it just does not do anything. You can swap it with slides for a more casual everyday running errands vibe, but if you want to add a bit more structure and still feel comfortable then swap the sneakers with my favorite footwear for all year round, Loafer mules. 

They do all the right thing, they show my ankles giving me some much needed height. They also look structured because of the sticking details and the gold hardware. 

Step 5: Add a Third Layer

You can absolutely head out like this, but if you are like me who always needs a jacket, then add a linen blazer. They are great third layer for cooler evenings because they are lightweight and you still feel cozy in them.

Blazers are an excellent swap for casual jackets and in this casual outfit they are bringing in the much needed structure and sophistication that makes this outfit Effortlessly Chic. 

I picked a colored one, but if you have a black white or Camel one, that would work too.

Final Step

If you are heading out you definitely need your handbag and a pair of sunglasses. This step is completely optional, but swapping black sunglasses with colored ones, always looks more fun and gives your outfit a personal style touch. 

I also prefer crossbody bags that are lighter for warmer weather, but a black one will also look fantastic in this bag. I have a whole post about how you can pick and style crossbody bags that are perfect for you. I will link it below.

You can clearly see how grown up the transformed outfit looks. It looks chic and sophisticated even with shorts. you can easily wear this outfit on Monday for business casual dress code and still look put together. 

The outfit also does not look boring, it has fun colors and a personality

Shop The Look

If you like these kinds of outfit transformations, I would love to what is the next outfit you want me to transform. leave a note below.


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