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15 Ways to Style A Silk Scarf With Your Outfits To Look Chic


15 Ways to Style A Silk Scarf With Your Outfits To Look Chic

What I consider one of the most disregarded accessories, where we tend to buy once and bury deep in the crevices of our closet is the silk scarf. Perhaps we are intimidated by its fun print of bold color, or the fact that we just see it as an ordinary scarf. You are underestimating the versatility of this one accessory. From a chic headpiece to a fashionable add on to your hand-bag, the options are endless. Before I get to the styling options, let me share a few tips and tid-bits to guide you to the perfect silk scarf.

Let’s first discuss quality. Just as you would with purchasing silk clothing, there are a few factors to consider when deciding between expensive and cheaper options. Expensive silk promises both durability and insulation properties. The texture will feel smoother and softer, and gentle on sensitive skin because of its natural hypoallergenic properties. Real silk will also regulate body temperature; breathable for the summer months and will provide warmth for the winter. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a 100% silk scarf, you would look into Bergdof Goodman. There are tons of choices between prints and color. 

If you’re deciding to incorporate a silk scarf to your wardrobe, but aren’t sure how often you will use it, consider a cheaper alternative first. The appearance does not differ from a real silk scarf, the elegance and smooth look will look the same. A budget friendly yet equally as stylish option would be Echo New York. There are also fun prints, as well as the choice for cotton material if you still want a breathable option. 

In terms of color and pattern, opt for what will be best incorporated with your wardrobe. A neutral closet can be open to bright colors and fun patterns, but if you want multiple uses stick to a neutral based option. You can experiment with patterns and still find softer color selection. A brighter, colorful wardrobe can have endless options. If your accessories are usually gold or silver, or basic colors a silk scarf can be your fun accessory. You can express yourself fully and find one that speaks to your personality which makes this a fun staple to add to your everyday clothing. 

Need some inspiration on how to wear it? Here are my favorites ways to style a silk scarf.

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A Flare To Your Button-Down

Perhaps the most versatile option, take your plain button down and add some flair. If you ever wanted to transform a day to night option, this is great to take an ordinary work shirt to a night out top. It can be difficult to quickly swap your work attire to after work plans, especially if there isn’t any time to do so. This will be an easy way to switch up your look while saving additional hours commuting back home to change. I suggest opting for a silk scarf that contains a color similar to the shirt you are wearing. How do you transform your shirt to a fun silk tied shirt? First, button your shirt about half way, tie the rest of your shirt with your silk skirt in hand. Tied together will create a fashionable knot.

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by @olga_dvoryanskaya

Adding a Pop of Print

Does your outfit need a pop of color or print? Adding a silk scarf to a two piece ensemble elevates an outfit effortlessly. If you feel like your outfit is looking a bit too stiff or stuffy, styling a silk scarf into your outfit will add that stylish element you’re looking for. Your attire will still look put together but less monotonous. There are many choices on what kind of scarf you should wear here. You can either choose a print that contains a color from your outfit, or what matches to your purse and shoes. Another option will be to add a singular bright color, to give your two piece outfit an added flare.

by @rebeccalipkinauthor

A Stylish Head-Band

A lovely way to incorporate hair accessories, without it feeling too out there. Styling silk scarves to a head band is a great way to accessorize a simple outfit. When paired with a dress, it takes the formality element away and adds a more casual but still very put together ensemble. Think of summer dresses and/or a bohemian aesthetic that can benefit from stylizing your silk scarf this way.  It looks well with most hairstyles, and can take away any baby-hair and front pieces you’d like to tuck away. If you’re having trouble deciding on accessories, this will help elevate both your hair and outfit. 


Statement Vest

Did you ever want to wear a vest for the spring or summer without the added layer? Adding a silk scarf on top of your shirt will do the trick for you. If sophistication is what you are looking for, a vest like effect shown here can effortlessly elevate your outfit. The inspiration taken here can show you that a simple white dress immediately stands out with a silk scarf layered. It’s a great addition to your summer vacation, in the evenings you decide to dine out. You may also choose to add other accessories, depending if you would like to dress up or dress down. 


Off The Shoulder Ensemble

by @sarahflint_nyc

Makeshift Blouse

Have you had your share of accumulating multiple shirts and blouses? Why not make your own? Creating a shirt with your silk scarf is another genius option. What I like most about the silk top trend is its multifaceted qualities in terms of creating outfits. You can style it as a tube top or halter like shown here, and can be paired with your favorite pair of pants or jeans. The silk scarf can also be wrapped around an existing tank top and then be paired with a skirt for a dressed up option. If wearing it alone, make sure to wear a trusty bandeau underneath for support!

by @taycurlew

Elegant Bandana

If you want to achieve the look of a vintage rivera getaway, styling your silk scarf to a headscarf immediately indicates that vibe. This chic headpiece can embody the most put together individual in one single accessory. Pair with your favorite sunglasses to encompass mystery and sophistication. An example to achieve that flair would be a little black dress, or a fitted pencil skirt. If you wish to scale it down a tad, a pair of straight jeans or black pants will still emulate that elegant look. To create a headscarf, carefully drape over the crown of your head and create a small tight knot in the back.

by @l.n.gufo

Cute Bowtie

A 70’s inspired look, this styling option is classic and a nod to the hippie era. The bow tie look is creating a similar look to what was popular in the age of bohemian style. It’s a fun way to incorporate vintage trends and looks. Try bell bottom jeans and velvet footwear to achieve a retro era, but balance it with a fitted top to modernize the outfit. Stick to clustered floral patterns if you wish to stick to the decade’s vibe. An added bonus is that it is the easiest way to incorporate neckwear. 

by @elodieromy

Statement Tie

Do you like the style of a tie but want a feminine approach? Tie your silk scarf close to your neck and that will give the appearance of a long, loose tie. If you like to achieve the suited look without the stiff elements, pair it with a satin button down or tailored blazer. This proves a business casual attire that is perfect for your work capsule wardrobe or a twist to your night out. Choose a color or pattern that is bolder, that gives a fun contrast to your more subdued look.

by @kerpaz.scarf

Feminine Neckerchief

Another ode to the vintage era, this neckerchief style is for my retro individuals. If you would like another way to include an old-school approach, styling your silk scarf as a neckerchief emulates that look easily. Staple pieces such as oversized button downs, tassel boots, and leather boho bags will pair greatly with this particular style. Choose a smaller dimension for your silk scarf as it will be easier to achieve this shorter neck-tie.

by @beyondscarf

Modern Handkerchief

by @beyondscarf

Printed Necklace

Replace your statement necklace with this simple silk scarf. It may go without saying, but this is the easiest way to incorporate this accessory to your outfits. With the warmer months approaching, perhaps you don’t want to deal with the hassle of wearing statement jewelry. The “necklace” method will give your effort the added flare to keep you both light and cool. If you need to tie your hair back in a pinch? You have just the accessory near you as well.

by @noemizadra_

Hair Tie Accessory

Trying to decide what to do with your hair? Sometimes, the longest decision to make about an outfit is figuring out what hairstyle to do. Using a silk scarf takes away that trouble for you. Wrapping it around a simple ponytail elevates your hair and outfit in seconds. It adds a feminine touch without it looking immature. Another fun way to incorporate a silk scarf into your hair could be wrapped around a low bun. 

by @kendrascott

Silk “Keychain”

An asset to your handbag, and a fun twist to something that has probably been hiding in your closet. Taking your favorite purse or one that you haven’t used in a while, can look fresh and new with a silk scarf. You have probably seen it style this way before, or perhaps sold with your favorite designer handbag. However, why not choose your own for half the price as well as have your personal customization? There is creative freedom when it comes to color and print, you can match it to your purse or add a bright element. 

by @sarahflint_nyc

Sophisticated Headscarf

Getting back to the boho chic, this is a contemporary version to your elegant bandana look. More laid back and casual, this styling of the silk scarf is ideal for your days at the park or your trips to the beach. It gently pushes back your hair, so you can move freely about but still allows you to keep your hair down. Similar to a half up, half down hairstyle. You can pair this look with your favorite t-shirt or tank bodysuit, or your cutest bathing suit. . 

by @elwynnewyork

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