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The Best Summer Handbags That Will Elevate All Your Looks In 2024


The Best Summer Handbags That Will Elevate All Your Looks In 2024

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to switch out your cold-weather handbag for something more appropriate for the warm weather. With a new season comes new styles, trends, colors, and patterns. Additionally, the new season brings new events, occasions, and festivities that you need a new bag for. This season, there are several new handbag trends that are making a splash.


There is a trending summer handbag for everyone. If you have a chic and elevated style, you will find handbags on this list that match your wardrobe to a T. If you’re more bold, colorful, and playful with your style, I have the best summer handbags for you on this list. I even have bags of various sizes on this list. So, if you’re the type of person to strut around with a mini bag or the type of person who likes a big bag they can use to haul lots of items, I have you covered. I even have some suggestions for some work-appropriate summer handbags you will want to get your hands on.


Whether you’re spending your summer at a rooftop bar, the park, or the pool, there are some trending warm-weather bags you’ll want to carry with you. If you’re wondering what the best summer handbags are for the upcoming season, keep reading.

Best Bag Styles For Summer

Circular bags

The shape of the season is circles. Circular bags were huge on the spring/summer runway this season. The circular bag trend includes over-the-shoulder bags that have a circular shape to them, and bags with a handle that are actually shaped like circles. These bags pair well with just about any outfit, but they may be slightly more suitable for evening wear because they are typically smaller in size. However, if you don’t have a lot to carry around with you during the day, a circular bag is the best thing to reach for when it comes to daily wear. You can style a circular bag of the same color with a monochromatic outfit to add some structure and shape to the outfit. This structured and chic style can make any outfit instantly feel more elevated and sophisticated.

Budget Option

PRICE: $255.00

Luxury Option

PRICE: $1700

Red handbags

Circle is the shape of the season and red is the color of the season. Red clothing, shoes, makeup, hats, and handbags are all the rage right now. Not only is red trending in just about every area of fashion, but all shades of red are popular too. If you have a more vivid and bright style, fire-engine red is the shade you will likely gravitate towards. However, if you prefer jewel tones or darker, moodier colors, burgundy is just as trendy this season.

When styling your red handbag, consider pairing the bag with an outfit that doesn’t have any other red in it. Even though red isn’t technically a neutral, using it as such can make an outfit look more stylish, fashionable, and interesting. If you’re less interested in making a bold statement, you can wear red with neutrals or all-black outfits to add a subtle and chic pop of color to your looks. Even pairing a red lip with a red handbag can make a big impact, without having to try too hard. A red handbag is ideal for a day at the office, a girl’s night out, and even a trip to the park for a picnic.

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Bags with chain straps

The perfect outfit is one that effortlessly combines colors, patterns, and/or textures. If you want to be more stylish, try adding more texture to your outfits by wearing summer bags with chain straps. The metal of the chain strap adds texture to an outfit, while also helping your handbag look more expensive and unique. If you like matching your metals, select a handbag with a metal strap that matches your go-to shade of jewelry, whether that be gold or silver. On the other hand, mixing metals is also a great way to make a big impact with the smallest pieces of your outfit. Have fun when styling your bag with chain straps. Many of us may think of these chains as something that dresses up an outfit, but you can wear a bag with chain straps casually as well. 

Woven straw bags

The best summer handbags year after year are woven straw bags. Straw, bamboo, wicker, and rattan are textures that are on trend every summer. Nothing screams summer more than a woven straw bag. Of course, these bags are perfect for a day at the beach, but you can also wear your woven straw bag to work, to lunch dates, and to a night out on the town. Woven straw bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find larger totes for beach days and smaller shoulder bags for more formal occasions. The neutral color of woven straw bags also makes them ideal for daily wear all season long.

Canvas totes

Bags with buckle details

The 2000s are back, whether we like it or not. If you’re not interested in embracing low-rise jeans, you can still channel the y2k trend with your accessories. One of the biggest styles from the 2000s that has made a resurgence in the handbag world is buckle bags. The larger the buckle detail, the better if you’re trying to achieve that y2k look. If the big statement buckle is for you, reach for a bag that has eye-catching hardware that compliments your jewelry. If you’re more interested in a smaller statement, many designers sell subtle buckle-detail bags that add just enough texture to an outfit to enhance it. Chic and subtle buckle bags are good for a professional or formal environment, while more bold and decorative buckle bags are perfect for casual wear.

Metallic bags

As mentioned previously, bags with chains and buckles are in fashion. These metal accents are all the range this season, so it only makes sense that metallics are on trend as well. A metallic bag can add the perfect amount of color and texture to an otherwise flat and simple outfit. This shine is perfect for the warm and sunny months of the year. Most metallic bags are available in either gold or silver. However, you can find a metallic bag in just about any color if you hunt hard enough. You can even find metallic bags that mix gold and silver if you’re a fan of mixing metals. A small metallic bag would be perfect for wearing to a wedding, a girl’s night out, or a dinner date, while larger metallic bags are perfect for beach days, trips to the mall, or even wearing to work.

Large leather bags

Mini bags have been a big trend for the past couple seasons, but they now have some competition. Large leather bags are also on trend this summer season. If the mini-bag trend wasn’t practical for you, the larger leather bag trend certainly will be. These large totes are perfect for students or working professionals who need a lot of space in their bags for laptops, documents, and supplies. Large leather bags are also great for moms on the go who need to carry their children’s essentials at all times. Even single women can enjoy the spacious convenience and eye-catching style of large leather bags this summer.


Bucket bags

Continuing on the trends that are coming back from the 2000s, bucket bags are all the rage for summer 2024. Bucket bags combine the sleek silhouette of a mini bag with the spacious and functional shape of a tote bag. The structured shape of bucket bags is additionally what makes them so attractive for the summer season. The spring/summer runways for 2024 featured tons of structured bags. When it comes to bucket bags, they can be worn professionally or casually. Bucket bags can also easily be dressed up or dressed down. If you want to wear your bag to work, consider a leather option. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a casual bag to wear to brunch, a bucket bag made from woven straw is more suitable. However, don’t be afraid to switch it up! A woven straw bag can have its place in the office and a structured leather bag can become a daily bag worn casually. It’s all about how you incorporate your bag into your lifestyle.

Floral bags

I talked about the trending colors, shapes, and sizes of summer handbags, but I have yet to mention the trending pattern. Well, that pattern is floral. I know, groundbreaking! But florals are the elegant and feminine pattern for handbags this summer. You can find bags with muted florals if you’re not a fan of bold and vibrant prints, but you can also find more colorful and statement-making floral patterns if you like to make a statement with your handbag. Micro-floral prints, monochromatic floral prints, and even black and white floral prints are included in this trend. In addition to the floral pattern, flowers themselves are on trend when it comes to summer 2024 handbags. Bags in the shapes of flowers or bags with printed or embroidered flowers on them are among the best summer handbags you can find this year.

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