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Coach Haley Loafer Honest Review: Should You Buy It


Coach Haley Loafer Honest Review: Should You Buy

Looking for a classy looking black loafer and stumbled on the Coach Haley Loafers. And wondering whether it’s worth the purchase? In this post I am reviewing these timeless loafers after wearing them for over a year. And giving you my verdict. 

What is the difference between Coach and Couch Outlet

The biggest question that must be coming to your mind, whether these outlet products are old or last season or even returned items. And the answer is no. 

Here is what a former Director of Corporate Sales Training says about the difference. 

The Coach Outlets have outlet specific “core” products and then specialty styles and color overstock from the retail stores. There is no difference in quality but obviously selection is limited. The Outlet Specific products have a “bullet” stamp next to the Coach logo on the inside of the bag which is the way to also know it is authentic Coach Factory. Hope this helps.

This means that these products are made and sold specifically on the Coach outlet and because they are manufactured on a bulk, you can get a good deal on them.

That is why a lot of time, they might seem outdated in style. But if you make the right choices, they won’t be.

Product Review

Lets checkout details of how these loafers did.

Price And Fit

I own a pair of Gucci Brixton loafers in pink and I absolutely love it. But I did not want to buy another designer pair, for many reasons and price was another factor. 

But I wanted a good quality pair that looks classy and will go with all my work outfits and I can walk comfortably. 

These shoes are made in US sizes and I thought because they are close toe loafers, I need to size up, but I had to return the first pair I bought in size 8. 

My shoe size in US sizing is 7.5 and that is what I am wearing now. 

And the Coach Haley Loafers retail for $119. 

These loafers are True to Size and made in US sizing.

Design, Material And Comfort

The Coach Haley loafers are made out of slight grained leather with rubber sole, pretty much what you would see for the Gucci loafers. 

I love the simple horse bit style of the hardware with the C logo clasps on the side. It looks luxurious and classy all the way.  The gold hardware adds more details to the loafers but they are not overpowering the overall design. 

I love these styles of loafers that are simple but the hardware details make them look elevated. 

Coach Haley Loafer Pics
Coach Haley Leather Closeup

One of the biggest reason for picking these loafers were the top flap design which is not as protruding as you would see in most loafers. The Gucci loafers also don’t have the protruding top flap. This makes the loafers feminine and wearable with dresses and skirts as well. 

All in all this is the design that makes these loafers classy. 

Coach Haley Loafer Overall Style

As you can see from the closeup up top, you will see some crease in the leather from wear. This is natural to most soft leather shoes, but since these are in black they are not at all evident. 

I have worn these shoes for a whole day with no shoe socks and have felt comfortable the complete day. I have also work them with tow socks that cover the toes but your backs are open, and I still did not have any blisters. And mind you I have sensitive feet. 

And if you feel like you can’t wear these shoes all day, you can also fold the back exactly like the Gucci Briston loafers and transform these loafers into loafer mules. Isn’t that genius. 

Coach Haley Loafer as Loafer Mules

How Long To Break Them In

Most leather shoes have a wear in period. But with loafers it’s a bit different. Unlike sandals, you need to wear socks with loafers. 

But if you are wearing this in summer, you can go sockless. It took me just 2-3 wears to get them to be comfortable as these shoes have a wider foot design, so they don’t brush a lot against my skin. 

Coach Haley Loafer vs Gucci Brixton Loafers

Since I have both the loafers, I wanted to show you how identical they are in terms of design and eventual leather wear. 

The hardware details are slightly different. Gucci Brixton has Horsebit style of hardware and Coach haley loafers have a slight C logo take on it. 

The design of the loafers are absolutely identical to the pointed toe, stitching and the back flap which folds to transform them into loafer mules. 

The Gucci Brixton’s used to come in many shades, but now they are only available in Back and White.

Coach Haley Loafers

Coach Haley Loafer

Gucci Brixton Loafers

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a classy loafer and don’t want to pay a lot of money to buy the classy Gucci Brixton Loafers, then these are your best friends. They are comfortable actually more comfortable than the Gucci ones, and are timeless shoes to have in your collection. 

If you are not a fan of the black loafers, you can also pick the white loafers which are equally stylish and timeless. 

Overall I think the Coach Haley loafers are one of the most comfortable shoes for a really good price point of $119.

Coach Haley Loafer Outfit

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