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19 Stylish Black Cardigan Outfits Ideas That Are Not Basic


19 Stylish Black Cardigan Outfits Ideas That Are Not Basic

Wondering how to upgrade your basic black cardigan outfits, checkout some stylish ways to style them with your everyday outfits to look sophisticated.

A cropped cardigan has become an essential in my closet because it is so comfortable and a perfect piece for layering. I have bought a few more, but this one from & other stories is my favorite. 

Specially because of the button closure and the cute gold bees button style that reminds me of spring a lot. 

I hope this post will inspire you to be more creative with your cardigan looks and if you have a suggestion on what I should share next, I would love to know. please drop a note below in the comment section.

Black Cardigan Outfit Ideas

Slouchy Pleated Wool Trousers + Cap Toe Ballet Flats

When you want to elevate your cardigan while remaining casual, a pair of wide-leg pleated wool pants and cap-toe ballet flats can help you do just that.

This look not only balances comfort with a chic aesthetic­–but also incorporates understated elegance into your everyday style. The slouchy wool trousers provide a relaxed yet upscale silhouette, while the flats add a touch of finesse.

To complete this outfit, opt for a quilted purse and some sleek cat-eye shades.

Wear it to the kids’ sports games, the office, for errands and during your downtime for a relaxed yet refined aesthetic.

Black Cardigan Outfit with Gray Pants and Ballet Flats
by @fakerstrom

Wool Coat + Tailored Pants + Timeless Loafers

To achieve a more classic elegance, wear a structured black cardigan underneath a draped oversized wool coat. Pair this with tailored high-rise pants and traditional almond-toe loafers.

Instead of socks, opt for sheer black thigh highs for a chic touch. A structured top handle purse and cat-eye sunglasses would work well here. 

For jewelry, a sleek chain bracelet coupled with a statement ring is what you’ll need to complete this look. 

This ensemble effortlessly blends timeless fashion with elements of modern style, making it ideal for those who want to showcase an upscale fashion sense. 

As a tailored and conservative outfit, it’s an ideal choice for the office, conferences, meetings and networking events.

Black Cardigan Outfit with Tailored Pants
by @rebekabarath

[Cardigan]  [Coat]  [Pants]  [Loafers]  [Sunglasses]

Cotton T-Shirt + Straight Leg Jeans + Bright Pumps

A thick black cardigan can be styled like a bomber jacket, which means that a classic cotton t-shirt and a pair of high-rise straight leg jeans with a standard leather belt will complement this type of cardigan well. 

The star of the show here, however, isn’t the cardigan. It’s the shoes.

A pair of bright slingback pumps in a hue like orange will do wonders to upgrade this fit from average to stunning. The heels elongate the legs, creating a more graceful silhouette–while the bright shade adds a pop of color that commands attention.

To further enhance this black cardigan look, combine bracelets of different textures and colors for an exciting contrast. Try pairing a green bangle, a pearl bracelet and a leather band to create an eye-catching combo.

Complete the fit with a sleek satchel and tortoise shell shades.

What’s convenient about this ensemble is that it’s uncomplicated while still being versatile. Since it balances both style and comfort, you can wear it during the day or evening. Try it out for movie night, a late-night pizza run, or a casual day out with friends.

Black Cardigan Outfit With Jeans and Pumps
by @alicecatherine

Short Wool Coat + Mini Skirt + Knee High Boots

Conquer the day in style by pairing your cardigan with a short wool blend peacoat, a mini skirt and knee-high boots. Complete the look with a structured handbag and chic oval shades.

Black cardigan outfits like this one exude confidence and a sharp fashion sense. 

Here, it’s the mini skirt that adds a feminine touch, while the cropped coat ensures the silhouette remains modern and sophisticated. The boots offer a sleek contrast to the more playful mini skirt, balancing the cardigan’s elegance.

It’s an ensemble that’s equally at home on a city street or at a trendy brunch spot. You can also wear it to go museum hopping or for a fun night at the theater.

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Black Cardigan Outfit with Mini Skirt and Knee High Boots
by @alicecatherine

[Cardigan] [Coat] [Skirt] [Shoes

Relaxed Dark Jeans + Converse Sneakers

You can still be stylish even on your most casual days thanks to your black cardigan. To pull this off, opt for a pair of relaxed jeans in a darker shade like black. Complete the look with classic Converse sneakers in a similar hue. 

Here, the shoes will provide the details–allowing you to skip the accessories. A simple black nail polish will do to add the final touches for a put-together look with minimal effort.

This minimalist approach to styling your cardigan is perfect for those times when you have no idea what to wear on a casual day. It’s easy to put together and is versatile enough for many informal occasions. 

Try it on for a quick grocery run, a day at the mall, a travel outfit, or casual get-togethers.

Black Cardigan Outfit With Jeans and Converse
by @michelle.cabarlo

Plain T-Shirt + Straight Leg Jeans + Chic Booties

For a look that embodies effortless style, pair your black cardigan with a plain crewneck t-shirt, straight leg jeans and snake-embossed ankle boots. 

Enhance the ensemble with a classic beret and a top handle tote bag. You can accessorize with a tiered necklace, hoop earrings and a casual gold ring.

When it comes to black cardigan outfits, this look stands out for its subtle yet elegant blend of textures and detailing. The animal print booties add a touch of edginess, while the beret upholds classic style elements. 

Overall, the fit is simple enough for casual wear thanks to its comfortable basics.

Wear it to run errands, for farmers market shopping, to grab coffee with friends, or for casual meetings.

Black Cardigan Outfit with Jeans and Ankle Boots
by @alicecatherine

[Hat]  [T Shirt]  [Cardigan]  [Jeans]  [Ankle Boots]  

Tailored Pants + Slingback Heels + Structured Top Handle Purse

Structured, formal black cardigans can still be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. By choosing tailored trousers, slingback pumps and a structured top handle bag–you set the stage for a sophisticated outfit with clean lines and just the right amount of elegance.

Thanks to the boldness of the gold cardigan buttons and statement handbag, you’ll only need a pair of ovate earrings to complete the look. 

Since this fit has a stylish and refined aesthetic, it’s the ideal business casual uniform. Plus, it’s structured enough to help boost your confidence and be taken seriously in work environments.

This ensemble is a suitable choice for the office, business meetings, networking events and coworking spaces.

Black Cardigan Outfit - With Black Pants and Pump

Black Cardigan + Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are the easiest way to look chic and put together but still be able to be comfy the entire day. I specially love midi skirts I can wear and lounge the entire day while working or reading.

In this outfit I wanted to share a mono chromatic look that you can create with a similar shade coat or cardigan you might have. 

Winter monochromes with color always looks more vibrant. And with a third piece you will easily be ready to step out if needed.

Solid T-Shirt + Classic Jeans + Open Toe Sandals

If you prefer your black cardigan outfit to feel more casual, try it out with a plain cotton t-shirt, a pair of classic blue jeans and some open-toe sandals. This casual chic look can be topped off with a rope chain necklace and simple hoop earrings.

The appeal of this ensemble lies in its daily wearability. It’s a look that’s straightforward and low maintenance, which means a messy bun and a makeup-free face will only enhance its casual flair.

What’s more, the subtle touches–such as the asymmetrical design of the sandals and the unique necklace details–make it a stand-out choice for a relaxed yet put-together look.

Let this be your go-to outfit for picking the kids up from school, coffee runs, walking the dog and grocery shopping.

Black Cardigan outfit with white tshirt and blue jeans with sandal
by @petiteknit

Black Cardigan + Slouchy Jeans

I literally live in slouchy jeans, and I shared my thoughts about them in the post about quitting skinny jeans for more than a year. It is one of the most life changing wardrobe essentials for me. 

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And now more than ever when I have to sit for longer periods of time and honestly don’t know how that happens when working at home, I have been relying on slouchy jeans to look good and still be comfortable. 

In this outfit, I added a button down shirt and topped with the cropped cardigan for the perfect business casual look which you can wear at home and at work too.

Loafer mules are my go to when I want to look effortless and still a little put together. They are so comfortable and you should absolutely own one.

Quick Tip: Adding a gold necklace is the extra piece to the puzzle. It makes you look put together even if you have not done a full face of makeup.

White Shirt + Leather Mini Skirt + Knee High Boots

When you need an elevated cardigan outfit that exudes sophistication, opt for a quality button-down blouse tucked into a leather mini skirt. Croc-embossed knee-high boots will further enhance this ensemble, adding an air of high fashion. 

To accessorize, pair this fit with sheer black tights, chic cat-eye shades and diamond stud earrings for a polished finish.

On days that call for classy and refined style, this ensemble checks all the boxes. It will enhance your cardigan with curated textures and sleek lines. The short leather skirt offers a bold, edgy contrast to the softness of the blouse and cardigan combo–while the croc boots introduce an upscale element. 

Wear it to museums, art exhibits, city brunches and meetups with friends or colleagues at trendy spots.

Black cardigan outfit with leather mini skirt
by @babba

Wide Leg Faux Leather Pants + Stylish Mule Loafers

Some days, your cardigan fit will need nothing more than a pair of wide-leg faux leather trousers and some chic mule loafers with metal detailing.

However, if you’re in the mood to accessorize, opt for a thin rope necklace accompanied by a round pendant necklace for a layered look. Choose a leather strap watch with minimalist features and metal frame shades.

To upgrade this ensemble even further, slide on a bangle bracelet set along with a statement ring. Top it all off with an animal print clutch. 

The charm of this ensemble lies in the black cardigan’s ability to harmonize the look. It injects a laid-back appeal that transforms the outfit into an approachable yet stylish everyday choice–even with statement accessories.

It’s ideal for weekend strolls, casual dining, wine tastings, coffee dates with friends and even short road trips.

Black Cardigan outfits - With Faux Leather Pants and Loafers
by @lastseenwearing

Scoop Neck Blouse + Wide Leg Slacks + Sleek Ankle Boots

Elevate your black cardigan outfit with a minimalist scoop neck blouse, wide-leg dress pants and some sleek booties. Complete the ensemble with an upscale leather belt and a compact leather purse.

This look takes the black cardigan and transforms it into a polished and contemporary statement piece. It’s an outfit for days when you want to put your best foot forward while still keeping it simple. 

Wear it for work, for trips to the city, to company luncheons and for social events that call for smart casual attire.

Black Cardigan Outfits - White Pants and White Ankle Boots
by @lastseenwearing

Black Faux Leather Midi Skirt + Printed Shirt + Slingback Pumps

Want to wear your black cardigan to work where you have a business casual dress code? This outfit is perfect for you. The black wool cardigan balances the faux leather shine of the skirt. Which makes is work appropriate. 

Now, the outfit will look boring by itself, so the printed button down shirt balances the whole look. Scrunch up your sleeves to show a little bit of the shirt sleeves for more pop of colors. 

You can wear ankle boots if it’s cold with the skirt. Or you can wear slingback pumps that are really comfortable. 

Instead of going for black pumps, adding a neutral tone makes this outfit effortless and stylish.

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Black Cardigan outfit with leather skirt and printed shirt

Black Cardigan + Leather Pants

I have always loved leather pants which are an elevated bottom for winter weather when denims just don’t do it for me.

Also the texture of the leather makes the outfit look way more expensive that it is. And it does not have to be real leather at all. In fact I am wearing faux leather pants that are really good quality.

I wore the cardigan like a sweater and added a thick scarf to keep my neck warm and cozy. 

I wanted to make this outfit cozier and casual so I opted for my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers that add a bit of brightness to this all black look.

Striped Tee + Straight Leg Jeans + Loafers

This effortless chic black cardigan outfit can be worn in spring and summer when the weather is not that hot nor cold. The striped tee adds more detail to the outfit by adding an interesting pattern. 

It balances the overall casual look with straight leg jeans and cardigan. Add loafer mules that are breathable yet look sophisticated. Even striped tee and black cardigan look cohesive because of the black pattern creating a monochrome look.

This outfit is perfect for running errands where you really can’t be bothered with a lot of things, but it looks put together.

Black cardigan outfit with striped tee

Black Cardigan + Shirt Dress

I know this is not the most practical specially for winter when its really cold, but there will be transitional weather coming soon when it gets slightly warmer and you definitely need a lighter layer.

I find shirt dress really versatile piece of clothing that can transform in so many different looks.

In this particular look, I wore the cropped cardigan and belted it on top of the sweater dress which adds a warm layer to the outfit. 

You can wear tights to keep your legs war, and then wear a tall boot. But if you are heading out, you would need a warm coat anyways which will be like a nice blanket on top. 

I added a plaid coat which kind of matches the plaid shirt dress and looks so sophisticated. This is my Go To Coat for so many years and I have gotten so much wear out of it.

Black Cardigan + Striaght leg Jeans

Loose fit jeans like striaght leg and wide leg jeans can easily be worn with a short length back cardigan. 

They give the illusion of being slender. and also balance the shortness of the cardigan.

Checkout some more ways of wearing cardigan with jeans.

They are also comfortable and since they are high waisted, I get some core support. 

I chose to wear strappy sandals to a touch of going out vibe with the casual jeans. Since the cardigan has a deep V neck I wore a lace camisole underneath to add a romantic touch to the overall look.

Black Cardigan + Satin Skirt

This red satin skirt was an addition to my closet for christmas, but it also makes for a perfect valentine’s day outfit. 

I decided to flip the cropped cardigan and wear the back side in the front. The gold button details adds a romantic touch to the whole outfit and because the skirt has a front slit, this balances out the whole look. 

I also realized that this is such a cool way to get more wear out of 1 piece of clothing. The cardigan was completely transformed into a back open sweater.

For more ways to style cardigans, please read:

Would love to know which outfit is your favorite and what is your Go to way of wearing a cardigan


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