Look Boho Chic In Jeans – Easy Style Tip


Modern Bohemian is my favorite style, and its so much better than the traditional style because it has a casual and structure vibe to the look that I absolutely love. And you can totally nail the look with a jeans. so lets start.

Step 1

Add a bohemian top which looks more flowy. This top from Free People has eyelet embroidery that is a perfect boho vibe and the puff sleeves add to the drama. The shirt style gives a modern style of bohemian look to the outfit. 

And let’s not forget that tucking in always makes everything more put together and stylish. 


Step 2

Adding bohemian accessories like a western style belt and a boho sandal. Both of these are from Free People.

Bohemian accessories often have more of a retro detail that gives an old charm to the look. The embroidery or earthy tones add to the bohemian vibe of the look and is often the easiest way to achieve the look. 

The belt is neutral with stud details and the sandal is simple with earthy tones.

Step 3

If you don’t have any bohemian shoes or belts, then this is an easy way to add the bohemian style. Using some tassel earrings and some gold finger rings are the easiest ways to get the boho chic vibe. 

This is also the modern way of creating a bohemian style to your look even when you are wearing suits. I love how gold jewelries can add a vintage touch to your look. And natural tassel rings are a very simple yet beautiful way of imbibing boho chic style.


Step 4

Add a straw hat to the outfit. This is a perfect way of creating a boho chic vibe in summer since wearing a felt hat can be a bit warm.

A straw hat is not a bohemian style itself, but the natural material of the hat makes it that. And it gives an awesome vacation vibe too.

I am really excited to see how you guys put your own spin to this look. Snap a picture and use the hashtag #pinkaprildiarystyletips on Instagram. I have created a pin for you all to save as a photo for reference.

And I will see you guys next Monday with another quick style tip.

Step 5

And lastly adding a bohemian bag would create the perfect boho chic look. The embroidered details of the bag adds an awesome bohemian vibe to the look.

Dont have any such bag, no worries, just add a brown bag or a beach bag to the look and you are done. 

Both of them add a more natural earthy tone to the look to create a boho chic vibe.

Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt-3

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