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Your Complete Winter Capsule Wardrobe Plan with Colors


In this post I am not only sharing my complete colorful capsule wardrobe plan, but a step by step guide of how you can build it too with winter colors. If you are like me who loves colors then you definitely want to continue rocking them even in the dead cold winter and you can absolutely do it as well. 

I have created this versatile plan that will maximize the wear out of each of the pieces as well as make it easy for you to wear them with other items in your closet. That is the idea behind all of my capsule, not only make the outfits fun and stylish but also help you to incorporate the capsule with other clothing items in your closet so you can make the most of all of them. 

What is the point of creating a capsule if you cannot wear it with anything else!

So let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Why Colorful Capsule Wardrobe?

This is key for any capsule, but specially important for colors because if you don’t like wearing them, there is no point in doing this. But if you are like me who loves colors, then a capsule wardrobe is a best way to add them to your wardrobe. 

This way you can create stylish outfits effortlessly because each of the pieces go well with other items. When we shop or incorporate colored clothing to our wardrobe, sometimes we ignore how we can style them easily. So, this capsule plan will help you with that. 

This also helps you not over buy a color which is ok, but that should be a conscious decision rather than an impulse buy. Since I have started building these colorful capsule wardrobes, I have to say, my outfits look more cohesive and I don’t end up wasting money on similar pieces. 

This also helps you to build a cohesive wardrobe which you can enjoy for years rather than throwing away everything and starting from scratch.

How to Curate Colors In The Capsule Wardrobe?

The whole wardrobe plan depends on it. It is important that you curate a color scheme for your capsule wardrobe. Without which, the outfits will not look cohesive and you won’t be able to create effortless outfits. I love colors and want to incorporate as many of them in my capsule wardrobe plan, but you might not be on the same boat.

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If you are new to colors, I always recommend starting with one color and wearing it with basics shades like black and white. You can still create a versatile look by buying different shades and tones of the same color. No two yellows or blues in fabric will look the same. This way you can easily create monochromatic outfits which I talk about in another blog post and look chic and effortless.

Since winter is more of a gloomy weather for me, I wanted to add brightness and vibrancy in my looks with bright colors, so I chose 4 shades, yellow, Fuchsia, Red, Green. 

A lot of these pieces I added from my existing wardrobe. But the plan that you can download here has new pieces included to help you create your capsule easily in case you don’t have them. Fee free to replace them with items that you already own. 

This definitely helps your wallet and makes you feel nice that you ca rewear pieces by styling them in a different way.

What's Included In the Colorful Capsule Wardrobe?

I am going to list down all the items that I have added in the capsule plan so you can shop them and curate your looks using the PDF guide. This just makes it easier for everyone to follow along.

Tops In The Capsule Wardrobe

I have tried to incorporate one of each color here, but you are welcome to add more pieces if you have different styles of them. I have also added a printed Button Down shirt for versatility because sometimes wearing just sweaters can feel boring.

Sweaters In Color

Adding some colored sweaters is the easiest way to add color to your outfits. Here are 4 colored sweaters I have added:

The goal is to keep the style of these sweaters simple so they are easy to blend with other pieces in the capsule.

Basic Sweaters

You also need basic colors in this capsule to pair colored outerwear with them. But you don’t need a lot of them. I only picked 2:


Bottoms In The Capsule Wardrobe

Most of these you might already own. And I wanted to keep it that way. Its important to still have some primary colors in your plan so you can easily create mix and match. I added a red midi skirt that will help create a variation from wearing pants all the time.


Jeans are an essential for cold weather. But you don’t just have to wear skinny jeans. But this is where we don’t want to add a lot of color because we want to be able to wear them with everything else.

The black skinny jeans will actually act as a legging to wear taller boots.


This is where you can add some color to make your outfit fun. So, I picked up a red midi skirt that will look polished and versatile.


Faux leather pants are a great elevated basic for winter that will keep you cozy and make your outfit look much better.

Outerwear In The Capsule Wardrobe

I added more colors to outerwear because that is what we all see the most in winter looks. Outerwear is the key piece in winter styling. But I also added a black puffer coat that is a must have for cold winters.

Footwear In The Capsule Wardrobe

Extra Touches

I have also added some accessories, because they really complete your look. Some of these you might already have, or you can shop the inexpensive options I have picked out. This is where depending on how your budget is, you can splurge or save. You can shop the pieces by downloading the capsule plan since they are absolutely option here.

How to Create Cohesive Outfits?

Capsule wardrobes can help minimize mindless shopping habits. And by adding the right amount of color in your wardrobe, you can maximize wear and elevate your everyday outfits.  

You can create a variety of outfits that are cohesive, effortless and stylish when you pick all these pieces. Because there is a color theme to the capsule where you can also mix and match them to come up with color block looks, it just becomes really fun and versatile. 

The main reason for shopping more is because we get bored with the same kind of look. That is where a capsule wardrobe helps. Using this colorful capsule wardrobe, you can create a lot of cohesive outfits. I have 30 outfit inspirations for you, but really there can be so many more combinations.

Red and Fuchsia Outfit Ideas

Red and fuchsia are great holiday colors as well as shades that look very close. So, they easily pair together as well. Sharing some ways to use this capsule wardrobe to create red and fuchsia outfits.

Winter Colorful Capsule - Red and Fuchsia Outfit 1
Winter Colorful Capsule - Red and Fuchsia Outfit 2
Winter Colorful Capsule - Red and Fuchsia Outfit 3

Yellow and Green Outfit Ideas

Another great color combo that you can create easily are yellow and green. And they actually look great.

Winter Colorful Capsule - Yellow and Green Outfit 1
Winter Colorful Capsule - Yellow and Green Outfit 2
Winter Colorful Capsule - Yellow and Green Outfit 3

Red and Green Outfit Ideas

Red and green also look chic but they are a bit hard to pull off. But these outfit ideas will give you the needed confidence.

Winter Colorful Capsule - Red and Green Outfit 1
Winter Colorful Capsule - Red and Green Outfit 2
Winter Colorful Capsule - Red and Green Outfit 3

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