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How to Elevate Your Summer Outfits Easily


How to Elevate Your Summer Outfits Easily

As we hit summer all we care about is being free of the multiple layers of clothes and be more relaxed. So, it is natural that we turn into more casual clothing because honestly its more comfortable and easier as the temperature rises.

But at the same time with all the casual clothing, it becomes a bit tough to look stylish or cute or even put together isn’t it. 

It really does not have to be that way. I wanted to share some ways I like to style my everyday summer outfits that are comfortable but look elevated. I honestly believe simple changes can make the biggest difference. 

So, let’s get started.

Wear Relaxed Fit Clothes

Relaxed style of clothes have a way of creating effortless style and I absolutely love that. 

When the weather is too hot and we are struggling to keep ourselves cool, wearing really fitted clothes may not be a great idea specially if you know you will be prone to sweating. It’s only going to make you feel hot and grumpy and not so flattering. 

Relaxed fit styles have a way of making you look flattering and effortless in them as well. You will also find yourself more comfortable in them as well. I love wearing shorts or jeans that have relaxed leg style like Bermuda shorts or slouchy jeans that look more relaxed as well. 

For my tops I really like simple relaxed t shirts or shirts for everyday outfits that are not too fitted. And together these outfits are relaxed yet look nice together.

Wear White

You can easily look luxurious and elevated by wearing white. White linen shorts are my favorite for summer because they are  breathable and look clean and add a touch of sophistication with the button details. I have shared a blog post where I am showing how you can casually wear a white button down shirt, check it out here. 

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You can also wear white jeans or white skirt, or even a white accessory like a handbag. Incorporating this color into your outfit will naturally elevate your style effortlessly. 

And if you just want to wear t shirts, what is better than a simple white t shirt. Even though its basic, it looks clean and some how sophisticated. Whats your thoughts on that?

Add Something Structured

Summer outfits often tend to look more laid back compared to any other season. And I am sure just like me, you enjoy that as well. But the challenge could be that it just goes way too much laid back often time or it can also look very basic because you are just wearing a jeans or a t shirt or something. So, how do you elevate it?

The answer is simple, add in a structured piece. Like if you are going to wear a light weight cardigan or a denim jacket, swapping it with a linen blazer would instantly add more structure and sophistication to the look without any effort. 

If you are not wearing a third layer, just add in a belt which will add that waist detail and structure to your outfit. 

I also recently discovered that swapping sneakers with a structured footwear like a loafer or even loafer mules can add that structured detail to my outfit.

Go Monochrome!

Whether you wear black, white or love wearing colors, this is a great way to elevate any of your summer looks. I absolutely love this style and wear it almost always thanks to my Colorful capsule wardrobe that I built this year. Interested to know about it, check the post here. 

Monochromatic outfits have a way of look stylish because the entire look appears cohesive and well planned even though you might have taken just a few minutes to put together. 

You can checkout my post about how to create monochromatic outfits.

How to Elevate Your Summer Outfits Easily

Do Your Hair

Hairstyle always goes hand in hand with your outfit. And if your hair does not look the part, it probably will ruin your entire look as well. Now, you do not need to do a full on hair do. A simple hair style always looks the best. 

If its too hot, go for a simple low pony tail or a low bun. If you want to keep your hair open, make sure than it does not look like you just woke and left home. Use hair spray to calm fly aways and make sure that you have a clean part and the hair is combed properly.

If you use a good hairspray, you can get away with having your hair in style for more than one day. 

Accessorize with some Gold Jewelry

Wear Correct Footwear

This is one of the most forgotten piece of item in our closet. Just swapping your sneakers with something more chic like slides or espadrilles can instantly elevate a super casual outfit that you are wearing.

Some of my favor summer footwear are loafer mules (yes you can wear them in summer too), Leather slides and mules, and my favorite are espadrilles. 

While I love a pair of good white sneakers, these are shoes that really elevate my casual outfits because they are more structured and dressed up. And you also will feel comfortable wearing them. 

Iron or Steam Your Clothes

This is a huge deal when it comes to summer clothes. Maybe because often times we wear light colored clothes in summer and if they are too wrinkled, they won’t look nice at all. 

T shirts can be easily ironed on the cotton or blend setting. But if you are wearing linens, you should steam them. The creases disappear faster compared to just ironing them. 

I also iron my jeans, again because I do wear lighter colored jeans and if there are folds visible, it does not look all that great. 

Ironing my jeans

What is your go to outfit to wear this summer and how do you like to elevate your outfit? Do you prefer laid back style or do you like effortless chic?


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