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Business Casual Fall Workwear Capsule Wardrobe Plan for Comfort & Style


This fall capsule wardrobe will help you create easy fall layered outfits which are comfortable to wear so you can feel cozy whether you are working from home or going back to office. But at the same time this wardrobe plan will help you come up with stylish outfits easily. 

As a busy working mom, I can understand that our style complete takes a backstage when we get busier. But this wardrobe plan will guide you through how you can put together outfits that are easy yet stylish and effortless.

What is the Goal?

A capsule wardrobe aims to help you to come up with outfits easily and guide you to making correct shopping decisions so you don’t end up with items that you really don’t wear. 

But my capsule wardrobes are a bit different than others, here is how!

  • I do not want you to restrict yourself with just wearing what is there in the capsule wardrobe. My aim is to give you a capsule plan that will help you maximize your closet not be restrictive. Read on more to see how.
  • All the pieces that I have incorporated in the capsule wardrobe, you can easily pair with other pieces in your closet which is out of this plan and still create even more outfits with them.
  • The idea is to create a cohesive look, so you can easily look stylish. 
  • And most importantly, I do not focus on just neutrals. Most capsule wardrobes that you will see will only contain neutrals because they are easy to put together, but I am a lover of colors and my goal is to make you feel the same. 
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How To Use this Free Capsule Wardrobe?

The goal of the capsule wardrobe is to build a foundation so, you have a great wardrobe which you can love for years and not just for this year. 

This is the reason, I have added my recommendations that are good investment in a decent price point. I often find that when you sacrifice on the money, you also sacrifice on quality and at the end of the day, that hurts your wallet because you end up buying more. 

So, keep that in mind when you shop in future as well.

I also have outfit formulas included which will help you transition from summer to fall without having to shop a whole lot. And some of these pieces you can easily wear in winter as well.

What's Business Casual Work Style?

Business casual work wear has become more and more fluid over the years. And while I can go on about the history and how it is evolving, you probably are least interested about that. 

But to sum it up, business casual is a mix of business attire but with smart casual pieces. While previously Khakhi’s and Slacks were considered business casual, now that dress code has evolved to more of denim and other variety of bottoms. 

For tops, you can wear T shirts or even blouses that appear more casual, but the general idea is to look Smart and Structured in your work outfit than looking super laidback and slouchy. 

And that is the exact goal of this capsule wardrobe. I want to help you create outfits that are smart casual, comfortable and elevated to you can dress the part and feel more confident at work.

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What's Included?

The Idea is to create fall transitional as well fall complete layered outfits with the help of this capsule wardrobe, so I have incorporated a mix of tops and bottoms that you can mix and match with your existing summer pieces to maximize your cost per wear and number of outfits. 

Below are the items that I have incorporated.


I have included the following tops that you can wear with your summer tops or use them as a layering item as well. 


Bottoms are key for a business casual workwear. With the right bottoms your outfit will look smart and you will stay cozy when there is a weather transition. So, below are the bottoms I have included in the capsule wardrobe.



Footwear is so important to complete any outfit and specially a great work look. You already know why, a wrong footwear can ruin your outfit completely. At the same time you also need to feel comfortable the whole day otherwise, you will be too distracted to work. I have also added some good quality work bags that will elevate your outfit and accessories that will complete your fall look.

I also have some jewelries as recommendations and also belts that will elevate your work look.

What's Included?

The goal with this capsule wardrobe is to create outfits not only using the items in the capsule, but also with your existing pieces so you can come up with even more outfit ideas that will maximize your closet.

But I have shared 20 outfits which are a month worth of work outfits. This will help you get started with this capsule and keep going.

A few of the outfit ideas:

Fall Workwear Outfit Idea
Fall Workwear Outfits 2
Fall Workwear Outfits 3
Fall Workwear Outfit 4

Grab The Free Guide!

You can grab the free guide below by clicking the button and filling out the details. I would also love it if you can share what you liked and what you want me add in our next wardrobe plan.


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