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Here Are 15 Best Hair Color Ideas For Indian Skin Tone


Here Are 15 Best Hair Color Ideas For Indian Skin Tone

When finding a new look or style, you’re most likely to change your hair. Besides figuring out what wardrobe or makeup flatters you most, choosing the right hair color can seem like a difficult task. There are variations of colors, from browns to reds or caramels to blondes. But how do you decipher what color will look best? Hair colors for Indian skin tones specifically should take a guide into both undertone and color theory.

Just like other skin tones, Indian skin will range from warm to cool undertones. Those who have yellow or olive color to their skin will have a warm undertone whereas those who have red or pink color will lean towards a cooler undertone. To determine your skin undertone you will need to look at the color of your veins: green veins indicate warmth while blue or purplish veins point to being cool. If you have a combination of both purple and green veins you are most likely neutral.

Once you know your skin undertone, you will be able to choose the hair color that will compliment your features best. Indian skin with cooler assets should choose plum to red hair colors that will beautifully contrast farrier complexions. Indian skin with warmer features will shine with caramel, brown, and blonder hair colors that highlight the golden undertone. 

Confused about which color to go for, even with suggestions? The key to deciding the right color is considering your everyday lifestyle. Do you like a low maintenance option? Go for caramels and light browns, they require the least amount of upkeep and can be corrected at home. If you like a vibrant option and don’t mind going to the saloon frequently try a fun red or plum color. If your wardrobe is muted, you may like a pop of hair color to incorporate a fun, fresh element to your style. A similar idea, your colorful fashion sense will be complemented from a neutral hairdo.

Need help finding color inspiration? Before you book your book visit to the hair salon, here are the best hair color ideas for Indian Skin.

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Blonde Ash Balayage

To highlight warmer undertones, this hair color mixes ash blond and light brown creating a harmonious look for Indian skin. The colors together brighten the complexion without overpowering it. This a great look for those who want to incorporate blonde and lighter shades without committing to one singular solid color. It is also best suited for individuals that lean towards a cooler tone wardrobe. Neutrals such as beiges, creams, and tan brown colored clothes will be highlighted beautifully with this hair color. With summer around the corner, this should bring a fresh sunny feeling while complementing your bronzy glow.

by @canercatili1

Midnight Plum


Chestnut Swirl

For those looking for a new hair color without a drastic change, this hair color is for you. Hues of brown and chestnut are subtle, yet add a lot of dimension if you already have naturally dark hair. My trendsetters, or those into keeping up with the latest summer 2024 looks will be especially drawn to this hair color. The subtle, yet rich in brown tones is hot amongst many celebrities. This particular look adds both shades of brown and mahogany to achieve the chestnut color. Make sure to ask for full highlights, including the crown to make sure that the multi-dimensional look is seen from top to bottom.

by @paloshell

Red Ombre

If you’re opting for a bolder look, this bright raspberry color will turn heads for all the right reasons. This specific shade is the perfect amount of velvety red/pink that matches darker skin tones beautifully. The ombre effect allows you to play with color without going too bold. My high maintenance bunch will be best suited for this look, as it requires optimal hair care routines. You will need a color depositing mask, such as IGK in the color Pink 2000. As well as a shampoo and conditioner best treated for red/pink colors. A good option will be Keracolor Color + Clenditioner, which is a fabulous two in one product.

by @shinejanarthanan

Rich Hazelnut

This look is another option for individuals who want a subtle change. However, this will be better suited for warm undertones. The hazelnut color is created with golden browns and honey that add depth to brown hair. The golden tones upscale an ordinary brown to appear more shiny and vibrant When deciding on this look in particular, make sure there is proper hair care following the appointment. You want to purchase blue shampoo, which is a great product that counteracts browns and golden hues from turning brassy. Matrix Brass Off Blue Shampoo will do just the trick.

by @zazzlesalons

Hints of Auburn

Do you want to venture into red without it being too bold? Opt for Auburn highlights. While it still holds a beautiful contrast against a darker hair color, it does not overpower your features. You can decide which variation of auburn you like to choose, either lighter for a more dimensional effect or darker for a softer contrast. Auburn tends to fade a little more quickly than other reds, so make sure to schedule appointments every 3-4 months for color touch-ups!

Twisted Ponytail

by @vurveacademy

Wine Balayage

A personal favorite for both its gorgeous color and technique. This vivid shade of wine is going to complement various Indian skin tones. The contrast of black and red does not clash, but rather infuse into one another with the balayage method. To make sure that your color is maintained beautifully, invest in a sulfate-free shampoo for color-treated hair. This will ensure that your red can hold its color as long as it can before your next appointment. I recommend Redken’s Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.


Ash Brown

This take on light brown hair is simple yet illuminates your features. The highlights shown here are to help lighten the darker features and provide soft demension . Your skin tone and eye color will appear brighter and provide depth to your natural hair color. There isn’t a drastic contrast in tones and color, which is how it remains to look  effortless. Your hair routine will not be changed much, aside from a color protecting shampoo and conditioner. For those who want a lighter hair color without the intensity, this look will be best for you.

by @irwanteamhairdesign

Golden Brown

The most subdued look of them all, this ash brown is the most “natural” hair color for Indian skin tones. Subtle uses of light and ash browns give the hair definition without loud contrast. Think of the girl next door or the one who wants to appear as if they just woke up with it. Those venturing out into hair color for the first time or younger women will love this option. To achieve this look, you will need to dye your hair to a light brown base first. Then you can add the lighter brown highlights. The best part of this hairdo is that it is low maintenance, and requires little effort to keep up with!

by @aish.mulay

Golden Copper Brown

You already have the dark hair base but don’t want a drastic change? This is for my darker-haired individuals who want dimension without a lot of time in the salon. The hairdo is composed of red/browns that show subtle yet distinctive contrast  Your hair stylist will most likely incorporate copper tones, which develop seamlessly against brunette hair. A bonus is that this color gets better each time you wash it, allowing the copper color to shine through a bit more and more.

by @plshsalon

Lightest Copper Blonde

by @deepikapadukone

Warm Brown

If the previous looks leaned a little too blonde or too red for your liking, you should look into this hair look. This involves darker auburn highlights, which is a mixture of red and dark brown. The red undertones are still there but aren’t the standout of this look. Here you can see that the cooler undertones are softened, and don’t distract any features. Individuals that want to step into the auburn color zone without fully committing the color as a whole should lean here. 

by @priyankaonlinen

Brown Babylights

Want to appear as if you were born with luscious silky hair? You’re going to want to request “babylights’ at your next hair salon visit. This specific technique dyes pieces of your hair slightly lighter than your natural hair color, to create a sunkissed look. Your hair color will vary but the process is to take a shade lighter than your brunette hair color, as shown above. Another way to incorporate natural and soft elements to your if you prefer not to have thicker highlights. It proportions the lighter and darker features, giving it a mature and modern look. 

by @bipashabasu

Light Burgundy Highlights

This color is both versatile and unique for Indian skin tones. What makes this hair color special is its multi-dimensional effect. In natural light, it may appear darker than it is. However in the sunlight, the beautiful burgundy color appears much more vibrant. The fun element gives the hairdo a morning to night effect, highlighting different colors throughout the day. If you want a more fresh and lively appearance, this is the perfect option. For more dramatic effect, ask for highlights all around including the crown of the head.

by @thebombayhaircompany

Golden Balayage

This look incorporates the blonde and caramel looks we have previously seen. However, this is mellowed down and is infused from the crown of the head to the bottom. A “sunkissed” look is what this look can do for you, and those who love the idea of a summer look and vibe to them all year long. What I enjoy most about this look is that the balayage helps blend these colors without the highlights as the main attraction. It also works with many different hairstyles, from curly to straight, giving it a different look as the multiple shades peak through. 

by @hairbyerkan

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