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Best Ways to Add Sunscreen in Your Daily Skin Care Routine


Best Ways to Add Sunscreen in Your Daily Skin Care Routine - Blog Banner

We all know how important sunscreen is for protecting our skin from any sun damage. But I also know how tough it is to actively use sunscreen and mindfully incorporate it in your skin care routine that stays effective. 

In this post I am sharing 5 best ways you can incorporate skincare products with sunscreen that will benefit you. These are ways you don’t even have to think of and remember to do it. Because that is what we forget most of the time. 

I am sharing what products I use and some other recommendations as well. 

Table of Contents

Using with Face Serums With Sunscreen

If you use face serums in your skin care routine, then its a perfect place to add your sunscreen as well. And I am not talking about use sunscreen creams, I am talking about face serums that have SPF in them. If you already know about them, then I highly recommend using them. 

I love Super Goop Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 Serum, it has brightening property with SPF 40. But the best part is that it is lightweight but at the sometime in concentrated form which is more beneficial and you can apply even before you use your moisturizer. 

Apply SPF Serum

How to Use Serum With SPF

Here is how to add a face serum with SPF.

  1. Use your regular serums on your clean face.
  2. Apply Eye creams.
  3. Add the face serum with SPF.
  4. Finish off with moisturizer.

Using Foundations With Sunscreen

You may already be doing this. If your answer is no, then why not. Most of us use foundation almost everyday and this is a great way to apply some SPF without wearing more layers of creams. And if you are using the SPF serum, this will only enhance and add another layer. 

You also don’t need to shop for really expensive brands to get the SPF benefit. There are plenty of regular makeup brands that will provide you with the benefit. And in case you forgot to use the serum, this step will guarantee the application of serum. 

Applying foundation with SPF

If you don’t like to use heavy foundation because it makes you feel cakey or you want to use something lightweight, then try tinted moisturizers that come with SPF and less coverage tint. This will not only add some color that the foundation will give, but will also have sun protection and moisturizing benefits. I found the perfect one from Bobbi Brown with SPF 15.

It’s like 3 benefits in one product. Tinted moisturizers are my favorite for summer because I don’t like to use foundation which feels heavier when it’s hot out. Bare Minerals Tinted Moisturizer has the benefit of the color of a foundation and it’s so lightweight that you won’t feel like wearing makeup. And it comes with SPF 30.

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Using Setting Powder With Sunscreen

I did not even realize this option till I found Supergoop (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF 35. This was the magic potion I really needed. This is great for hot summer weather when you cannot wear foundation or you breakout because of heavy sunscreen lotions. Using a setting powder that also gives you SPF benefits is  a great way of keeping your skin grease free and yet sun protected. 

I also love that the setting powder comes with a brush that makes it easier to apply the product on your skin. So, you can carry it in your bag while traveling or when you are out and about. 

Checkout our complete roundup of best setting powders with SPF.

Using Setting Spray With Sunscreen

If you use setting sprays which is also a great way to add some hydration to your skin when you are outside under the sun and get some SPF for protection. Setting sprays are key to keeping your makeup intact and adding a setting spray with SPF is a great way to sneak in some sun protection without being mindful about it. 

This is not a Supergoop sponsored post, I genuinely love there line of sun protection products that have been great on my skin as well. The setting spray is a new addition and I am already in love. It’s giving my dehydrated skin a much needed glow. It is not only a great way to keep your skin protect but also keep your makeup looking fresh. 

Pacifica Set & C Protect SPF 45 Matte Sheer Setting Mist is a great budget friendly option that will give you the same benefits as the Supergoop one. It has a magnifying effect which helps keep the makeup intact for oily skin. As someone who has oily skin, I know the challenge of keeping makeup on all day when its hot outside. 

You don’t have to worry about that with this product and you can reapply whenever needed as its really lightweight. Pacifica has a vegan cruelty free line of products that I am sure you have already encountered. 

Using Body Lotion With Sunscreen

How many of us have walked out of the door to run some errands to just in a hurry and forgot to apply sunscreen to our hands feet, or whenever we are exposed other than our face. Yes, just protecting our facial skin is not enough, we also need to protect the skin in our body as well which is a major area for skin cancer.

But what if we get a body lotion that can give us moisturizing benefits as well as SPF. Isn’t that the best combination. Because even though its summer, you should still apply moisturizer on your body. 

Sueprgoop Everyday Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 is the exact product you need which will provide sun protection as well as keep your skin moisturized. And the awesome part is, you can also use it as a face moisturizer. Its pretty lightweight.

If you are looking for a drug store option then try the Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion – SPF 60 which will give you the moisturizing strength and also give you the sunscreen benefit. And who does not want a softer and protected skin. 

For more on skincare, please read:


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